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Do You See What I See?

Posted on 09 Feb 2019 @ 2:06am by Lieutenant JG Daniella Blake & Ensign Aurilia Moretti & Selah Eireanne

Mission: The Kalisa Conundrum
Location: Talons
Timeline: MD 1 || 1600 Hours

Dani sat at the bar inside Talons with her very late lunch in front of her. It was replicated, but that was good enough for her as long as it kept her going. The petite woman didn't have a lot of time for her lunch break today thanks to some mysterious illness that seemed to plague the crew, and now she considered herself lucky not to be among them. But, given her profession, she needed to get back and help provide treatment as soon as possible.

Aurila entered Talons a few minutes later rubbing the sore spot on her neck and wondering if she should go to Medical to get it checked out. When she saw the petite blonde sitting at the bar, she thought she recognized her as one of the Medical staff that Luc worked with, but didn't want to bother her when she wasn't on duty. Still, she didn't want to eat alone and headed over to a nearby seat. "Nice and quiet, isn't it?" she asked conversationally.

The petite blonde looked toward Aurilia and smiled. "It is. We could use that from time to time."

"I hear that," the slender redhead said after she ordered a chocolate milkshake and a large order of french fries. "Have things been busy in Medical?"

"Yes," Dani replied, popping a piece of an onion ring into her mouth. She chewed it and swallowed it before continuing. "There seems to be some kind of illness making its way through the crew. I was helping treat them until I was given half an hour for lunch. How are things in the flight deck?"

"Illness?" Aurilia asked as she rubbed the sore spot on her neck. "Things have been quiet, but I'm in reserve and haven't seen much flight time lately."

"Hi, guys!" said Selah cheerfully as she approached the two women. "Girls. Whatever. How are things?"

The small blonde looked toward Selah and offered her a bright smile. "Things are good. Busy, but good. How are things with you?"

"I'm still alive, so that's good," Selah replied with a cheerful grin.

"Not bad, just a bit of a sore neck," the redhead said as she got her fries and milkshake, then dipped a few fries in it before she popped them in her mouth.

"Ooo, that is absolutely my favorite way to eat that!" Selah said, watching Aurilia eat her fries dipped in milkshake. "Now I know what I'm having for lunch!"

"Any day we're still alive is a good thing," Dani pointed out. That being said, the ship's crew had been through a lot. She wasn't sure how much more they'd be able to take before cracking.

Aurilia took a moment to rub her neck again, then looked out the window of Talon's while she went to dip another fry. "I just wish that I was out there right now. I may not be able to do much, but it beats sitting in here."

The small blonde cast a glance out the same window. "I just wish we were back in our own part of space," she commented.

"Hm, don't we all?" replied Selah rhetorically as she rested her chin in one hand, elbow propped on the bar. "I can't imagine the queen is terribly happy with how long I've been out of contact."

Dani opened her mouth to say something, but was cut off as an armed Security officer appeared in the doorway. His phaser was held out in front if him, and he stared at the three women with a skeptical look on his face. "Where are they?" he snapped. "I know they're in here. I watched them duck in here after I fired on them."

The redhead looked up when the Security officer came in holding a phaser. "Uh...who came in here?" she asked.

"The Borg!" he shouted, looking around.

"Uh... there's no borg in here," Selah said slowly. "I mean, you're welcome to look around, but we've been here the whole time and nobody came in."

The man's eyes went from one woman to the next. "You're lying! I saw them come in here," he snapped in a crazed state. "Tell me where you're hiding them!"

Dani swallowed back a lump in her throat. She'd been held at phaser point before, but not quite like this. "Hey, calm down," she said in what she hoped was a soothing tone. "There are no Borg on the ship. I promise you. Why don't the four of us go to sickbay together? We can help you there." After all, there were strength in numbers, and with Selah and Aurilia with her, the small woman would definitely feel safer.

Aurilia looked at the Security person and offered a smile. "That's a good idea. If the Borg were going to go anywhere, it would be Medical, right?"

"No!" he shouted. "I saw them come in here! You all are hiding them, which means you will die with them!"

"Whoa!" Selah replied, holding up both hands. "Simmer down, there, Buck Rogers. I've already said you can have a look around to see if we missed them. I mean, sometimes the Borg can be pretty sneaky."

The armed man made his way farther into the establishment and began to look around. "I know they're in here. You two," he said, pointing at Selah and Aurilia. "Come help me look."

"You got it, chief," Aurilia said as she got up, the heavy milkshake glass still in her hand. "Want me to check the kitchen?"

Selah nodded as she came out from behind the bar, giving Blake a significant look while she scratched her left shoulder right about where a communicator would sit. She hoped the other woman got her message to contact security or medical or someone.

The man spun around and sneered at Aurilia. "You stay where I can see you!"

Dani nodded at Selah to let her know she understood, though she'd have to wait until they were elsewhere so the psycho wouldn't know what she was doing. How had they come to be in such a situation? And what was causing it to happen? Suddenly, the small blonde didn't feel so good. A wave of nausea hit her, and it took every ounce of self control she had to keep from losing her lunch.

"Where would I go?" Aurilia asked as she took a sip from her milkshake and indicated the open, empty area.

The Security officer ignored Dani and turned his attention toward Aurilia. He pointed his phaser in her direction. "Put it down," he snapped, prepared to fire if he needed to.

"It's...a...milkshake," Aurilia said as she very slowly moved her hand holding the glass towards the table to set it down. "It won't attack you."

With deadly accurate aim, the officer shot the glass from her hand. He wasn't stupid, and now he was sure that these women were Borg and trying to mess with his head. "Nevermind, the four of us are going for a walk. Get the little one on her feet and let's go."

Selah's eyes suddenly went huge. "Did you just... shoot lightning out of your hand?" she asked, completely in awe. "Oh, my god. You're THOR! Guys! It's THOR! It is such an honor, sir! Your grace. Your majesty. Which do you prefer?"

He blinked, looking toward Selah like she'd just grown a second head. What in the hell was this woman prattling on about? Who was this Thor character she was referring to him as? "No! Borg! Not Thor!"

The petite redhead felt a distinct shift in her lower intestines when the glass shattered in her hand and she screamed. However, some part of her snapped at the destruction of the goodness and the thought that she gave up booze for this went through her mind. The plate that held her now cold french fries was by her other hand and without thinking, she grabbed it and threw it at the Security's guy's head like a frisbee.

There was no time for him to react as his eyes were focused solely on Selah. The plate nailed him in the forehead, splitting his skin and sending him falling backwards in an unconscious heap. It didn't take ling for blood to begin pooling around his head, but that was because head wounds bled. A lot.

"Thor!" Selah exclaimed, hurrying to the fallen man's side. "Thor! Are you okay? Who knew that ceramic was your weakness?"

"Can someone tie that freak on a leash up?" Aurilia asked as she moved awkwardly to the side and kicked the phaser towards Dani. "I need to use the ladies room."

Dani looked toward Selah as she slipped from her stool and grabbed the phaser. "We need to get him to sickbay. He's showing some of the symptoms others were. I need to treat him," she said. "I don't think it would hurt for you and Aurilia to be treated as well. Me as well, because I'm starting not to feel well, and I really don't want to start thinking there are Borg on the ship."

Meanwhile, the redheaded fighter pilot ducked into the bathroom and began to get cleaned up of the milkshake splatter and other things, she came back out rubbing the back of her neck. "Okay. Let's get this started because the sooner we're finished, the sooner we can get to the next crazy."

Selah blinked in confusion. Her Thor hallucination had started out as a feint, but she found herself almost believing it- almost as if she had convinced herself it was true. "I don't know about either of you, but I don't think we can lift him," she said, still trying to shake the thought that he really was Thor from her mind as she used her boot laces to tie his hands behind his back. "We should probably call for medical."

"I am medical," Dani stated as she moved over to the downed man. "Selah, grab me a towel. I need to stop the bleeding from his head. Aurilia, call to medical and ask them to send someone here with a medkit. That should have everything we need inside of it."

"Right, I forgot," muttered Selah. She hurried off to the bar and brought back a towel as well as a bowl full of cool water. "My brain is all fuzzy," she added, setting the bowl next to Dani and handing her the towel. "Do you suppose seeing Borg is the next step?"

The redhead tapped her combadge. =^=Moretti to Medical. Emergency in Talon's. Medkit required.=^=

Dani accepted the towel and water, then pressed the cloth to his head wound. She hoped they weren't going to be seeing any Borg. "I'm going to treat both of you, also," she said. "Just to be safe. I don't know what's going on, but I definitely don't like it. As for the Borg, let's hope not."

"I do, too. I already have a pain in the back of my neck. I don't need to add assimilation to that," the redhead said.

Dani was about to say something when a medical officer made his way inside. She nodded her head to him and gestured for the medkit to be placed on the ground so she could open it. "We'll take care of your neck," she said to Aurilia. "Selah, can you hold this towel to his head while I get what I need?"

Without hesitation, Selah placed one hand on the towel. "Okay, got it," she said. "Do I need to put a certain amount of pressure one it or anything?"

With her hands free, Dani opened the medkit and began to rummage around inside for what she needed. "Enough pressure to stop the bleeding. Like this," she said, reaching out to take Selah's arm to demonstrate what she meant. Her next task had her removing a hypospray and loading it with medication. "Aurilia, I need you to take this and make sure everyone here gets it. The dial is already set. All you need to do it push this," She demonstrated for the pilot to see. "and it will do the rest."

"Selah, in just a second, I'm going to give you a hypospray with another medication that will need to be given to everyone as well. It works the same way as the one Aurilia will have," she said. "Can you two do that for me?" Dani would have asked the medic to help, only he'd be helping her tend to the unconscious man on the floor, and right now, she needed all hands on deck.

Aurilia took the hypo and nodded. "Will do," she said as she headed off to get the rest of the people still in Talon's.

Dani loaded the second hypospray and set it, then placed her hand back where Selah's was. "Make sure everyone gets that," she said. "Even Thor."

Selah grinned. "Even Thor," she agreed, pressing the hypo to her own neck before turning to the security officer she had almost thought was Thor and pressing it to his neck.

A few minutes later, the redheaded pilot came back. "I got everyone who would let me," she said.

Not far behind her was Selah, who had made sure the kitchen staff- all two of them- had the injection. "All set," she announced. "Oh, wait, I didn't get you two. Or have you already had it?"

"I've already had mine," Dani replied as she and the medic finished up with the man known as Thor for the time being. "Aurilia, did you get yourself?"

"I did," Aurilia confirmed. "Did you two get your shot, too?"

Dani nodded. "How would you two feel helping me find others that might need assistance?"

"Sure," the redhead responded.

“Okay,” said Selah. “But what are we gonna do with him? Just leave him here?”

"I'll get him back to sickbay so he can be monitored," the medic said.

Dani packed everything back up into the medkit and rose to her feet with it in her hand. "Then, we're free to see if we can find others that want to kill us," she said. "When I put it like that, it definitely doesn't sound very appealing, does it?"

"No, it doesn't," Aurilia said. "Shall we roll out and get people fixed?"

"Let's go," the petite blonde said, heading toward the exit.


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