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Picking Up The Pieces

Posted on 17 May 2015 @ 7:51pm by Captain Harvey Geisler

Mission: Repairs
Location: USS Black Hawk || Deck Five Corridor
Timeline: MD 4 - 1300 hours

The Syndicate was gone.

All of the events transpired in a window of a couple hours. Harvey couldn't be terribly disappointed about the situation. His crew had performed admirably under the circumstances, though he wished the ship had seen better days.

His senior staff had made a quick work of rallying the crew. All departments were pitching in and cleaning up the mess. Harvey himself led a team up to Deck Five to inspect the integrity of the deck as it was the only one to suffer hull breaches. Unfortunately, no computer meant no forcefields. Securing the deck was going to be no easy work. Portable generators had to be brought up, and sections of the deck had to be isolated at a time for crewmen in EVA suits to start sealing each breach. Another team was below in the flight deck, cleaning up that mess to get to the workbees to seal the breaches from the outside.

Harvey, at the moment, split off from his team and disappeared down the corridor. It wasn't that he was looking to ditch responsibility, but rather to investigate for himself the section of corridor he'd been kidnapped in.

It didn't take him long to find that section of corridor. Unsurprisingly, it was clean of evidence, not that there was any to begin with. His phaser lay on the ground where it had been dropped, as was the PADD Emily had been carrying at the start of the day.

He knelt down to pick up the weapon and the PADD. The weapon he slipped into the vacant holster on his belt and took a look at the PADD. Harvey's eyebrows arched, reading the particulars provided by Lieutenant Sherman in regards to what the deflectors had been dealing with since they entered the sector. Perhaps with the recent computer wipe, this report would help get the deflector back up and running quickly.

Harvey thumbed through the other files on the PADD, noticing Sherman had also managed to download a few communiques from Starfleet Command. Mostly fleet movement reports, but nothing too amazing. One of them was quite strange, three simple little words that meant nothing to him. Another would mean a significant change for Mac. If she was anything like him, the news would be well received. Orders, after all, were orders.

Just as he was about to stand up, Harvey caught a glimmer underneath the bulkhead. He reached in and withdrew two combadges. He assumed one was his and the other was Emily's. "What the hell were you thinking, Carter?" Harvey mumbled, turning the badges over to look for a distinctive scratch his had picked up from a previous assignment. Amazingly, the one he thought was his was actually his.

The fact the comms weren't working was not enough to keep Harvey from returning the badge to its rightful place. Holding the other badge in the hand with the PADD, Harvey rose to his feet and walked back to the Engineering team.

He'd get that answer from Carter later. For now, there was a ship to repair.


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