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Posted on 19 Oct 2018 @ 3:32am by Ensign Shay Mitchell & Lieutenant Abbey Road

Mission: Fractured
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD 1 || 1430 Hours

Shay walked into sickbay and looked round, not at all surprised to see so many people mulling about. Everyone had been exposed to lethal levels of theta tradition and needed treatment for it, which made her feel sorry for medical personnel. They were going to be run ragged for some time, but given the circumstances, the young woman didn't think they'd mind.

As she looked around, she spotted a familiar fave. The very woman who had been in charge of their group. She didn't envy the doctor for the position she'd been shoved in. "Doctor Road, it's good to see you under more normal circumstances," she said, offering her a smile. "Do you have a moment to maybe look me over and treat me for the radiation we were exposed to?"

"Absolutely," replied Abbey, readying a hypospray with hyronalin. "We're really going to have to organize a bit better pretty soon. We're being overrun." She pressed the spray to Mitchel's neck and then swapped the hypo for a tricorder. "Any complaints?" she asked. "Bruises, pains, so forth. Other than typical radiation sickness symptoms, that is."

The young Security officer shook her head. "I'm only slightly banged up from the initial incident, but I've been managing okay with that," she said. By the looks of things, medical could use some help as there weren't very many personnel to attend to the hundreds of people coming in for treatment. "I know some basic first aid and have had to give a few injections before if you all need the extra hands. I don't mind helping out until everyone is okay and we can regroup."

“We’d appreciate it,” Abbey replied. “Mostly it’s minor issues along with radiation poisoning. Give ‘em some hyronalin, check ‘me over and off they pop. And with the whole crew coming in, it’s gotten a bit backed up, as you can see.”

"With the entire crew needing treatment, I can understand. I will definitely help out where I can. Anyone requiring more treatment than just the Hyronalin injection, I'll leave to you and the other medical staff," Shay said, grateful she would be on the mend along with the rest of the crew soon.

"That would actually be a big help," agreed Abbey. "Luckily, this thing says you're okay other than some radiation poisoning and that should heal itself with the hyronalin. We're going to have to keep an eye on everyone for the next several days. Ugh. We're going to have to come up with a schedule so we're not overwhelmed." She shook her head and closed her tricorder. "But never mind that. Have you ever used a dermal regenerator?"

"Not very often, but I have used one before," the young woman replied. "I can do whatever you all might need help with short of major injuries."

"It's pretty easy," agreed Abbey. "You just point and press the button then stop when the wound looks healed. If you wouldn't mind helping with minor wounds, it would help a ton."

What nodded her head. "That sounds easy enough. I can definitely handle that. Maybe with the extra hands, you all won't be so overwhelmed."

"That's the plan," agreed Abbey, snapping her tricorder shut. "You look fine otherwise. Come over here and I'll give you a crash course in emergency wound dressing."

Shay followed behind Abbey. "That sounds easy enough. I can at least stabilize people until they can be seen."

With a nod, Abbey stopped at a bio bed and opened a drawer beneath. "Really easy," she said. "The phials go in here," she added, indicating the hollow at the bottom of the spray, "doesn't matter which way. You just push it in until it clicks," she demonstrated, "and you're sent. Just press it to their necks and it activates itself. Wait for the hiss to completely stop and it's done. This button will sanitize the end and this one releases the empty phial. I've got it set for a moderate dose, but check this and make sure it stays set and doesn't get bumped out of place. Think you can handle it?"

"I think I can handle that," the Ensign agreed.

"You're my new favourite person on this ship," Abbey replied, motioning a science officer over. "I'll watch you do this one and then we'll start sending people over to you. Once you've given them the injection, inform them to stick around if they've got other injuries or if they just want to be checked over just in case."

Shay smiled at Abbey, then motioned for the next person to come forward and began the checklist of questions as she pressed the hypospray to their neck so she could administer the medication. The Petty Officer she happened to be treating help his arm to his chest, which was covered with what looked to be a towel. "Mind if I take a look at that?"

When he shook his head, she carefully moved the towel and inspected the wound. It was an older wound, likely from when everything happened, but the bleeding had been stopped which was a good thing. "I think we can get this treated and have you on your way," she said, reaching for the dermal regenerator. Shay powered the device on as Abbey had instructed, then got to work, only stopping when she was satisfied he was good to go. He offered her a smile of thanks, then went on his way. "So, how did I do?"

"Very well," Abbey praised. "Right. I'll leave you to it, then. Call me if you have any questions or problems."

"I will," Shay assured her, and with that, she asked for the next patient and began to treat them. Maybe sickbay wouldn't be so slammed with extra hands.


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