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Rise and Shine

Posted on 25 Oct 2018 @ 3:24am by Lieutenant Commander Jayla Kij & Senior Chief Petty Officer Alexander Rylan

Mission: Fractured
Location: Jayla’s quarters
Timeline: MD 5 | 0517

At some point, they had opted to vacate the holodeck to allow someone else to use it and had headed towards Jayla’s quarters. They were asleep now, but they hadn’t really spent much time sleeping. No, they had been much more interested in enjoying one another.

Jayla began to stir first. She could hear Alex breathing heavily next to her and feel the rise and fall of his chest under her head. So she was still using him as a pillow. She attempted to resist waking up, but knew it was inevitable.

Somehow, she managed to sneak away to the head and when she returned, just watched him for a moment before crawling back into bed next to him and snuggling under his arm again. She didn’t want to disturb him yet.

Years of training himself to be aware, even in his sleep, meant that Alex was aware that Jayla had gotten up and come back. He just couldn't do anything about it. Frankly, he was surprised he was even alive. He had clear, distinct memories of dying more than once overnight, only to have Jayla resurrect him to kill him slowly all over again. He was pretty sure that Jayla had passed beyond the mortal coil more than once herself. Alex had never been so sore in his life. His body was a mass of sore muscles, punctuated by scratches and a few bite marks here and there. He vaguely remembered marking Jayla, at least once, maybe twice? He hoped he didn't put any where they'd be visible. Oh, well. That's what the dermal regenerator was for. As for the way he felt. A slight grin appeared on his face. He had no doubt in his mind that with very little coaxing from Jayla, he would do it all over again, right here and now. Thirty-five was young for a Human in the 24th Century, but Jayla made Alex feel even younger. Alex's grin broadened a little. Love bites. Like they were teenagers or college kids.

For all of his sore muscles, Alex realized he felt...fantastic, better than he'd ever felt. It wasn't soreness or exhaustion that kept him from getting out of bed. What kept him in bed was a deep sense of contentment. He was right where he wanted to be and he wasn't moving until he absolutely had to.

Jayla also did not want to move. The previous day and night had been fantastic and she was almost sorry to see it end. So, for now, she just lay there next to Alex, breathing in his scent and listening to the slow rhythm of his own breathing.

The two of them might have lay there long enough to be late, but the preset computer alarm set to wake Jayla up for her shift, now woke both of them up.

"Good morning, Lieutenant Commander Jayla Kij," the Computer said. "The time is 0530hrs. Your shift in Sickbay starts in ninety minutes. Have a nice day."

Alex groaned, then leaned his head over and kissed Jayla on her head.

"Jayla, sweetheart," he said. "As much as I hate to say this, I think we need to get out of bed."

Jayla groaned and tried to bury her face in Alex's chest. "Let's call in sick," she replied. "I don't want to move."

Alex chuckled. "Me neither. But I don't think 'Post-Coital Fatigue' is a legitimate medical condition. I don't think we can claim it as a reason for calling in sick"

"Probably not," agreed Jayla, rolling over and pulling herself out of bed. She groaned as she stretched a bit. "Oh, I am so sore! I'd better take care of those scratches," she added, noticing the marks her fingernails had made on Alex's chest and back. She pulled her emergency med kit from under her bed and opened it. "Come here. I'll fix you up."

"Aw...I was going to find an excuse to take my shirt off today and show them off," Alex laughed as pulled himself over to the edge of the bed and swung his legs over and sat on the edge of the bed. He grinned mischievously. "You want me to sit or stand? I'll have to stand eventually. I'm sitting on some of those scratches you're planning on repairing."

She gave him a grin. "I'll get them last," she said. "Otherwise, I might be tempted to spend time with you and go in late after all." She took out a dermal regenerator and started on the scratches on his chest. "So you're gonna brag to your friends?" she asked with a twinkling grin.

"A gentleman never kisses and tells," Alex said, solemnly. Then he smiled wickedly. "Of course, I'm not an officer, and therefore, arguably, not a gentleman, so...maybe? Kidding. Don't worry. I won't embarrass you. What about you? Am I going to be walking around listening to your girlfriends giggling as I pass them in the corridors?"

"I have like two girlfriends," she pointed out. "But, no. I won't go into detail. I might tell them we spent the night together, but nothing else. If I have a chance to talk to them, that is."

"Well," Alex said. "If you change your mind, make me sound awesome! If I was a braggart, which I'm usually not, it'd be more about how you completely rocked my world last night than about anything I did, and I wouldn't be lying! I'd want everyone to be jealous of me."

Alex reached out and touched Jayla's face affectionately. "Being serious for a moment, last night, it was important to me. You're important to me. The things I said, I didn't say them just because I was in the throws of passion. I meant them, every word. I love you, Jayla Kij. I have always loved you, since the very first moment I saw you. Last night, for me, being with you, that was always meant to be. I...I hope that doesn't scare you off. I admit my feelings are still a little raw and intense at the moment, but like I said, that doesn't make them any less real."

“I know you meant them,” she replied gently, leaning her cheek into his touch as she worked on the scratches on his chest. “I meant it, too. I love you. I probably would have loved you twenty years ago if my situation had been different.” She paused in her ministrations to kiss him gently. “And for the record, even if I were being modest about last night, you’re still the best I’ve ever had.” She waggled her eyebrows at him and returned to the scratches.

Alex laughed.

"My ego thanks you," he said. "You were incredible, too. That last time- Gods! I thought you were going to kill me!" Alex grinned mischievously. "And that was just our first time! Imagine how we'll do after we've practiced...and practiced...and practiced."

She grinned wickedly. “Learned that from Lorelei Kij,” she said. “She might have been a bit stiff in public, but she enjoyed bedroom play.”

"Thank you, Lorelei!" Alex said. He looked at where he had marked her on the chest with his teeth and brushed his fingers across the mark gently. "Sorry about that. I got a little carried away. I hope it doesn't hurt too much. You want me to get that when you're done with me?"

“It’s not bad,” she promised, but in reality, it was pretty sore. “But, yeah, absolutely. Turn and I’ll get the ones on your back.”

"Okay," Alex stood up and turned around. "So, um, while it's going to be obvious I'm completely head over heels in love with you, if it wasn't already, I'm assuming we should keep some level of professional courtesy at work, right? It's fine with me if you want me to call you 'Commander' and 'Doctor' at work, for example. I want to avoid negatively impacting good order and discipline as much as possible." Alex chuckled. "Is it wrong that I find talking about this subject while you're treating those scratches a total turn on?"

She grinned slightly. “I’m pretending you’re Shullv to keep from having my way with you right now,” she teased, speaking of the Tellarite nurse. “But, yes. Keep it professional while on duty. And also, let’s not bring work home with us. Anything that happens in Sick Bay doesn’t come in here.”

"Deal," Alex said. "We talk about work at work, even if that means we go into your office, crank up the white noise generator, black out the windows, and just talk until we've worked out the problem or at least feel better about it. I'm not only your friend and lover, Jayla, I'm your senior NCO. It's my job to be supportive of you, to listen to you, to be a sounding board, to advise."

“And you’ve done a good job of that thus far,” she assured him, finishing up with the scratches on his back. “But don’t worry; we’ll handle it. We have to. All right, you’re good. Wanna do me, now? I mean the scratches!” she amended quickly.

Alex grinned as he turned around and took the dermal regenerator from Jayla. "To answer your question, yes, I definitely want to do you right now, but unless you want a nooner on your lunch break, I think you're going to have to wait at least until we're both off shift. As for the scratches and that rather impressive, if I do say so myself, love bite, sure. Hold still."

Alex treated the love bite first. It took a bit of time because he'd left a considerable bruise. Then he went to work on some scratches he found. He also discovered that his strong grip had left some bruises where she sat, so he treated those. When he was done, he set down the dermal regenerator, moved in close behind Jayla so their bodies were touching, and slipped his arms around her torso, placing his hands on her stomach. He gently pulled her close to him and just held her for a moment, placing a few kisses on her neck and shoulders.

"Hmmm..." he said. "I really should stop, before I can't. know...we both need a shower. Nothing says we can't do that together."

She leaned against him comfortably for a moment. “We could,” she mused, “as long as it won’t make us late. And... hm... it might be better to take turns. I’m not sure I can resist you for that long.”

Alex grinned. "Who said you had to resist? Nothing says we can't kill two birds with one stone."

“But then we would definitely be late,” she said, pulling herself away from him and turning to kiss him. “I’ll be out in ten minutes. Maybe less,” she added and hurried off to hop in the sonic shower.

Exactly seven minutes later, she emerged, hair back to it’s normal bouncy curls, and headed towards her bedroom for a fresh uniform. “Your turn,” she said, giving him a quick once over. He really was incredibly delicious. “I’ll replicate breakfast. What would you like?”

"Oatmeal, fruit, juice, and sausage on the side," he said, as he moved towards the head. "You got me hooked last time. And coffee, definitely coffee."

As he passed Jayla, Alex suddenly grabbed her and kissed her deeply, lingering until they had to come up for air, then released her. "Back in flash," he said, winking at her and giving her a swat on the backside as he left to go shower.

Oh, the things he did to her! She concentrated on dressing and replicating their breakfast. It would do any good to be preoccupied by thoughts of Alex when she had to go on duty in under an hour. Once the food was ready, she set it on the small table, ready for Alex as soon as he appeared.

Alex had quickly showered, stretched out, and dressed in a little over ten minutes. Normally, he'd do more in the mornings, but he was giving himself a pass for the morning so he could enjoy a bit more of Jayla's company before they had to leave for work and act like professionals instead of lovers. He smiled to himself. She'd said earlier that they shouldn't bring work 'home' and then said that what happens in Sickbay wasn't to come 'here'. That told Alex he'd be spending a lot more time here with her and that made him very, very happy.

"Looks great," Alex said as he joined Jayla at the table, stopped to steal another kiss on the way. "So do you. Gods I'm hungry."

She gave him one of her signature sparkling grins, but this one was touched with just a bit of affection. It was a smile she subconsciously reserved just for him. “I’ve realized that I’m a bit sore,” she told him. “Not too bad, but it’s noticeable. I don’t need anything for it, but I thought I’d better check with you in case I was harder on you than I thought.”

Alex grinned. "Bring it on. I can take it!" he said. "I just hope I wasn't too rough with you. I know I got a little demanding. It's just...I've wanted you for a very long time. Once I finally had you, I couldn't get enough of you."

“It’s okay,” she replied. “I didn’t mind, in case you couldn’t tell.” She waggled her eyebrows at him.

Alex smiled. "I could tell," he said. They ate in companionable silence for a bit before Alex spoke. "Soooo...I notice you said that we shouldn't bring work 'home' and that problems at work had no place 'here'. Did you mean something by that? I don't want to presume."

She grinned sheepishly. “Well,” she said. “I mean, I guess I just meant... ya know what? I’m not entirely sure why I worded it that way. But, I suppose you’re going to be here an awful lot. Or maybe I’ll wind up at your place sometimes. But all I really meant was that work stays at work and private stays private.”

Alex grinned again. "I understand," he said. "And I'm definitely looking forward to being here 'an awful lot'."

“So am I,” she replied with that special “Alex” smile. “Well, I suppose we should be off if we don’t want to be late. “Want me to take care of these for you?” she asked, indicating the empty dishes still in front of him as she began gathering her own.

"I got 'em," Alex said, rising and clearing his dishes and recycling everything in the replicator, returning the matter to the replicator matter storage tanks. Alex had a strict policy of not thinking about the replicator matter storage tanks unless he had to do a sanitation inspection of the area they were in. Considering that all the left over food, bodily waste, chemical waste, soiled clothing, etc, that went into them, they weren't gross. The matter was stored compactly after being converted into a harmless, sanitary material. Still, Alex didn't like to think about the fact that someone's dirty socks from Tuesday might become his oatmeal on Wednesday. After he was done he excused himself and replicated a toothbrush and brushed his teeth. For someone who used to crawl around in the dirt and mud and muck for living, he was surprisingly fastidious. When he was done, he smiled, thinking about Jayla wanting him to spend time here in her quarters and stuck his toothbrush in one of the slots above her sink. Done, he came back out of the head. "Ready when you are."

She had watched him with a stupid little grin on her face the whole time. He was so adorable, tidying up and even brushing his teeth. She counted herself lucky to have found him. “Absolutely,” she replied. “Ready for more rumors?”

"Sure," Alex said "Hey, if you really want to start some rumors, I could grab you in the center of Sickbay and play tonsil hockey with you for five minutes straight. Um...I this is where I would normally hold out my hand to so we could walk together holding hands, but if you'd rather not..."

With another grin, she took hold of his hand. “Of course I want to,” she said. “We’re Not in duty Just yet, are we?”

"Nope," Alex said, a 'cat that ate the canary' grin forming on his face. He wasn't going to brag or anything like that. He wasn't going to need to. His whole demeanor practically screamed 'I had utterly mind blowing sex last night with the most amazing woman in the universe!' as clearly as if he were shouting those very words aloud for all to hear, and the look on his face when Jayla smiled at him, or even when he just looked at her or even heard her name was going to leave no doubt in anyone's mind about who 'the most amazing woman in the universe' was as far as Alex was concerned. Alex gave the hand of his 'most amazing woman in the universe' a squeeze and left her quarters with her.


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