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Time for Drills - Shuttlebay

Posted on 25 May 2020 @ 8:51pm by Commander Terry Walsh & Lieutenant Lucas Abrams M.D. & Ensign Kelly Khan & Chief Warrant Officer Roosje De Vries & Holographic Assistance and Support Avatar HASA

Mission: Sentience
Location: Shuttlebay, Deck 13
Timeline: MD 2 || 1600 hours

HASA suddenly appeared in front of two officers, Ensign Khan and Chief Warrant Officer De Vries, without having been summoned. It was the form of a rather tall brunette with sparkling green eyes and a Irish accent. “Greetings. In accordance with the simulated war games, the ship will sustain simulated damage. As a result of the simulated damage, some personnel will be assigned simulated injuries for the purpose of time trials, testing personnel response, and knowledge of procedure during such events. Others will be responding to damage and medical emergencies. Ensign Khan, you have suffered a collapsed lung and ruptured spleen. Chief Warrant Officer De Vries, you have suffered a broken arm and dislocated shoulder. Please act accordingly with your injuries. I will remain as a manifestation of the computer for the duration of this drill.”

"Wait...I have to have a ruptured spleen and a collapsed lung?" Kelly asked as she faked a gasp and held a hand to her left side and moaned.

Roosje was surprised by the sudden and unexpected appearance from what she thought tho be the new Hasa toy the ship had been upgraded with. "So this is how she looks like. Nice.", she thought. Then it suddenly dawned on her what the brunette woman image thing had said. She had been picked to be a casualty. Being in pain. "Great", she thought. "As if I like pain." She stook out her tongue towards the Hasa as soon as her look was on Khan. Then she let out a sharp cry, holding her left arm close to her body. Supported by her right hand. "Help, I'm hurt.", she called.

"Yes," HASA replied to Kelly. "A ruptured spleen is part of the simulation and tests." The image turned to face the other woman who had just called out for help. "I cannot interfere in the drills."

Kelly immediate fell to the deck gasping for air and holding her side. She looked up at Roosje. "," she begged, gasping for air.

Roosje started walking over to the woman, doubling over in imaginary pain from her arm.
"Hold on, hold on. I'll call sickbay.", she responded sounding anxious. She tapped her combadge. "Sickbay. This is Roosje De Vries from inside the shuttlebay. Something happened. We need assistance. Two crew injured. One critical. Help. Help."

"What can I do for now?", she asked to the ensign.

Kelly fell dramatically to the floor and cried out as she gasped again and wheezed out. "Pain..can't..breathe."

Roosje started panicking. She was never any good in the medical stuff at the academy. "Hold on, hold on. Do not pass out. Talk to me. I'll start looking for a medkit." She looked around the shuttlebay but did not see any sign of it. Maybe it was because she was panicking. She tapped her com again. "Sickbay. Please hurry. Medical emergency in the shuttle bay."

Lucas made his way into the shuttlebay with his team and took a quick look around to assess the situation. It didn't take long for him to spot Kelly and Roosje. Quickly, the large man closed the distance between them all and set his medkit down on the ground and opened it to pull a tricorder out. "What happened?"

"Can't...b-b-breathe," Kelly wheezed and then gave a strained scream as she held her left side. "S-s-something bus-bus-busted inside!"

Something busted inside? The large man repeated. He wasted no time scanning the young woman, looking for anything that might have busted as Kelly indicated. It was quite possible she was the critical patient. "What seems to be bothering you?" His attention turned to Roosje momentarily before going back to the scans. Lucas wanted to give Kel something for pain, but he couldn't until he knew what he was dealing with.

"L-lung," The petite brunette gasped. "Spleen!"

As the panick subdued, the pain kicked back in. "There is something wrong with my left arm and shoulder.", she gasped as she sank to the floor, grunting in pain.

Lucas reached into his medkit and produced a hypospray from it, then inserted a mild pain medication into it. "This is going to take the edge off while I handle Ensign Khan's injuries," the big man said, pressing the hypospray to Roosje's neck. "You're next on my list to patch up."

HASA, the computer, recorded the response time of medical and waited for an engineer to show up. Their response time would also be recorded. In the mean time, it monitored the interactions.

Lieutenant JG Bowman entered the shuttlebay. Damn thing was big enough as it was, but now he had to find a needle in the haystack. After a couple of minutes, he'd found the scene of the incident and made his way over.

"You're response time is inefficient," said HASA. "An EPS conduit has exploded in that wall," she said, pointing. "Resulting shrapnel and debris has critically injured two crew members. The possibility of further explosions and plasma burns exist if you do not repair the conduit."

Bowman looked at the hologram. "I hate you." He removed his kit from his shoulder, walked over to the wall, and began his simulated repairs. "How're they lookin', Doc?"

"Ensign Khan is in rough shape," he replied, pressing the hypospray to Kelly's neck to take the edge off. "Scans show ruptured spleen and collapsed lung. There's no time to get her to sickbay, so I'm going to have to take care of it here."

"Oh chit," Kelly gasped and lay back on the deck. "Imma dead woman."

"No your not. It will be all right.", Roosje said through clenched teeth. Biting off the pain.

"You're going to be fine," Lucas assured Kelly as he looked toward Roosje. Granted, their injuries were simulated, as were the medications he was using, but the big man was wondering how long it would take the Warrant Officer to play along with the mild pain killer he'd given her.

Just after the doctor had said that everything would be fine, alert klaxons sounded in the shuttlebay. Lights began flashing all around and panels lit up with warnings. Forcefields then started coming on, sealing the exits and the bay. If HASA could have smiled, it would have. "Damage to shuttlebay controls," announced the computer as the bay doors began opening. "Forcefields in place."

Until one flickered off. And then back on. "Possible decompression imminent," droned the computer.

"Oh crap," Kelly said. "Please tell me this is part gasp of the simulation. Get in...runabout."

Lucas didn't need to be told twice. He quickly closed up the medkit and shouldered it, then looked between the two women. This next part was going to be a bit uncomfortable for them, but it was necessary. The large man scooped both Kelly and Roosje up with little trouble and moved to the runabout. "Bowman! Inside!"

Bowman had already started stashing his equipment in the bag. "On my way!" He bolted for the runabout and climbed in right behind the big guy. Once inside, he closed and sealed the door. "Looks like we're safe now. And a good thing, too." He pointed at the bay doors as they finished opening. The flickering forcefield disappeared again and what wasn't locked down or secured to the deck was spaced.

Kelly gave an awkward and very undignified squawk when the giant Doctor scooped her up like she was a carryall. When she looked out the window and saw everything being sucked out, she struggled. "Oh ship dip! Down me put! I need to get to helm!"

The freakishly large man set both women on their feet and watched as things began to get sucked out into space. "I can't speak for the rest of you, but I think this ends the simulation."

HASA appeared inside the runabout at the same time forcefields sprang back up. "Emergency forcefields are in place and holding. However, the shuttlebay has not re-pressurized. There is no atmosphere."

Bowman grunted and looked around the runabout they were in. "This is the Zambezi, a Morava-Class runabout. I remember reading about these when they came on board in space dock. This has a four person transporter on it." He looked at the others. "We could transport straight into Sickbay."

As soon as Kelly got on her feet, she scrambled for the helm controls to stabilize the runabout. "Got that. Why Sickbay?" she asked. "The computer just went from simulated to try to kill us. We should go to the bridge to report this." She looked at Abrams who was the senior officer. "Sir?"

Luc didn't appreciate having to be the one to make such a decision, but it came with the rank. "I think there are strength in numbers," he said. "But, as Khan stated, the computer tried to make us one with space. I can't say I'm too comfortable transporting anywhere and having the computer decide my head looks better on Khan's body or something."

Despite herself picturing the awkward reversal, Kelly laughed. "So...bridge. Now to repressureize the shuttlebay." She tapped the comm. "Khan to Flight Control. Can you pressurize the shuttlebay?"

"Roger that," replied Flight Control. "Standby, we're working on it." There were no further communications and one was left to wonder if that was HASA or not.

"Thanks, Flight Control," Kelly said before she set the runabout down on the deck again. "Who wants to be first out?" she asked deadpan.

Lucas took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "As the senior most officer, I'll be the first one out. Everyone else stay put until you know it's safe. Of course, you'll know it's not if I get sucked out into space," he stated. With another deep breath, this one more calming than the first, the big guy made his way out of the runabout.

"Hold on. Hold on.", Roosje finaly said. "If there is malicious intent of the Hasa, which I am not totaly sure of, but heck. What would be stopping her from pulling that trick again? If we decide to go out we should all stay together."

"That's the exact reason only one of us is going," Luc stated, turning to look toward the others. "If that was intentional, then there's a chance it could happen again. You, and the others, will stay here until we know that it's safe. Questions?"

"Nope," Kelly said, happy to stay in the runabout for a moment longer. "Or we could contact the bridge from here."

"Well I for one don't want to die," said Bowman. "And anybody that's got a death wish can stay the hell away from me. But the Ensign has a pretty good idea. Why risk anybody's life? It's not like we don't have a full-on commuications system right in front of us."

While the team was talking and deciding their next moves, HASA moved to rear of the little ship and disappeared.

"If you were not certain of the responce the first time. How can you be the second time? Unles someone knows one of the bridge Officers on a private level and can ask him or her a question the Hasa would not kno the answer to.", Roosje offered.

Kelly looked around. "The holo is gone," she noted. "That's our cue to get out of here one way or another."

Bowman looked around. "Well crap, that doesn't sound good either way." He walked to the engineering console on the runabout and took some readings. "Doesn't look like the bay is re-pressurized, either. Someone or something is screwing around with us. Whatever the case, looks like we're stuck here until someone figures out how the hell to do their job." He sighed and sat down in the chair. "Talk it out all you want, folks. But I'd suggest sitting down for it. I think we're in this for the long haul." Bowman let out a few Klingon curses under his breath and continued monitoring his console. "Take the ship-board assignment, they said. You'll literally go places, they said. Should've taken the colony assignment..."


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