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Doctor Who?

Posted on 28 Oct 2018 @ 1:50am by Lieutenant Commander Jayla Kij & Ensign Kelly Khan

Mission: Fractured
Location: Holodeck
Timeline: TBD

When Jayla had found out that Kelly didn't even know who The Doctor was, she decided that that wouldn't do. So, she had invited Kelly on a holoadventure with said Doctor as a way of saying thank you for helping out in Sick Bay.

So, at the appointed time, she loaded up the holonovel with the Doctor she felt Kelly would like best and randomized the location and villain. Then, she only had to wait for Kelly to turn up.

Sure enough, the young effervescent Ensign showed up wearing a pair of black form fitting pants, boots which came up over her ankles, and a white sleeveless t-shirt that had a musical symbol on the front which matched the one on her left bicep. She wore fingerless leather gloves and smiled brightly as she approached the Trill Doctor. "Hey, Doc," she said with a smile. "We ready to rock?"

"Absolutely," replied Jayla. "Are you ready?"

"I am," Kelly said.

"All right," she said, opening the holodeck doors. "Here we go!" As they stepped through the doors, they found themselves in a sort of medieval village, but with robots and electric cars. "O.... kay," said Jayla as a knight rounded a corner on horseback, followed by a robot. She blinked and glanced at Kelly. "This is new," she said.

"Well crap," the young woman said. "We aren't in Kansas anymore, are we?" she asked.

“Nope! Nebraska!” said a voice behind them.

Jayla turned to see a youngish man in a slightly too tight three piece suit, white converse sneakers and a brown trench coat over it all standing there looking absolutely delighted. “Nebraska?” She asked.

The man did a double take and then broke into a huge grin. “Jayla!” he exclaimed in recognition. “How are you? It’s good to see you! Who’s this? Hi, I’m the Doctor,” he added, taking hold of one of Kelly’s hands and shaking it vigorously.

Kelly immediately twisted her hand free and grabbed the man's fingers to twist down and back, then used her free hand to lock his elbow in place. "Better question. Who are you and what are you doing here?" she asked.

“Kelly!” exclaimed Jayla, but she needn’t have worried. “This is The Doctor! He’s a... friend of mine. Let him go!”

"Doctor of what?" the brunette asked as she pushed the man away from her and assumed a wary stance.

“Everything,” replied Jayla. “And Nothing.”

“Oi!” exclaimed the Doctor, jumping to his feet again. “Right! You’re in charge of security! Who needs guns when you’ve got, I’m sorry, Kelly, was it?”

"Everything and nothing?" Kelly asked Jayla before she looked back at the man. "No, I'm Flight."

"Okay, but I fly my ship," replied the Doctor. "Plus, you're tough. And non-lethal, which is important. Now, then, Nebraska! World's Fair! 2218, I think...." He took out his sonic screwdriver and waved it around a bit, then looked at the reading. "Yep! 2218. Well, then, Jayla and Jayla's-friend-who-I-think-is-called-Kelly, shall we wander the Fair?" Without waiting for a reply, he turned and wandered away, hands in his pockets.

"Yeah, he's.... strange," Jayla told Kelly. "And wonderful. He'll grow on you. Come on, we don't want to lose him! He's the whole point of this holonovel!"

"Yes, my name is Kelly," she said and looked at Jayla. "Fungus grows on you, too, but that doesn't mean people enjoy it. Well, not most people. Okay, I'll play along but if he thinks I'm non-lethal, I'll introduce his kneecaps to my teeth."

Jayla grinned and followed after The Doctor. "Just play along," she advised. "It's the easiest."

"Turkey legs!" exclaimed The Doctor not far from where Jayla and Kelly followed. "We'll take three! Hang on, neither of you is vegetarian are you?"

"Not me," answered Jayla.

"No, but I prefer breasts," Kelly said. "Er, the white meat," she corrected. "Who is this guy and what is he on?" she whispered to Jayla, wondering what kind of holonovel involved a lunatic doctor.

"He's a Time Lord," explained Jayla as the Doctor asked if they had any breasts. "I think they're all like this. I'm not really sure as I've only ever met him. And the Master. The Master is even odder."

"There we go!" announced the Doctor, presenting Kelly with a half Turkey breast and Jayla with a leg. "Not quite as easy to eat while walking, but it shouldn't be too bad."

"He's with the Department of Temporal Investigations?" Kelly asked as she took the turkey breast. "And what gives him the right to be called a Lord or Master?"

"Department of what?" asked the Doctor, brow wrinkled in confusion.

"No, no," amended Jayla. "He's not Federation. He's also not The Master. He's the doctor. The Master is kind of a jackass."

"Oi! No, sorry, you're right. He kind of is."

"Right," said Jayla. "Time Lord is his race. Species. Whatever. They're called that because they have mastered Time Travel. They've also vowed to keep time pure. So when they find somebody messing with time, they stop them from doing it and put it all right."

"So is Doctor also just a title or his name?" Kelly asked as she listened.

"Ah," said the Doctor, and then let out a quick breath. "Well. It's a bit of both, actually."

"The Doctor," said Jayla. "Healing time and space. Or something like that."

"Ah," Kelly mumbled around a bite of turkey before she swallowed it. "So what time or space are we here to heal?"

"I dunno, yet," said the Doctor, turning and walking slowly down the path. "My TARDIS picked up massive amounts of chroniton particles. Well! I say massive, but really, it's just a bit. Of course, any amount of chronitons can be considered massive if you consider the implications."

"What's a tardis?" Kelly asked as she finished her turkey breast. "And how does it pick up chronitons?"

"Time And Relative Dimension In Space," replied the Doctor. "It's my ship. It's got sensors. Don't your ships have sensors?" he asked Jayla.

"Yes," answered Jayla with a slight grin. "But, Kelly's never seen your TARDIS. She wouldn't know it's a ship. You're going too fast."

"Right, sorry," said the Doctor. "Okay, so I was on my ship, called the TARDIS, when she picked up elevated Chroniton levels at the 2218 World's Fair in Nebraska. So, I stopped by to see what's up."

"So being a Time Lord gives you the authority to go mucking about in other species timelines and seeing what's going on?" Kelly asked. "Or are you just curious about it and have nothing better to do?"

"We don't go 'mucking about'," corrected the Doctor, complete with air quotes. "We just sort of wander around and check things out, and if it appears that somebody is attempting to change history, well! We can't have that, can we?"

"How do you know if it's someone attempting to change history versus the native population discovering time travel?" the brunette asked. "And if it's the natives, do you just waltz away in your weird ship or stay to help, or tell them they're being bad or what?"

The Doctor opened his mouth to reply, closed it again, and then opened it once more. "Well!" he said. "It's complicated. But, for the most part, it's obvious, isn't it? I once found vampires trying to take over Venice. It's quite obvious that that never happened, right?"

"How would I know if it never happened?" Kelly asked him. "Besides, you didn't answer my question. By the way, what's with the tin man?" She asked as she pointed at the robot that first appeared with him.

"I dunno," replied The Doctor. He turned to the robot. "What are you up to?"

"I aim to serve," replied the robot in a creepily polite voice.

"All right, but why are you following us around?" asked the Doctor.

"It is my duty."

The Doctor stared at the robot for a few moments. "Uh-huh," he said slowly. "World's Fair, thing, I guess," he said finally.

"It's a spy," Kelly accused and walked over to it. "Robot, who do you serve?"

The robot regarded her blankly for a moment, then said in a voice that sounded almost affronted, "I serve you, miss."

"I don't think there's anything wrong with the robots," The Doctor said. "They really seem here to just follow the attendees around and gather things for them. Or hold their coats. Or whatever. But, whenever Jayla turns up, there's trouble. If I didn't know better, I'd think she was up to something."

"Bah," Kelly said as she headed back to where the the self-professed doctor was. "She's a temporal anomaly," she quipped. "You should use that doodad you were waving around earlier on her."

"Tried that," replied the Doctor. "She's as normal as I am. More normal, if you can believe it."

"Sadly, I do," the young brunette said. "Now let's get to the source of this chronowhatsit thingamabob and do whatever to it, shall we?"

"Hey! Now you're speaking my language!" replied the Doctor. "Find the chronowatsits and get to the bottom of it! Allons-y!"

"Wibbly wobbly," added Jayla cheekily.

"Oi!" exclaimed the Doctor, pointing at her. "None of that!"

Jayla only giggled. "Right," she said. "Chronowatsits! Let's go!"


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