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Purely for medicinal purposes only...

Posted on 11 Jan 2014 @ 8:17pm by Lieutenant Landon Milo

Mission: New Voyages
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Current

Finchley headed towards the doors. At the very last second he made quick, old vid 'open says me/electric shock' movement with his arms and the doors opened for him to walk through.

"Ha ha, gets me everytime!" he said out loud. Looking around the sickbay, he didn't see anyone so he slapped the side of the nearest bio-bed a couple of trmes and said loudly "Bartender!"

Doctor Landon Milo, Chief Medical Officer had been in his officer taking care of some medical files when the doors to the main Sickbay had opened and a rather boisterous tone of voice shattered Landon's quiet work environment. He let out an elongated sigh of frustration. It was the one of few downfalls about Black Hawk. Landon had a rather small medical staff, and could not so easily dictate what patients he personally saw, and which difficulties he could pawn off on one of his underlings.

"Oh dear" muttered Landon as he shook his head. He knew that voice and he sure the hell did not enjoy hearing it in his Sickbay. It had been rather quiet, so he sent the few staff on duty with him out for a quick bite in the Mess Hall. Besides, it was meant to give him some time to get his work done in peace.

He stood up and exited his office. "I'm a Doctor, not Bartender" replied Landon with a small smile. He may have not been overly fond of the man, but Landon was not one to be rude or unpleasant.

"So, Prince Charming, what seems to be the matter?" asked the Chief Medical Officer with a flashing of his blue eyes.

"Seems I'm meant to come down here so you can cut open some chicken and read it's entrails to tell me if I'm ok to do my duty" Finchley replied back, a lopsided smile on his face.

"Cutting open a chicken and reading you the entrails is not my department, Finchy" said Landon with a rather playful variant of the Security Chiefs surname. "In fact, that sounds more like something that the Science department could assist you with" teased Landon.

He retrieved a medical tricorder and diagnostic probe detachment. He motioned for Finchley to come on over. "Let's see what I can find wrong with you...shouldn't be too hard by the looks of it. Though I may have to consult with and refer you to a good counselor" joked the young doctor.

"That's ok Linda, you girls need to stick together, but i'll remeber your remark next time your up shit creek and need one of my deputies to help you. They may suddenly have selective hearing problems."

Landon smirked and sighed. "As if I need one of your golden idiots to protect me. Thanks, but I'll take care of myself. Oh, and I will be here to patch all of you up."

"It's ok, we understand that you Nancy girls run and hide at the first sign of trouble, it's understandable, you don't want to get your lily whites dirty, heaven forbid, and a crease in your nice blue pinifors, oh, that just wouldn't do, mummy wouldn't approve at all!" Finchley smiled "and the only reason you lot of wimps are still around to patch up any of us Golden people is...we're willing to put ourselves on, and in, the firing line so you
lot don't soil yourselves."

Landon scoffed at the remarks. "Oh please" Landon said with a sigh. "I can carry a phaser, Lieutenant. I can damn well shoot one too. When push comes to shove, you may find your brainless ass in need of my assistance in more than a medical capacity" quipped Landon as he prepared to get back to work.

He smiled at Landon and continued "Anyway, enough of the niceities, don't you have a sheep or cow or something to sacrifice so we can get this medicine man shambles over with?

"No, I am afraid not, Lieutenant" Landon began, "We are all about human sacrifices here. So, I appreciate you offering yourself up to the Gods of medicine" added Landon as he began to take scans with the medical tricorder.

With a smile, Landon announced "Lieutenant, you appear to be as healthy as a work ass."

"No wonder you inbreeds get shunned a lot as sharlatans then if you choose human sacrificies. As for offering myself up, well, come back when your woman enough and bite me eh? Oh, and better to be as healthy as a work ass as opposed to being an actual ass, eh voodoo man!" Finchley said, slapping the Medical Officers arm, about turning and sauntering off towards the sickbay doors again. Same as when he was coming in, he approached the doors and made the 'open says me/electric shock' movement with his arms and the doors opened for him to walk through.

As they began to close behind Finchley his voice floated through one last time saying "Thanks for the clean bill of health so I can effectively start my duties as Sheriff, Linda. See you around", and the doors closed.

Landon just sighed and scoffed with the abrupt departure. Clean bill a health? Not perfect but reasonable. However, Landon had no interest in running any additional tests. The quicker Finchley left, the better.

"Sure, leave Linda's bed without parting kiss. Such a true gentleman" muttered Landon as he started to put the medical equipment away.

Lt Finchley Kerr
Chief of Security/Tactical
USS Black Hawk


Dr. Landon Milo
Chief Medical Officer
USS Black Hawk


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