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The Yeoman

Posted on 10 Feb 2019 @ 12:01am by Lieutenant Commander Landon Milo MD & Senior Chief Petty Officer Mila Rasputin

Mission: The Kalisa Conundrum
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD 1 || 1300 Hours`

Senior Chief Petty Officer Mila Anastasiya Rasputin strode down the corridor on Deck Six with a PADD in her hand and a look of exasperation in her hazel eyes. The brunete arrived at the doors leading into Sickbay and headed in as soon as they opened enough to allow her to slip her slender frame through sideways and looked around.

"I am looking to be finding Lieutenant Commander Milo," she announced as she began to scan the Medical personnel present for anyone that had three pips on their collar and wore a teal uniform that wasn't a Trill.

He was short, slender, with auburn hair and blue penetrating eyes that looked right at her when his name was called. She looked rather intimidating when paired with her uniform and her voice. It was very dutiful in tone. Landon sat down the medical tricorder that was in his hand and made his way towards the woman.

Of course he greeted her pleasantly albeit with caution. "That would be Doctor Milo, Chief. I'm a physician and I take that seriously. What is it that brings you looking for me of all people?" he asked.

"Then i am asking your pardon, Doctor," Mila said. "I am being Senior Chief Petty Officer Rasputin and I am having PADD of requisitions which is being sent from you. Why are you not sending it to Doctor Kij instead of Administration?"

Landon nodded Oh that he thought to himself for a moment. "I went straight to Administration because there are some things in Sickbay that I am hoping I can get. I didn't want to go through Doctor Kij because if some of these do actually get approved, I wanted to surprise her with some of might not quite understand, but the latest version of a bone mender or the newest medical mass spectrometer would make her thrilled."

"Nyet," Mila said. "It is not working like that," she informed the shorter Assistant Medical Chief. "Or are you not being aware of Chain of Command? If she is not signing off on this, then I am not signing off on this and no surprise is to be coming. Besides, we are being on wrong side of Convergence Zone to be getting anything new. Request is denied."

Letting out a sigh of frustration, the young Assistant Chief Medical Officer would have usually just grinned and brushed it off without incident. "Well, aren't you a bunch of sunshine" he remarked scoffing. "I do not want you for secret santa this year...that much I'm sure of" he said teasingly in regards to an old Earth holiday. Landon calmed himself and steadied himself mustering the utmost politeness he could.

"Senior Chief Petty Officer" he said addressing her by her whole rank. "When I began work on that request it was well before we were on the wrong side of the 'Convergence Zone' So, when I said I wanted the new equipment as soon as possible...tack on when possible to that. If you are going to deny the request, then so be it" he said shaking his head.

"Is being simple matter of Chief of department to be signing off on such things," the Russian said simply. "Is not my place to be surprising people. If you are wishing to be doing such things, then I am suggesting going further up chain to Commander Teixeira."

Landon smiled at the Yeoman. "I would have gone right to Harvey for it and sooner had I known we would end up here of all places. But then we would not be having this delightful encounter and you'd be stuck at your desk frustrated that a request did not go through proper chain and superseded you which judging by your personality would have bugged you just enough to come all this way down here to Sickbay to give me a notice about proper chain of requests."

A great belly laugh came from the slender woman and she gave him a look that could put frost on a window at ten paces. "You are obviously having no clue who I am being, do you?" she asked. "Go ahead. Be going to man that I am giving reports to daily, informing of crew activity, and ensuring that he is not bothered by officers who are not knowing chain of command."

"My apologies" he said softly. "I did not mean to be so rude as to presume that I know who you are. However, Yeoman" he said addressing her by her rating and clerical title, "I do not believe you know me either. That man and I have history together. He relied on me for my advice and opinions...we are friends" Landon said rather loosely. "I was Chief Medical Officer, his Chief Medical Officer, and I thought I was being polite to you by allowing you the opportunity to process this request rather than cut, you, the middleman out of the whole process" added Landon.

"Then allow me to be informing you," Mila said with a bit of malicious glee. "I am being his personal Yeoman. I am being close friend to his wife who is Chief of Intelligence. I am being his personal confidant and I have not heard single word about you at all, so I am guessing that your claims are not being as steady as you are claiming they are where his friendship is being concerned."

Breathe Landon he thought to himself. Breathe... and thought he was able to keep himself from exploding, he was not about to be disrespected. "Click your heels together three times and transport yourself back to the office you come from, because honey you are in SICKBAY and I may not be the Chief Medical Officer of this starship and this Sickbay may be larger than the previous one I served in, but I treat it like a castle and, let me tell you something...there's only room enough in here for one QUEEN, and sweetie, it sure the hell isn't you."

The Yeoman gave him a scornful laugh. "I am not caring what title you are giving yourself, but Doctor Kij is being absolute authority where Sickbay is being concerned. You are only being assistant and bad one at that. Now if you are taking in larger picture of entire ship, then I am one that Harvey is going to when it coming to getting pulse of ship and crew. You can rest easy knowing that I will not be giving him favorable report where you are being concerned." She paused, then added. "Queenie." before she turned her back on the short upstart and started to head away.

"Yes, she is Chief Medical Officer, and I was trying to give her a nice gift but seeing as how that clearly isn't going to happen..." said Landon looking at the PaDD with his denied request that Mila had given back to him. Landon took said PaDD and hurled it past the woman towards the Sickbay doors which opened when the proximity detector picked up the flying object.

The PaDD whooshing by and on through the opened doorway smacked against the bulkhead and fell to the deck floor. "Since you are the Captain's lap dog, go fetch...bit-" he opted not to finish that last word. "And remember, an apple a day keeps the doctor away" he said with a forced smile.

Mila turned and looked at him, then down at the PADD. She gave him a bright smile but her words were colder than Siberia in the winter. "I will be remembering that, because I would rather be dying than having you treat me." With that, she turned and headed down the corridor.

Landon actually quite enjoyed this heated banter and firey exchange of passionate shade and slew of burning insults and smoldering glares. It made his blood boil and feel something inside...anger, hatred, and that was a strong improvement over the past few months where he had felt absolutely nothing but dead numbness inside.

Of course this was not the sort of relationship he wanted with the crew of the USS Balck Hawk-A, but it still was something and he was kind of happy about that. She pissed me off he thought to himself. I like her he thought laughing to himself as her surname wrapped around his mind causing him to scramble towards the doorway and call out down the corridor.

"Did you say Rasputin?! carefulf of icy lakes" he added with a snicker. He returned to Sickbay to focus on his work, but he would make a detour to the replicator for a nice soothing tea.


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