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A Call For Help

Posted on 21 Oct 2018 @ 10:24pm by Lieutenant Commander Jayla Kij & Lieutenant Camila Di Pasquale & Ensign Kelly Khan

Mission: Fractured
Location: Medical
Timeline: MD 1 || 1600 Hours

Camila wasn't doing too good but as soon as the meeting with the Captain and others had ended, she made her way to the turbolift and ordered it to medical. Two decks later, it came to a stop and a short brunette Ensign entered.

"Medical, please," Ensign Kelly Khan said and took a moment to lean against the wall. "Don't feel good."

"It's the theta radiation," Camila told the Ensign that she recognized as a Flight Control Officer. "We'll be there soon. Just hang on."

The turbolift resumed its course as the door closed and a few seconds later, it opened again on the proper deck. Camila helped the young woman out and mused that she wasn't that much older. What has Starfleet done to us? she wondered as they headed for Medical.

A minute later, the Security Chief entered Medical and looked around. The place was packed with people seeking treatment for the poisoning and she knew it would be a while before anyone got to them. "Just sit down and I'll see if I can find someone to help," she told Kelly.

"Got it," Kelly said and sank down against a wall with a groan.

Camila turned and headed through the mass of bodies looking for anyone in Medical teal or a certain spotted Doctor.

But, Jayla spotted them first. She was already heading over with a hypo and two phials of hyronalin. "Radiation sickness?" she guessed of the two women. It was a safe bet as that's what nearly everyone was coming in for.

"Correct in one, Doc," Camila said. "But we're not expecting preferred treatment. Others were here before we were."

"If you want to prefer me, I won't judge you for it," Kelly said where she sat by the wall.

"It's okay," Jayla assured them both, loading the hypo and pressing it to Kelly's neck. "We're giving everyone hyronalin and checking them over right away. Everyone else is waiting for other injuries." She pressed the reloaded hypo to Camila's neck this time. "I put myself on incoming because I'm the only person who likes it," she added, pulling out her tricorder and beginning to scan Kelly. "Everyone else is treating broken bones, wounds, concussions, etcetera. How are you two feeling otherwise? Any complaints?"

"Thank you, Jayla," Camila said. "Things have been hectic all over and we have too many people hurt or dead. I need to get back on duty to try to minimize the chaos."

"Physically, I'm fine," Kelly said as she turned her head to give the Trill doctor access to her neck. "You wouldn't happen to have a counselor handy, would you?"

"I believe she's healing lacerations at the moment, but I could ask if she'd mind counseling for a bit," Jayla answered.

"Can I help with that instead?" Kelly asked. "It doesn't take much to run a dermal regenerator, right? I have steady hands, too."

Camila smiled and remembered how far the young Ensign had come since her first time aboard the Black Hawk and everything she had done. "Take her offer, Jayla," she suggested to the Trill. "Every hand can help."

Jayla nodded. "Great idea," she agreed. "Have you ever used a dermal regenerator before?" she asked Kelly.

"See you later," Camila said before she headed out.

"We were taught how to use them at the Academy," Kelly said. "Just activate them, run it over the surface of minor scrapes, abrasions and lacerations that don't require more advanced techniques and wait until it does the job," she finished. "Easy peasy."

Jayla waved to Camila as she closed her tricorder. "Accurate," she replied to Kelly. "More or less. Nobody's got any deep wounds, so it'll do. Come on, I'll get you set up." She led Kelly over to where several crewmen with minor cuts and bruises were waiting for attention and found a spare Dermal regenerator. "Here you are," she said, motioning one of the crewmen forward. She would watch her do one, but was relatively confident that all Cadets- and by extension, all Ensigns- knew basic first aide.

Kelly followed her, pausing once or twice to greet someone she knew with a friendly word and smile even though she couldn't help them. ""Thanks, Doctor Kij," she said as she took up the dermal regenerator. "Do I need a tricorder, too, or have all these personnel been triaged already?"

"They've all been triaged," Jayla replied. "The really bad wounds have been taken care of already. There's just these minor ones left." She watched Kelly for a few moments- long enough to see she knew what she was doing- and nodded. "Good," she said. "All right, if you have any trouble, don't be afraid to ask for help."

"Will do," Kelly said as she activated the dermal regenerator and checked the power levels of it, then set to work on the first person she came across. "Looks like you and whatever you ran into had a bad affair," she joked. "But they say time and a good dermal regenerator heals all wounds. My professional advice would be to stick to organic beings. They're much softer to land on if you fall."

With a grin, Jayla went off to check on the new comers, confident that Kelly would be fine on her own.

The young Ensign moved to the next patient, a Andorian who had an abrasion on his antennae and looked irritated, but she knew Andorians and how they felt about their antennae. "Let's just take a look at those and I'll get you patched right up," she said cheerfully.

"Be careful!" ordered Kilias Ch'vhythras to the ensign wielding a dermal regenerator. "And for the love of the great bird of the galaxy, don't touch it! It's already tender enough as it is without your filthy mitts all over it."

"I love the Great Bird of the Galaxy and would never dream of touching them," Kelly said. "I just need to use the regenerator so they feel better and you're able to make full use of them as you were intended."

"Well, good," replied Kilias testily. "Then we understand one another."

"You know, I actually don't have to help you at all," Kelly said as she studied the Andorian. "I'm in Flight, not Medical. I came down here to get treated, but I wasn't an ass to the person who helped me and I decided to stay and help out my fellow crew. You aren't even priority triage and your attitude makes me think that you need a counselor far more than a doctor."

"You're not a doctor and they let you treat people?" demanded Kilias incredulously. "What is the universe coming to? Well, are you going to fix this and get me out of your hair or what?"

"If you can learn how to be nicer to people who have the power to help you, you'd get more accomplished," the young brunette said as she began to run the regenerator over the antennae. "As for not being a doctor, there's plenty of people in Medical that aren't actually Doctors. Some are nurses, some are dentists, and others are technicians. You, I think you should see a proctologist next."

Kilias scowled at her. "There's no need for crude jokes," he said. "These things are incredibly sensitive. It would be a bit like if you had burns on your- well! Anyway, you take my meaning."

"Then stop being an asshole for no reason," she told him as she finished healing him. "You're good to go."

Kilias still scowled, but looked less sour doing so. "Thank you," he said, looking for all the universe as if it had caused him severe pain to say it. "And I'm sorry to have been such a bother." He meant it, too, even if his manner said otherwise.

"You're welcome and I'm sorry for being snarky with you," Kelly responded. "Just remember what I said. Maybe I'll see you around later."

"Hm, yes," said Kilias distastefully. "Lucky me." And with that, he turned and left Sick Bay.


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