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Changing of the Guard

Posted on 01 Jun 2015 @ 7:01pm by Captain Harvey Geisler & Lieutenant Kyan Reza

Mission: Repairs
Location: Deck 8
Timeline: MD4 - 1300 hours

The damage seemed more superficial than Harvey had first suspected. Hull breaches had been left behind from when the Syndicate pulled out. Though several minor explosions had been scattered throughout the ship, it was certainly nothing to speak of.

Having the computer's operating system wiped, however, was the devastating blow to the ship. Without computer control, the Akira-class vessel was dead in the water. Communications were still out, and the turbolifts unusable. Fortunately, the crew was beginning to get back on their feet and secure the ship the old fashioned way, including using some of the radios the Syndicate had left behind.

Harvey had left the ship's repairs in the hands of Lieutenant Dicon and Commander Kos and began to survey the ship's condition for himself. He stepped out of one of the many Jefferies tube access points and out into a corridor. As he turned a junction, it found it easy to spot the red-skinned woman he'd met just a couple hours before. With the comms down, he wasn't sure what Reza had heard, but seeing her reminded him of a duty he had to perform.

He could tell she wasn't alone at the end of the corridor. At least it gave him the opportunity for observing Reza for a few moments as he approached her.

Reza had stopped two men with Engineering kits towards the end of the corridor, having asked to see there work orders and clearance. She was being cautious and protective. The starship was damaged and vulnerable. She did not want anyone or anything that could pose a threat to capitalize on the starship's nearly crippled state.

After being satisfied that the two officers were who they claimed to be, and that their equipment was the tools of engineers, the woman let them by. "Alright, everything seems to be in order. I am sorry that I held you guys up. Tell Lieutenant Dicon if he needs an extra pair of hands, I'll see who in the Security Department has technical skills that would be of use to him" added Reza dismissing the two engineers.

She had saw another man out of the corner of her eye. She swung her head around and looked up to see the Captain. "Captain Geisler" she said with a professional tone of voice. "Something that I can assist you with, Sir?" she asked openly.

"Having trouble spotting friend from foe?" Harvey wasn't even remotely surprised at the bad joke he made as he approached the woman. Quickly changing subject, he asked, "Is the security team fully accounted for?" Harvey had heard scuttlebutt of still missing crewmen as he ventured through the ship. Without internal sensors, it could be a while before everyone would be found.

She took a heavy sigh and thought about the news she had recently been given. The Lieutenant turned and shook her head. "We are missing a few people. I sent the names of the missing security personnel to the First Officer" she commented before continuing. "I have search parties of two searching deck by deck" she added.

He noted the sigh. Harvey was relieved that he didn't have to break the news, though he certainly wasn't looking forward to the report. In fact, her thoroughness reminded him of another female security chief he once had. Hopefully this one wouldn't leave him for a particular Intrepid-class ship.

"Sounds like you'll do good with the role you've just inherited," Harvey said. "We're not able to go anywhere, so you'll have to fill Moore's shoes. At least for a while. Up for the challenge?"

"More than" she replied simply with a nod and extended her hand to shake his. "You do not need to look any further, Captain. I will hold this position for as long as necessary. I will hold it for good if that is suitable?"

Harvey could not fight the smirk from appearing on his face as he shook her hand. Finally, there was some good news. "Nothing would make me happier."

Reza gave a small nod. "Then, you have yourself a Security Chief, Captain" replied the red skinned woman. "I am sure I will never be hard to find around this ship."

"Yes..." Harvey said, again taking note of her skin color. "Well, despite the circumstances, I trust you'll do your best to defend your new home."

"Of course, Captain" she replied with a simple nod. "I wear this uniform for a reason, Captain. I will defend this ship with my life should the need arise."

"Let's hope it doesn't come to that, Lietuenant." Harvey shuddered at the thought of having to break in yet another Chief of Security. "If there is anything you need, let me know."

She nodded simply. "More souls, Sir. Always more souls" she replied with a sigh. Security...always us that parish on some God forsaken planet from some stupid reason.


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