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Radiation Treatment

Posted on 19 Oct 2018 @ 5:19am by Lieutenant Commander Jayla Kij & Ensign Aidan Crehan

Mission: Fractured
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD 1 | 1637

Aidan had finished his report and put it on file for the Chief. Now it was time to follow orders and report to Sickbay for radiation examination and treatment. He was hoping that he hadn't been exposed to that much. But depending on the timeline he was a part of, who knew. Or maybe that wasn't even a part of the exposure. But that's what the doctors were for. The El-Aurian entered and looked around for someone that might be able to help him or direct him to where he needed to go.

Exhausted and wishing she could go lie down, Jayla appeared with a cup of coffee and spotted the ensign who had just entered. Heading over, she plastered her friendly grin in place and took out her hypospray- which was already loaded with more hyronalin. "Hi," she said. "Come for the mandatory check-up?"

Aidan looked toward the voice. "Indeed I have, Commander. Or Doctor. Which do you prefer?" He took note of her coffee and smiled. He imagined the entirety of the medical staff was pulling multiple shifts in order to get the large crew vaccinated.

"Doctor," replied Jayla, setting her cup on the nearest flat surface. "It's easier and more accurate; that title doesn't change with the rank." She gave him a grin and pressed the hypo to his neck. "Any other complaints?" she asked as she took out her tricorder and began performing some quick scans.

"Doctor it is, then," answered Aidan. "As for complaints, I do not have any. However, right after the incident, I found myself covered in a bio-luminescent material from the science lab. I don't know if that would have any negative effects or if it even would still be traceable after the timeline switch."

"Hm," replied Jayla, brow wrinkling as she studied her tricorder. "I wouldn't think so, but I can't be sure. No idea what it was?"

"A study and experiment," replied the El Aurian. "Plants from Risa's subterranean gardens and Teirenian ants. Without going into the details of the study, some of the material had been recreated in various colors. The luminescent material was synthetic, but the plant and ant containers were broken."

"Nothing's showing up on scans, but I'll take a blood sample for toxicology just in case," she replied, pulling out a hyposyringe and empty phial. She quickly loaded the phial and pressed it to his neck, extracting a small sample of blood. "We'll let you know if anything turns up."

Aidan watched as she did her job. "I greatly appreciate it, Doctor. And, can you tell me if Mila, Senior Chief Rasputin, has been in here yet?" She'd been on his mind since they'd all gotten back to the time. He also counted himself fortunate that they had been together during all of it.

Had it not been for the monkey, Jayla would not have noticed Mila come in. "She and Chow were here earlier, yeah," she replied as she picked up her tricorder and resumed her scans. "I think one of the Corpsmen helped her." She acted unsure of who it was who helped Mila, but she had noticed. She noticed almost everything Alex did, to be perfectly honest. But, she wasn't going to admit that to anybody.

"Ah, very good," he replied. "I am glad that she made it in here. She and Chow both." He couldn't wait to get back to their quarters and find out she had fared after it all. "Is there anything else that I need to do, Doctor?"

"No, everything looks good," she replied, finishing up her scans and closing her tricorder. "But, if you notice anything amiss, anything at all, come in immediately. I don't care how trivial it is. I don't want you taking any risks, okay?"

"You have my word, Doctor," said Aiden. "Nothing is too trivial to pay a return visit. And as far as the other, my people are known for their patience, not so much their risk taking. I don't believe you have anything to worry about there."

"Good point," replied Jayla. "Now go get some rest. And get some extra for me, okay? I'm exhausted."

Aidan sigh. "I shall try my best. With everything that has been going on, we have had longer, overlapping shifts. But when I do get some rest, I shall try to get some extra for you." He chuckled a little. "Perhaps in the next few hours you can get some of that exhausted out of your system." He slid off the biobed and stood.

"I sure hope so," replied Jayla with a sigh.

Aidan dipped his head and left sickbay. This whole thing seemed to be taking it's toll on a lot people.


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