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A New Day

Posted on 19 Jan 2014 @ 6:10pm by Lieutenant JG Harold Sherman & Captain Harvey Geisler

Mission: New Voyages
Location: USS Black Hawk, Bridge
Timeline: December 27, 2387 || 0730 hours

With a metal mug filled with steaming black coffee in hand, Harvey stood behind the bridge's newly reconfigured Flight & Mission Operations stations in front of the bridge. He was rather impressed by the speed of his bridge officers, getting things squared away and working before their captain dared to follow up.

He turned to face the rest of the bridge. Even for Alpha shift, it was quiet this morning. Just a couple crewmembers joined him on the bridge. Harvey found his eyes moving to the empty Operations station at the back of the bridge. He knew his new Operations Chief was en route and would hopefully arrive any minute.

Until then, and the inevitable reintroduction to his Security Chief, Harvey would take today and familiarize himself with the one room that he would spend most of his time in, the bridge.

Ensign Harold 'Hal' Sherman night seemed to short. He had quick breakfast and attended to the need to have his gear transferred to his quarters on the USS Blackhawk. This all before 6:15 in the morning, which always amused Hal to no end, while aboard Starbase or Starship the time was all relative speaking. He got a ride on early morning shuttle that was running supplies from Deep Space 9 to the Blackhawk. There was something he enjoyed this method of transferring from place to place over the transporter beam. Then again we all had to do things they were uncomfortable with in Starfleet.

It was well toward the bottom of the hour when he stepped off the shuttle and asked directions to the turbolift, which he entered and was taking to the Bridge with PADD that held a copy of his orders assigning him to the Blackhawk. Another thing that dated back to old Ocean going Navies on Earth. When new member reported in they would usually carry a copy of their Orders and their Personnel File with them.

The Turbolift doors open and he stepped out onto the Bridge of the Blackhawk, he took a brief moment to take in the entire Bridge area. He notice that Captain of the Blackhawk was already on the Bridge. Smiling he walked across the Bridge, stopping short and stating, "Captain, Ensign Harold Sherman, Chief Operation Officer, reporting as Ordered, Sir." Waiting to surrender the PADD that held his orders and personnel record over to the Lt. Commander.

Harvey took a step toward the Ensign, completing the sip of coffee he was in the middle of, and took a quick look at the newcomer. "Welcome aboard," he greeted Harold. Normally, he would excuse them both from the bridge and slip into the Ready Room, but the ensigns in gold at the rear of the bridge updating the MSD panel wouldn't mind the conversation at the fore of the bridge. "Commander Harvey Geisler," he added, extending his free hand.

"Well thank you Commander," Hal had notice the C.O. prefer to use his actual rank, and not the use the title of that many in his position would use,"I see I am in time for the meeting later." Hal had to get settled in, and get to know the Officers and Enlisted personnel in his department, as well as the working relationship between Operation and Flight Operations.

"I see they are putting the final touches to the Bridge.", he said with smile as he watch the installation continued.

"Indeed," Harvey replied, leading Ensign Sherman to the aft Operations station. "I'm not sure what classes you served on previously, but think of this bridge as a combination of Sovereign and Intrepid bridges, hence your aft station here." Harvey stepped aside, allowing Harold to step behind the controls if he wished. "I trust you'll find everything you need."

Ensign Sherman took the seat and was almost lost into the panel, like kids get absorb when they are reading a good comic. Then he remember the Captain was standing there, "Thank you, Sir. I am sure I can figure this all out." It was one of things, that always amused him on how Ops station would move around the Bridge from Class to Class. He notice that there was meeting at 0900 that he almost forgot about.

Harvey nodded, and noticed there was a level of candor that the other senior officers had with their CO whereas Sherman did not. "Ready for the Gamma Quadrant, ensign?"

"Uhm, Yes Sir!", Ensign Sherman was slight embarrassed that he got lost into his own little world. "I do have a couple questions. First off what is the size and organization of the Fighter Contingent? Then second what size of the Marine Contingent aboard?", Ensign Sherman asked. His previous assignment the only time they had Fighters or Marines aboard was when they were vessel in transferring of Personnel and Cargo from Federation outpost to outpost.

"The Black Hawk can carry no more than 50 Marines," Harvey replied, "though none are currently aboard. As for fighters, 12 Valkyries sit in our launch bay with 11 pilots standing at the ready. I'm still waiting for the CAG Starfleet assigned to arrive. Any Marines assigned to the ship would report to Lieutenant Kerr, our Security Chief, and for now, our fighter pilots report to our Chief Flight Controller, Lieutenant Armani."

Harvey found the conversation with Ensign Sherman to be refreshing, compared to a couple of the officers he had previously met. The idea of a younger, impressionable man on his bridge gave him a bit of hope for the Black Hawk's future. If only, now, he could begin to understand ways to deal with the others.

Hal smiled, he was glad to have some answers, but then he realize there was on last couple of question,"Sir, who will have the Operational control over the various Shuttle and Fighter Bays? Who are the personnel authorized to order the launching of Combat Aerospace Patrols?" Hal had been out of the Academy long enough to know to never assume anything, for something that seem so simple and logical, had a tendency to get complicated when egos get involved.

"At the moment, just myself and the XO will authorize CAPs," Harvey replied, appreciating the young man's focus on the details. "You and our Chief Engineer, Lieutenant Dane, will supervise the Flight Deck. I'm to select a Crew Chief today who report maintenance to Lieutenant Dane. We currently do not have a CAG assigned, who as a senior officer, would report to me. Once CAPs are authorized, you and the CAG will handle the details."

"Sounds like a plan. I don't want to step on any toes to complicate things too much.", Hal had heard of some stories where few Chief of Operations and Commander, Air Group having to be relieve due to personal conflicts over who was control what and when.

Harvey nodded. "If you need anything else, just let me or my yeoman know, Ensign. Again, welcome aboard."

Hal nodded with a smile, "Thank you, Sir, and trust me I will keep that in mind."


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