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Chance meeting.

Posted on 06 Jan 2015 @ 11:31am by Lieutenant Commander Jayla Kij & Lieutenant Hictus Dicon

Mission: Boarded
Location: Outside shuttle bay.

Lieutenant Dicon had been proceeding to the Shuttle bay, intent on getting his hands on his green horn crewmen before they managed to get side-tracked. He would forever be worrying about them in any case, so it would be highly prudent to get them oriented first.

He was pouring over the maintenance reports from the last shift, noting with some annoyance that the chief that had been in charge of that shift had not rectified the problem with the replicators on this deck, they still made Explosive Rum every twenty minutes or so. He had guessed it might be a prank, however it was grating on his nerves that the replicators were now stinking of departed spirits.

Not really paying attention, he collided with someone, tumbling over and dropping his pads to the floor.

"Oh!" exclaimed Jayla, surprised to find herself on the floor. "Excuse me. I suppose I should be more careful when going around blind corners." She grinned ruefully as she picked herself up and began gathering PADDs for the man she had so unceremoniously knocked to the floor. "I'm Doctor Jayla Kij," she said by way of greeting. "And whom do I have the honor of having knocked to the floor?"

Dicon looked the lady up and down "Ahh I see, you are the new Doctor Kij I spotted in the transfer request. Lieutenant Hictus Dicon, ready to give aide." He gratefully accepted the padds. "Thank you, this place is a maze, especially down here. Ahh here we are" Dicon handed the Doctor two Padd's. "The first is a guide to the ship. I have a few here for my Green-horns, and had a spare. The second is a list of the holo programs that will be running for the week if you are interested in them."

Dicon Glanced into the shuttle bay to observe the new transfers milling around and gave a little chuckle. "You know, as much as I am a grim person, it never tires to see them bleat like sheep."

Jayla quickly stifled a giggle, but could not keep the mirth from her eyes. "Thanks for these," she said, holding up the PADDs. "I'm sure they'll come in handy. Hm," she added, glancing over the holo programs. "It seems I shall have to upload the Doctor Who holonovels myself."

Dicon laughed "Ohh Doctor Who, that's a name from the past, time travel in such a small environment, I always thought they would have a rather terrible end." Dicon was grinning now, and a passing ensign who had been on the end of Dicon's tongue before now for being in his way, was shocked to seen the man grinning from ear to ear. "I have them in the ships computer already. I love to baffle the enemy's of the Doctor, what were they called again...."

Jayla's grin widened. "There're lots of them," she said. "Probably you mean the Daleks, though. My favorites are Zygons or the Vashta Nerada."

"The Daleks! That was it thank you. The Nerada, I built something like that one year out of the Academy. It was fun to eat the freshmen's Padd's, saved them on a memory crystal before of course." Dicon was leaning against the bulk-head at ease. He could not remember when he had enjoyed himself so much.

"It's been ages since I met another fan," she said, still grinning. "Who's your favorite? I like four, and something nine or thirty-seven."

"The first, as I read in a really old earth novel, 'It is better to light a touch then curse the darkness' I prefer that approach" Dicon cast an eye to the new crew, still milling around like sheep, it was still entertaining,but not nearly not as much as the Doctor was.

"He's good, too," replied Jayla. "Of course, I haven't met a single one of them that I didn't like."

"I've met plenty I did not like, or at the very worst, could not tolerate. But...." Dicon looked confused, as if his brain could not understand what he had last said.

Jayla grinned yet again, her eyes sparkling. "Well," she said. "I'd better let you get back to work. And anyway, I've still got to report in. It was nice meeting you."

Dicon nodded, "If you so wish, later on; there is a Doctor Who complete Holo-novel running later on today. Would you like to attend?" Dicon looked slightly embarrassed but did his best not show it.

"That would be amazing!" exclaimed Jayla. "Are we taking any children with us?"

"I doubt it, to my knowledge there are no children on board this vessel." Dicon looked somewhat annoyed by this fact.

"Aw," said Jayla, looking genuinely disappointed. "Oh, well. I suppose we'll have fun anyway, won't we?"

"I would hope so. At least we may have an enjoyable experience. Have a pleasant day, I hope to see you later." Dicon nodded to her happily and then strode into the shuttle bay, now back to the grim Engineer he had been prior. "Alright Green horns! You're attention a moment please thank you!" The bulk head door closed behind him.


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