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Together Again

Posted on 27 Oct 2018 @ 3:56pm by Lieutenant JG Daniella Blake & Lieutenant Commander Terry Walsh

Mission: Fractured
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD 1 || 1400 Hours

Dani stood next to the biobed she'd just dismissed a patient from and signed off on another chart. Like the rest of her department's personnel, she was feeling a bit overwhelmed and a lot overworked, but that came with the territory, and was very rewarding knowing that each person who left the facility were no longer in danger of succumbing to that's radiation.

With the next patient due to make an appearance at any moment, the petite woman put the PADD she was holding aside and loaded a hypospray with a new ampule if Hyranolin to treat the radiation. Of course, she'd ask the basic questions to see if whoever was up next happened to be experiencing more than the usual symptoms for radia, such as head injuries and the like, but there was time for that. "Who's next in line?" the nurse called out to the line of people waiting.

Getting the treatment was priority, per the Captain's orders. And then it was down the Flight Deck. He had a lot to do and a lot to hear about. Or so he assumed. And then a report for the Captain. His mind was going over all of this when a very familiar voice came up. "Well of all the luck," he said. "That'd be me. Hellooo Nurse."

Dani stopped what she was doing immediately and turned around slowly. Did she really just hear the voice she'd longed to hear over the last few hours? Was it really him? Then, she saw him. There was Terry. The man who held her thoughts while everyone was separated. Professionalism be damned. The petite woman gave a delighted squeal with the hypospray still in hand and ran toward him, leaping his way and wrapping her arms around his neck. A sob escaped her lips as she clung to the bald pilot, so grateful he was alive and now in her arms.

That caught Terry off guard. Big time. He gave her a hug and heard the sob. He wasn't sure if he wanted to know what had happened or not. But if so, that could wait till later. "Um, hey there," he said. "I must be the luckiest guy on the ship to get this kind of this treatment for radiation."

"I... I thought you were dead," she above against his neck. "But you're here, and I missed you." Dani still clung to him, afraid that if she let go he would disappear. Her still required treatment, and thanks to keeping hold of the hypospray, she was able to press it to the other side of his neck and give him the medication. "You're okay... I'm so glad you're okay."

Then it hit him. Hard. He must not have survived in whichever time Dani was in. He had no idea how that would have impacted her. "Yeah," he said. "I'm alive. And now I'll be well thanks to that hypospray." Terry sort of led and carried Dani to the nearest bio-bed and sat down. "I can't begin to imagine what it must have been like, but it's all in the past now. The crew is back together. We're back together. We all survived."

With a sniffle, she pulled back to look him over. He looked okay physically, but Dani still had a job to do. "Any aches, pains or injuries?" she asked, trying to hold it together.

"No, not really," said Terry. "I spent most of the time in the conference room. Then took a fighter out to take a peek at the outside. I didn't really get bumped around too much. Other than when I woke up. I think I was slammed into the wall. The headache went away a long time ago."

"I'm glad to hear that," she said softly, taking a peek at the long line of people that still required treatment. Dani didn't want to let Terry go, especially not after thinking he was dead the last few hours, but she had a job that needed to be done. "Are you busy right now?"

"I have a few minutes to spare before I need to leave," he said. "What's on your mind?"

"I'm just not ready to let you leave just yet," the tiny woman admitted. "But, I have to help finish treating the crew. Do you think you can hang out for a little bit?"

The broad-shouldered man nodded and smiled. "I can do that. Go do what you need to do. I can sit here and stay out of the way enough."

Dani smiled and turned toward the people waiting, calling for the next person to be treated. Things seemed to go relatively smooth as they weren't any patients that required more than needing a dose of Hyranolin. She glanced toward Terry while she worked. "How were things in your time?"

He smiled as he watched the petite blonde continue with her job. "It was...crazy. Most of the crew was dead and the Bridge looked like a tomb, covered in dust and dank. But we have a good crew. Despite the sadness, everyone pulled together to get the job done. Ensign Khan and I took a couple of fighters out to scout the area and get a view from the outside."

"I bet Kelly loved that," she said with a smile, then making a mental note to ask Kelly about it next time she saw her. Dani continued to work her way through patients, finally showing signs of the fatigue she felt. After dealing with being in different time zones and all that brought with it, as well as seeing patient after patient, it had her looking forward to crawling into bed later. "We dealt with some boarders that wanted to take the ship, I'm sure. That was eventful. I'm just glad it's over now, and we can resume life as normally as possible."

"Heh, yeah, from what I can tell, she did. But it was hard. Excitement was mixed with the other feelings that were around," said Terry. "I'm glad you made it through boarders safely. I think normal has a new definition when it comes to life on this ship."

"Thankfully, I didn't have to deal with them. They were beamed to the brig where they stayed. For all I kniw, they could still be there, but it isn't really a priority for me to find out," she stated, treating a few others for radiation poisoning. "I'm just glad we didn't lose any more people than we did, though. But, one is too many as far as I'm concerned."

"I agree," said Terry. But coming from a medical professional, it held more weight. Or at least seemed to for him. "I hope we get out of this Zone soon. It's going to start driving me crazy soon."

"So do I," the little blonde commented. "Nothing good has come from being here."

"Not yet anyway," said Terry. "I wonder if there's more here than meets the eye. But that's for another time." He slid off the biobed and walked up to where she was working. "Are you okay now?"

Dani nodded her head. Knowing he was alive definitely made her feel a lot better, but with so many people still needing treatment, she knew she would be exhausted we'll before all of this was over. "I do. If you need to get to the flight deck, I can meet you at home a little later."

"Yeah, I should be heading there," Terry replied. "But I'll see you at home. Maybe I'll throw together something small fo dinner as I have a feeling we'll both be very tired." He leaned in and kissed her on the cheek before heading out the door.

Dani found herself even more anxious to get back to their quarters now, but for now, she needed to focus on helping the rest of the crew. With any luck, Medical personnel would start to see the line dissipate sooner rather than later. At least, and the petite blonde was sure others felt the same way, that was her hope.


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