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Time for Drills: Armory

Posted on 26 May 2020 @ 7:18pm by Ensign Shay Mitchell & Lieutenant Commander Landon Milo MD & Lieutenant Commander Tivan & Lieutenant JG Kemm & Ensign Sarah Proctor & Holographic Assistance and Support Avatar HASA

Mission: Sentience
Location: Armory
Timeline: MD 2 || 1600 hours

A slender black-skinned woman with tightly wound hair materialized in the Main Armory where Ensigns Mitchell and Protcor stood. "Greetings Ensigns Mitchell and Proctor," the electronic voice stated. "In accordance with the simulated war games, the ship will sustain simulated damage. As a result of the simulated damage, some personnel will be assigned simulated injuries for the purpose of time trials, testing personnel response, and knowledge of procedure during such events. Others will be responding to damage and medical emergencies. The armory has suffered an indirect hit, causing a crate of grenades to spill on the floor. Two of them are armed."

HASA waved her hand. Her avatar wavered as the projector used a combination of forcefields to push a crate of concussion grenades to spill over onto the floor. "In addition, a power conduit has exploded behind this wall. Multiple concussion grenades and phaser energy cells have exploded. Both of you have suffered injuries from shrapnel. Ensign Proctor, your legs have been gashed, and Ensign Mitchell, your hands have been peppered. All extremities are numb and unusable. Please act accordingly with your injuries. I will remain as a manifestation of the computer for the duration of this drill.”

"Well then." Proctor said dropping to the floor her legs outstretched, back against an 'unblown' bulkhead. She made a mental note to review storage options to see if there's was any she could suggest. On a sailing vessel everything was tied down in case of storms or just to prevent shifting in case of the sea doing what it wanted. In this case it wouldn't help the rest of the explosions but at least might help the grenades to stay put.

Numb and unusable, Shay thought. She could work with this. The young woman closed her eyes and took a deep breath to get into the mindset of an injured person. She took position in the floor not too far away from Proctor and got into character. "Proctor... I can't use my hands," she muttered, looking around them for a moment before her eyes landed in the other woman's injured legs. "You need to call for help. There's no way I can get us both out of here."

"On it." She replied and tapped her combadge, "Proctor to Medical. Injuries in main Armory. Mitchell has shrapnel injuries in her hands and same in my legs." She said trying to keep it short and concise, her mind helpfully reminding her of the medical kit nearby but first things first, "Nothing is currently exploding.."not anymore, she thought, "...but we've loose grenades, site not safe." She reported, eyeing the currently unexploded grenades on the floor as she spoke.

It was not the sort of call that Landon liked to hear and the circstances were problematic. He was swfit in his response though. "Medical here, it is Doctor Milo" he said in response. "Have you evacuated the main armory?" he asked as he looked at Tivan and started to pack an emergency medical kit. "The less people in there, the better the chances of nothing going off accidentally. I'm packing a med kit right...walk us through what's happened."

"No, still here. Mitchell could." Proctor replied as the thought occurred. "My legs are useless. Her hands are useless. Conduit, some phaser power packs, some concuss grenades exploded. We've two live grenades in somewhere..." She continued, recalling what the HSA had said "Mitchell can you see the armed ones?" the Doctor could hear her ask, trying to remember to play an injured party.

Shay scanned the area and shook her head. "Negative, and even if I could, I couldn't disarm them without use of my hands."

Throughout all of this, the computer's avatar stood there motionless, recording and analyzing every action. Her eyes had glazed over, processing each second as the drill unfolded.

"Understood," Doctor Milo replied. It was a hot situation with injured, but simulation drill aside, it was not his first time in situations as tense as this one. Working Search and Rescue for several years, he was too familiar. "On our way" he added quickly grabbing last second equipment and made the necessary communication calls to inform where he was heading and the situation.

That done, Sarah looked at Mitchell, "I was just hoping you could see them, was worth a try." She shrugged, "You should get out of here." she she suggested and, unable to see the two armed ones herself, pulled the tricorder off her belt to scan for them.

Outside the Armory, Lieutenant Kemm was the first to arrive, having been directed to deal with the simulated damage by the Chief Engineer. The Kelpien was not surprised when he noticed that the door had been sealed shut. "Computer!" Kemm called out, "emergency override on Armory entrance for damage control."

The avatar, the same dark-skinned woman from inside the armory, materialized beside Kemm. "The armory has been sealed due to live ordinance. This measure is to prevent damage to the ship for when the ordinance explodes."

Kemm's jaw dropped open, and he attempted a response. Stammering, he asked, "Is... is there anyone inside?"

"Two people are inside," the avatar cooly stated. "Ensigns Proctor and Mitchell."

Kemm slapped his badge. "Kemm to Ensigns Proctor and Mitchell. I'm here for damage control, but I can't get in. The computer says the armory has been locked down due to live ordinance."

Proctor continued to scan for the live grenades as she answered Kemm, "Working on securing live ordinance. Please stand by." She, using her upper body flipped over on to her stomach, legs uselessly behind her. Then added, "at a safe distance." as she assumed her favorite reading position. She held the tricorder in front of her trying to find what she needed.

HASA remained motionless inside the armory, calculating the odds that the security officers would find the live grenades. As the seconds ticked by, the odds of their survival grew slimmer and slimmer.

Proctor tapped her commbadge again, 'Site to site requested for Ensign Mitchell to Sickbay" as a just in case she didn't find it. "Ha!" Proctor cried and arm crawled toward a grenade, she put down the tricorder and carefully unveiled a live one then reset it. The tricorder still in her eyesight telling her the exact location of the other one as she worked.

"Unable to comply," spoke the avatar. "Transporter features are not available while the armory is locked down."

Unable to waste time to curse or to try to override the HASA she successfully disarmed the one, glancing at the tricorder on the floor next to her she did mutter a curse as a warning flashed on it while she reached for the second and final live one, time was running out. Her fingers moved in a memorized sequence, almost muscle memory and the grenade went dormant. Her tricorder gave a happy beep and she swiped her forehead on her arm leaving behind bits of sweat.

Shay turned her attention to HASA. "You can unseal the armory now," she said as she rose to her feet to make her way toward the exit. For some reason, a part of her didn't think that was likely to happen, which the young woman was prepared for.

"Enter authorization code for live ordinance scan," the avatar demanded.

Shay hoped her authorization code would work as she entered it in. "They've been neutralized. Open the doors."

The avatar's eyes flickered with code and flashes as the authorization was processed. "Standby. Scanning." A deep scan passed through the armory to ensure all ordinance had been deactivated. "Confirmed. All ordinance has been secured. Releasing the lockdown."

A forcefield disappeared around the main entrance, and it immediately opened, allowing Lieutenant Kemm to enter. He paused inside the doorway immediately, surprised to see grenades on the floor, as well as Ensign Proctor laying down on the job. "Um... is everything okay in here, Ensigns?"

"Injuries." Sarah replied rolling over, pulling her tricorder back in her belt then made her way to the overturned crate, figuring she may as well start putting things away.

When Landon had arrived outside the armory, it was theatrical to say the least. He had done his best to affirm and conform to his role which came second nature as a physician and Assistant Chief Medical Officer; however, the realism of the whole thing even if it was a similated drill had dislodged him. Part of his mind was on the drill yet another had been whisked back to the Beifong and the attack that had occurred on his life at the hands of a Lethean. The mental and emotional scars were aching, but he knew that he had to push through.

Snapping back to 'reality' he looked around. "Injured. Where are they" he said aloud, "and what's the status" he added. He knew the situation was a hot one...potentially explosive even.

Shay looked back at Proctor, then back to the others. "We were doing training exercises with simulated injuries... my hands and Sarah's legs," she explained. "The HASA locked us inside the armory with two live grenades."

"The grenades have been deactivated." Proctor reported, just in case they weren't aware the only reason the door opened was because it was safe. She spoke from her position on the floor as she used the sturdy box that had housed the grenades to haul herself upright sitting position without her legs. "Panel exploded over there." She nodded at the spot in the wall directing the last at Kemm.

Thus far Tivan had elected to merely follow and observe. It was almost amusing to watch the crew hobble about in pretense. However, circumstances were progressing to the point where she felt curiosity get the better of her. "HASA, what are the safety parameters of the current exercise?"

Proctor started to put the grenades away as she planned but stopped as a thought occurred. She called the central security office on her commbadge, "Proctor to Central Security, reporting explosions and injuries in main armory. Active threat contained but aftermath is ongoing." She gave a brief field report, who was there, what happened, and other required details. She ended with "Requesting backup to secure armory." Figuring the doctor would pull them soon and not wanting to leave it unattended with damaged items and non security inside.

The avatar looked to the Vulcan Counselor and stated, "The parameters for the simulated drills are to examine the readiness of the crew, specifically those involved in affected sections. For the personnel with the simulated injuries, they were to perform any combination of the following; call for help, attend to injuries, and/or attend to damage repairs, all while acting according to their injuries. For medical personnel, their response time, as well as administering the appropriate treatments and decisions, are under evaluation. For repair personnel, their response time, as well as their ability to resolve the damage control situation."

Hearing the words "damage control" merely exasperated the Kelpien engineer who'd knelt at the damaged relay station. His tricorder had already told him about the massive explosion and power failure. "The power grid has suffered massive failures in this area. I'll have to backtrack to a junction to reroute power. Repairs will have to wait until a full team can be assigned."

Looking to the security officers, the Lieutenant stated, "I'm sorry, but the armory will have to be evacuated during the repair process, and will need to remain inaccessible until repairs are complete."

Shay nodded her head. "Do what needs to be done as far as repairs go, however, a Security officer will be present during said repairs even if they have to remain outside. That is not up for negotiation."

"I would expect nothing less," replied Lieutenant Kemm. "But if you've been injured, you should be treated first and then cleared for duty if you're going to be the guard. Otherwise, you'll have to summon a temporary replacement."

Proctor nodded her agreement with Mitchell as she spoke then after the engineer replied, spoke up, "They're sending replacements now should be on site soon. Then we can be on our way."

And their replacements arrived in record time. "Our injuries were supposed to be simulated, but considering what happened, getting looked over isn't a bad idea. Proctor, let's head to sickbay and let the Lieutenant do his thing."

Tivan's shrewd eyes darted back and forth between her fellow officers and the HASA avatar. For the duration of the incident, she had been forming a theory in her mind. Now seemed the time to test it.

"HASA, activate all local ordnance and prepare for imminent detonation."

"Unable to comply," responded the avatar, looking now at the Vulcan Counselor. "A security clearance of Beta Two or higher is required to activate all local ordinance."

"Fascinating..." Tivan gave HASA a canny smile.

Shay looked toward Tivan like she'd just sprouted a second head out the side of her neck. It was a miracle the Vulcan woman didn't have the clearance, because a request like that might have had disastrous results. "I think we should leave Engineering to do their jobs now. Ensign Proctor and I will report what happened here, then get looked over in sickbay."

Proctor, figuring their part had been done, stood up when the other security arrived and also looked at Tivan with a 'what the heck' expression. She was comforted by the knowledge the Lieutenant couldn't do that and schooled her expression into ensign politeness but that was definitely going into her report. "Sounds like a plan." Proctor agreed.

"Yes, yes, do as you will," Tivan said dismissively. She now had a mission of her own.

The Kelpien shook his head as he left the armory, bound to find the relay station to reroute power. "That is one crazy Vulcan," he muttered as he walked away, surprised that a Lieutenant Commander -- a Counselor of all people -- would try such an irrational thing.

Crazy didn't even begin to describe the Vulcan woman, and it was time the powers that be knew about it. First things first, she filed her report regarding what had taken place inside the armory, then Tivan attempting to blow all ordinance. Thankfully, her clearance wasn't high enough. Once she sent that to Camila, Shay followed Doctor Milo to sickbay to get looked over.

Proctor noted the other security officer was working on her report also took the opportunity to do so before heading out with Mitchell, eager to be on her way to the next item on her to do list.


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