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Fill Me In

Posted on 15 May 2020 @ 12:55pm by Lieutenant Dijaat Parker & Ensign Alora Nasek

Mission: Sentience
Location: Chief Engineering Officer's Office, USS Black Hawk
Timeline: MD 2 || 1445

Dijaat had managed to get to engineering after having to request its location from the ship's on board computer system numerous times. He was afraid that he'd never get used to this place and had eventually managed to get inside of his office. "Let's see..." He remarked under his breath as Dijaat tried to think of what he was going to do next. "I guess knowing what the department is up to may be a good place to start." He said aloud, "Lieutenant Sorensen and Ensign Alora can you come to my office please?"

He thought about the request that he'd just said into the communicator, "The Chief Engineer's Office," He concluded then closed the channel before locating the chair and sitting in it.

It did not take Lina long to arrive at the office. But before she enetered it, she sighed slightly. Just a short while ago, this had been her office. But it had been the right decision, she was absolutely sure of that. So she pressed the door chime.

"You may enter," Dijaat answered the person on the other side of the door and then realized he ought to include Ensign Walsh as well, "Ensign Daniel Walsh can you also come to the Chief Engineers office?" He asked after pressing his communicator.

Daniel was surprised to receive the summons to the Chief Engineer's Office, even more surprised that he was being summoned by someone other than Lieutenant Sorensen. He'd heard murmurings that the Lieutenant had been replaced but his head had been so buried in his work that he paid them little heed. Now, it seemed, that the rumours were about to be confirmed. He closed his engineering kit and tapped his commbadge. "On my way." Climbing out of the jeffries tube that he was working in, Ensign Walsh made his way to the Chief Engineer's Office.

It took Alora a moment so deep was she into studying computer programming. She'd had a minor in Operations at the Academy and had taken the previous 6 months to get re-certified in Computer Operations and Security but there were always updates. One needed to keep up on it to stay current. She acknowledged and made her way to the CEO's office.

After the three officers he'd requested arrived he had offered each of them a place to sit, "Thanks for stopping by," Dijaat responded with a somewhat heavier Scottish accent than normal. "I was hoping that you three would be able to give me a summary report on the status of the ship from an engineering perspective?"

Alora looked at the others and after a moment replied, "We've had extra energy needs with the new HASA interface and new equipment but everything seems to fit well and as long as the HASA is within tolerances ops doesn't have to draw overmuch from other systems." She offered not going into a lot of detail as the most junior officer present, she wasn't sure how much the new CEO wanted to know.

"What is it that HASA does?" Parker asked, "I've not had time to really take a look at it." He confirmed.

As a junior officer she had not had the ability to interact with it but had read the reports, "As I understand Sir." She began carefully, "It is a visual interface for the computer. It's essentially the computer given a holographic form designed by the person calling it so it can be changed but the programming is not altered in anyway. It will respond normally as the computer would as its instructions by authorized personnel in that situation dictate. I believe its use is limited to senior personnel and feedback has been requested by Starfleet in its use." She paused at the end of her summary unsure if others had things to add.

Dijaat listened to the explanation and grinned, "Thanks," He said to her before turning his attention to other matters. "So as I understand it based on my conversation with the Captain we are set to begin drills here soon. I will have start out on the bridge, but after that I'll come down to Main Engineering." Dijaat then dismissed the officers leaving one of them in charge of things.

He turned and returned to some paperwork that he was still trying to play catch up on, and luckily it didn't take him too long to read up on everything that he needed to know. Once that was completed Dijaat departed from Engineering and headed straight up to the bridge to take up his station there.


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