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Strangers in the night?

Posted on 17 Jan 2019 @ 9:51pm by Lieutenant JG Myles Toral

Mission: The Kalisa Conundrum
Location: Toral's quarters
Timeline: MD1 || 1100 hours

Toral Myles started from his sleep and looked around the room. It was dark. “Computer, lights!”, he ordered and the quarters of the Bajoran Assistant Chief of Security lighted up. Myles looked around, but there was no one to see. The Bajoran shook his head in disbelief. And yet, he still had the feeling that he had heard someone. Myles could almost feel that there was someone near him. But then again, there was no one in his quarters apart from him.

Myles sighed, sat up and rubbed his temples. He felt exhausted and was still tired. He had already had some trouble sleeping in the first place as he had always heard some noise just when he was about to sleep. Furthermore, sleeping at that time of day – if you could call it day on a starship which was always surrounded by the vast blackness of space – was difficult enough. But after a double shift which involved the night shift as well, he had lain down at 0900 hours.

Myles scuffed into his bathroom and looked into the mirror. He even looked more tired and exhausted as he actually felt, so he held his hand underneath the tap and splashed some cold water in his face. Just when he opened his eyes again, he saw some kind of shadow in the mirror and swang round.
“Hey!“, he shouted and stormed out of the bathroom into his quarters again. But there he abruptly stopped and looked around. Again there was no one there. He was alone in his room.
"By the prophets... what is going on here?“, he asked himself in confusion.
“Computer, list all the people who have been in my quarters in the last 5 minutes,”, he ordered.

A little sound told him that the computer was processing his request. “In the last five minutes Lieutenant JG Toral was in his quarters,” the computer answered in a neutral tone which left Myles shaking his head.
“Was there anyone else,” he pressed on doubtful about the answer he had just gotten.

“There was no one else in Lieutenant JG Toral's quarters in the last five minutes.”

“But ...”, he started again, but then stopped as this would not really lead anywhere.

Myles sat down on the corner of his bed. Perhaps it was just the fact that he needed some sleep. But on the other hand, he was not so sure if a security officer who saw ghosts running around the ship would be a real help. Quite the contrary. He stood up and put on a fresh uniform. It would certainly be best to head to sickbay just to be sure that he was okay.

And if he was in fact okay, as he personally assumed, he would at least be able to get some sleeping pill. That would certainly help him to find some sleep for a few hours. But Myles would not be able to take it right away. After all, his next shift started that afternoon. So he would have to do with some coffee. It was not the first time he would rely on that.


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