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Time For Drills: Engineering

Posted on 11 May 2020 @ 10:46pm by Lieutenant JG Kemm & Commander Terry Walsh & Lieutenant Dijaat Parker & Ensign Alora Nasek & Holographic Assistance and Support Avatar HASA

Mission: Sentience
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: MD 2 || 1615 hours

“Greetings, Lieutenant Parker” said the newly installed HASA, as it appeared in the image of a Romulan male. “In accordance with the simulated war games, the ship will sustain simulated damage. As a result of the simulated damage, some personnel will be assigned simulated injuries for the purpose of time trials, testing personnel response, and knowledge of procedure during such events. Others will be responding to damage and medical emergencies. You have the following simulated damage reports coming in. Deck Thirteen, Shuttlebay. Deck Thirteen, Science Lab One. Deck Twelve, Main Armory. Explosions, failure of equipment, and flying debris have been reported in all locations. Possible injuries exist. I will remain as a manifestation of the computer for the duration of this drill. Proceed.”

"Oh," Parker said and then proceeded to try and poked at the HASA image in front of him with the end of the engineering tricorder that he was holding. "Down to business then," He turned to face his engineering personnel. "Ensign Walsh take a damage control team to deck thirteen and split into two groups to tackle both the shuttlebay and science lab one. Take Ensign Nasek with you."

He addressed Sorensen next, "Head to the main armory on deck twelve with another damage control team to make repairs there." Dijaat took a breath, "I will remain here and help transfer additional power into the forcefield subsystems and begin restoring power where necessary."

HASA watched as direction was given and people started to move. Things were beginning well with the simulation and training. The image moved to place it's back towards a wall in order to make room for the engineers and their equipment as they passed.

Nasek nodded and stepped nearer to Walsh to prepare to go after checking that her repair kit was with her.

"Good to go?" Walsh asked Nasek, his own repair kit in hand.

Nasek nodded "All set." She replied.

"Alright. Let's go." The two Ensigns, along with the damage control team, headed out of Engineering. "I'll take the shuttlebay if you're happy dealing with science lab one?"

Nasek nodded agreeably, "Sounds like a plan. Divide and conquer." She replied as they headed out.

"Satisfactory," commented HASA. Then it flickered as the computer sent out an alert. "Simulated damaged to the port nacelle," it said.

Dijaat made his way over to the console and was quickly able to secure the damaged warp nacelle on the port side. But, he had to make a few changes to personnel, "Ensign Nasek I'm going to have to pull Walsh to another location I will be on my way shortly to help you." He said into the communicator.

"Understood." Was Nasek's reply as she focused on getting to where she needed to be.

"Lieutenant Kemm I need to move Lieutenant Sorensen to another tasking. So I'll need you to go and address the damage on deck twelve near the armory." Dijaat said and then left another Lieutenant in charge of engineering in his absence.

"Aye, Lieutenant," replied the tall and lanky Kelpien named Kemm. He grabbed a toolkit from the nearby cache and left Engineering, ready to see whatever simulated damage awaited him at the armory.

Dijaat got himself to where Ensign Nasek was already working on the simulated repairs. Between the two of them it did not take very long for them to complete the repairs. He pressed his communicator, "Status update Mister Kemm?" He then activated the engineering HASA, "Repair time?"

"Two minutes and twelve seconds," reported HASA. What the avatar did not add was an evaluation of said repair.

"I just arrived at the Armory," Kemm replied to the Chief Engineer. "It shouldn't take but a couple minutes to bypass power lines and secure the damage."

And so it continued with the various check-ins with the damage control team...


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