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Snack Time or Nap Time?

Posted on 04 Jan 2019 @ 12:12am by Lieutenant Joey Geisler & Senior Chief Petty Officer Mila Rasputin

Mission: The Kalisa Conundrum
Location: Administration
Timeline: MD 1 || 1500 Hours

Joey walked toward Administration with a box of peanut butter Ding Dings tucked under her arm and one in her hand she was currently in the middle if eating. She was grateful to Kelly for providing her with the delicious snacks she'd been getting every month, but as much as she appreciated it, mama knew her children enjoyed them even more. Especially since they were both moving around as much as their limited space allowed them to. While it proved to be quite uncomfortable for her, Joey was more than willing to find ways to cope knowing they were happy and healthy.

She walked into the department and took a look around. The normal hustle and bustle was going on, which she expected, but that wasn't why the Intel Chief had come. No, she was there to see her sister from another mister, and that's what had her going straight to Mila's office where she reached out to press the chime before shoving the last bite of chocolate-y peanut butter goodness into her mouth.

It was past time for all Alpha shift personnel to go home, but since she had adopted Administration as part of her role as Captain's Yeoman, Senior Chief Petty Officer Mila Anastasia Rasputin always worked an extra couple hours a day to help transition the shift changes. In truth, she was a tiny bit of a micromanager, but when it came to getting Harvey information when he needed it and how, she wouldn't accept second best.

She had just started to work on a new protocol for sorting when her chime rang and she looked up in frustration. "Who is it?" she called out in regular standard. "And can it wait?"

Joey cracked a grin when she heard Mila, taking that as her invite to walk inside. "Well," she began, opening another of the pre-packaged goodies as she studied her husband's Yeoman. "If you don't think knowing the names of your godson and goddaughter are important, then it can wait. I can come back another time."

"Joey!" Mila's entire demeanor changed and she nearly knocked over some air plants which took up a corner of her desk when she came to her feet. "Please be coming in and do not be minding clutter. You and Harvey have decided on names? Take chair, sit," the Yeoman said as she came around to move some PADDs off of a chair. "Are you having time for tea and dessert?"

"It's food. There's always time for food," the taller woman said as she settled down. " And yes, we have decided on names. Today, as a matter of fact, so now we don't have to keep referring to them as the babies or the twins."

"Tell, tell," Mila encouraged her before she went to the replicator and ordered two black elderberry teas with jam and slices of dessert for them. She handed Joey her slice and tea before she sat down again. "Is being chocolate peanut butter cup cake, according to menu. I am not trying it yet, but now is being good time, da?"

Joey accepted the cake and tea, though, it was unlikely she was going to drink the slightly bitter beverage. That's what the jam was for, she was sure, but she was okay for now. "You can't go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate. Those two things are just meant to go together," she stated. "As for names, we've decided on Hope and Jameson."

"Those are being beautiful names,"the Russian exclaimed. "I am being very happy for you both. Are you yet picking middle names?"

"I kind of picked those. Harvey and Alison," the taller woman replied .

"Is not Alison being name of his first wife?" Mila asked.

Joey nodded her head. "It is. I wanted to pay homage to her some way."

"Is being very good way to do such, but how was Harvey to be taking it when you are making suggestion?"

"When I initially brought it up, he was on board with the idea. When we decided on the name Hope, he seemed a bit more skeptical," she replied, taking a bit of her cake, though Joey still hadn't touched the tea. It just didn't seem to work well with chocolate cake. "Can I have a glass of milk, please?"

"Milk? Da," Mila said as she got up to head to the replicator and requested a glass of milk and brought it back. "Why was he being skeptical over middle name because of first name?"

Joey accepted the milk and took a sip, then another. There was just something magical about chocolate cake and a glass of milk. She couldn't really explain why they went so well together, and she found she didn't really want to. "He never really said. At least, I don't remember," the Intel Chief stated. Pregnancy brain was a real thing, and it was in full swing for her. "I think it may have something to do with what the name Hope symbolizes, and what happened to Alison. I don't have the heart to ask him."

"But hope is being eternal," Mila said as she settled down and added some jam to her tea and stirred it. "You cannot be losing hope when you are being in deep space. I am only knowing basics of what happened, but hope is said to spring eternal."

"That's one of the very reasons the name was chosen," the taller woman stated.

"Have you and he begun to be making changes to your quarters yet?" the Yeoman asked after a bite of her dessert and sip of tea.

Joey shook her head. "No, but it's on a long list of things that still need to be done. There's just never really any time."

"Why not simply be putting in request to Operations?" Mila asked. "Design of ship is made to be modular and would not be taking long at all." Little did she know about nesting habits of pregnant women and the need to oversee every insignificant modification like a Denebian Slime Devil that spotted a fresh victim.

"Because I need to be there. I trust that it'll be done right, but I want to be sure of it," she replied. "I hope to get the request put in as soon as things have settled down a bit."

"You are to be having babies by time that is done," the short woman said. "I can be overseeing it if you are wishing."

"If i did that, how would I be able to oversee the progress?" Joey asked.

"Is being good question, but why are you needing to be overseeing such things? Wall being removed would not require supervision, da?" Mila asked.

Joey knew Mila would understand one day, and she found she couldn't wait. "Well... it's a matter of wanting to know things are perfect for the babies. If I can see to it that happens, then I'm going to. They deserve nothing but the best."

"I am understanding that," the Russian told her. "But how is wall being removed while you are being on duty to be affecting babies?"

The Intel Chief blinked, looking toward Mila as if she hadn't heard a word she just said. "What were you saying?" Joey asked, unable to keep from sounding as confused as she felt. And tired, too. The couch on the other side of the office was looking quite inviting, and it was hard for her to resist the pull.

While Joey was looking at her, Mila was looking at her dessert as if trying to figure out what it was before she looked up. "The wall. What's so important that you have to be there for it to get removed?" she asked, her accent gone.

"Right, right," the taller woman said still feeling a bit confused and very tired. She got to her feet, not even flinching when her plate and glass fell to the floor, and made her way over to the couch. "I think... I think I'm going to lay down here for a while." Joey didn't hesitate to lay down and close her eyes.

"Oh, bother," said the Yeoman as she got up to collect the fallen plate and broken glass. "Another fine mess. You just lay down and Я буду заботиться об этом для вас и позвоните в медицинский,*" she assured her sister as she switched to Russian without realizing it.

Joey nodded her head and tucked an arm beneath it. "Yes, honey. I'll take a look at it soon," she mumbled, thinking she was talking to her husband.

Mila put the broken dishes in the recycler and watched them disintegrate, then headed back to her desk, forgetting that she was supposed to call Medical. "Is being okay," she said. "Sleep."

The woman on the couch mumbled something incoherent and drifted off to sleep.

*Russian Translation: I will take care of this for you and call Medical


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