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A Failure to Communicate

Posted on 26 Sep 2019 @ 6:12pm by Lieutenant JG Charles Carmichael & Commander Terry Walsh & Commander Jayla Kij & Lieutenant Commander Arjin Djinx & Lieutenant Commander Joey Geisler & Lieutenant Commander Gemma Alexander & Lieutenant Commander Camila Di Pasquale & Lieutenant JG Damian Akorem & Lieutenant JG Lina Sorensen & Ensign Kelly Khan & Ensign Aurilia Moretti & Senior Chief Petty Officer Mila Rasputin

Mission: Truth and Justice
Location: Various
Timeline: MD 15 || 1530 hours

===[Flight Deck]===

When Terry heard the word, the big pilot nodded. Cooper had left the Flight Deck less than half an hour ago and he now knew the truth. There was only Dolmoquor. And there was only so much he could do right now without drawing suspicion. He tapped his commbadge, but nothing happened. Intending to keep cover as long as he could, he ran out of his office and began barking orders get all available fighters to hot standby. Anybody on the Deck that could fly was to suit up and get ready. Everyone else was to get out and spread the word to the rest of the squadron to get the hell down there. He took a moment to step back and watch. Junior enlisted scrambled to get the Gryphons ready while many of the others had taken off out various exits to find the other pilots and Deck personnel. He had effectively emptied the Flight Deck for the next little while and sent people scurrying all over the ship, creating a congestive crowd all over.

He then spoke to the Boreriri, I am in the Squadron Commander and awaiting instructions.

"Be ready," ordered the Boreriri. "Maintain that the Captain is the traitor," he added, hoping the converted Walsh would use his influence to poison the crew and therefore make what happened next easier.

"We've been told that the Captain is working with the enemy!" Commander Walsh called out so that people within earshot could hear. "Since he's a traitor, we can't be sure of anything he says. Any and all questions and directives regarding this Flight Deck and Squadron will be ran through me first! That is an order!" He continued getting people out of the Flight Deck and issuing orders.

Upon hearing Commander Walsh's orders, Aurilia began to don her flight suit and headed for her fighter, wondering what was going on.

Alexander was confused as hell, The Skipper a traitor? That was some bull...her thoughts were interrupted by orders and out of habit she beat feat to her locker and began to get ready swiftly.

Roosje was screaming inside, but the Dolmoqour had a firm grip on her. She actually smiled as she heard Walsh taking control of the situation. She reached out to the Boreriri. “Roosje De Vries, pilot awaiting orders.”, she said.

"Stand ready," was the only reply that came to the pilot. So much had transpired in the last few minutes, the Boreriri was struggling to keep up.


In the Administration office, Mila frowned as she saw system after system report errors and got up. "Back up everything!" she barked as she began entering orders into the computer.

===[Tactical Office Deck 12]===

Cooper secured tactical after converting Walsh to their side. Fortunately it was a small department and an easy matter of getting those not yet converted elsewhere.Then sent her mind to the Boreriri, awaiting further instructions.

===[Main Engineering Deck 19]===

Ensign Nasek pulled out from under a console in engineering when the yell about the Captain went over the intercom. "What in the Prophets?" She muttered securing the cover on the console and put her repair kit over one shoulder, trying to be ready more out of habit than anything. She couldn't think what had just happened, not seeing her Chief in sight she tapped her comm badge. Confused she went to a console immediately to check systems.

Nasek worked frantically but intelligently. She had no idea where her Chief was and multiple systems were down. So she did her best to coordinate a repair response. The fact she discovered sabotage in the downed systems seemed to give weight to the whole 'Captain being a traitor' thing. Though it still seemed odd. However that wasn't her mission and she refocused. Fixing the systems were and she set teams on each of the downed systems, unfortunately they were small since she was limited to who happened to be in engineering at the time. She sent two runners to the bridge to inform them engineerings status, securing it as best she could. She sent one petty officer to stand to the side of the entrance with a tricorder, scanning continously as the fact that all the systems best suited to coordinating an search and capture of intruders not lost on her. It was all she had time to do before she bent to the task of helping bring the systems back online.

Eventually, Lina reached main Engineering. According to the hasty reactions of the engineers she saw there, everything seemed to work out like planned.

Before she went any further she spoke to the Boreriri, I reached Main Engineering and I am awaiting further instructions.

"Keep systems down," instructed the Boreriri. "Engineering must be secured."

Nasek turned relieved to see her Chief, "Chief, I have teams repairing communications, sensors and the security grid but I am pretty sure based on energy readings someone blew up the central sensor core and it's going to take way more time and resources than we have to get that properly online. As it is the affected systems were downed by someone who knew what they were doing. It's going to take awhile to get any functionality." She took a breath and continued, "The Chief of Security labeled the Captain an enemy then locked functions with her command code." Something that was still trackable by the computer, "Only to be rescinded by the XO's command codes, I've sent two runners to the bridge and they've disappeared. I was about to break out weapons and secure engineering but keep repairs going as best we could." She reported, knowing it was a lot so she tried to be complete without saying more than she had to. She was relieved beyond belief as an Ensign that someone more experienced was there. The question of 'what the hell is going on' she did not ask but there was an unmistakable question in her tone. She didn't offer suggestions yet about using the mobile units for sensors etc trying not to fire hose her Chief.

===[Deck 14, Sensor Control]===

Allen Miller had been screaming and begging for the last ten minutes, but to no avail. He’d seen the decapitated body. He’d seen Camila laying on the floor. He’d watched his own hand disintegrate the body. And now he was about to do something worse. The Dolmoquor defiantly stood outside Sensor Control on Deck Fourteen. His plan was simple, destroy internal sensors. And taking out the control room was the most effective way of shutting them down so the rest of the Dolmoquor could move freely throughout the ship.

Allen pulled two stun grenades from his belt and activated them. He moved so that the door would open and then tossed them in, running away from the entrance. The grenades exploded inside and stunned everyone in the room. A few seconds later, he entered. Bodies were slumped over consoles or chair backs and laying on the floor. Allen began opening panels all over the room; under the consoles, on the walls, on the floor, and in the ceiling. He’d gathered a lot of power cells during that previous time where he’d spent an hour swapping them out with dead ones. He placed two in each of the open panels where they could do the most damage and the others on top of the consoles.

Allen pulled a tricoder from one of the bodies and went to each of the carefully placed power cells in order to set them overload. Well, somewhat of a delayed overload. He then linked them to the tricorder so that he could initiate a simultaneous overload and create a much more devastating explosion. When everything was in place, Allen stood in the middle of the room and hit detonation key on the tricorder. In the back of his head, the consciousness of Allen Miller screamed with all of his might. But it was too late. "All hail Dolmoquor," was all that escaped his lips.

Internal sensors would now be offline without a doubt. The power cells exploded in a brilliant white light, destroying Sensor Control so much that it would take the Starfleet Corps of Engineers to repair it. There were gaping and ragged holes torn in the walls, floor, and ceiling that extended at least a meter in each direction. Conduits, power couplings, isoliner chips, and a host of other power and control units for sensor control were lost. It was utter devastation. There was very little left of the consoles themselves. Or of the people in the room. Including Petty Officer First Class Allen Miller.

==[Stellar Cartography]===

The Boreriri relayed the news to Charles after the room shook from the explosion elsewhere in the ship. Sensors would not be returning anytime soon, leaving the Dolmoqour to roam free until the ship had been secured. Quinn would see to the rest with T'pyr.

Charles wished he could smile. Only Quinn's plans had been successful thus far. With the Chief of Security being stunned and dragged from the bridge, the Captain escaping and Commander Walsh failing to stop him, and other setbacks across the ship, Charles was losing faith in the mission. He had to remind himself that the Dolmoqour they'd rescued today were only facsimiles of warriors, none of them ever having seen combat before. Their immaturity and impatience hadn't helped either.

What worried Charles the most was that the ship's Executive Officer, Commander Teixeira, had yet to be located. No doubt he and Captain Geisler had a plan. If only they could figure out what that was.


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