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Madness Check up

Posted on 02 Jul 2015 @ 7:34pm by Lieutenant Commander Jayla Kij & Lieutenant Hictus Dicon & Lieutenant Kyan Reza

Mission: Answers
Location: Corridor out side Sickbay
Timeline: BACKPOST: During clean-up

Dicon moved quickly, cutting through his teams as they were repairing sections of the ship. His people had taken casualty's throughout the running battle on board but he had kept them busy. His reasoning was that tired workers were unlikely to spend much time being.

However he had more pressing concern, one that he had to confirm for himself. He needed Jayla's help to accomplish it. He caught up with her a few meters from Sickbay, which was still being rebuilt after the Goons trashed it. Without wasting much ceremony, he grasped her arm not painfully and carried her around the corner into an unused crew room. " I need your help." Dicon stated flatly.

"Uh, sure," said Jayla a bit taken aback at his direct approach. "What's up?"

Dicon handed her a plasma cutter and phaser. " We are going up to deck Eight. You should know there is only one way to there, via Jeffey's 421. There is a life form up there and I want to see what it is. Since internal sensors can't resolve it in any way we have to use the Mark one eyeball. I have almost no knowledge of medical procedures, so I need your assistance. We also need to get security involved. Are you up for it?"

"A- a what?" said Jayla, taken aback. She blinked several times. "A life form? What kind? I mean, plant? Animal? What are we dealing with here?"

Dicon spoke slowly. "A life form. A breathing bi-pedal life form. It was not there before we were boarded, but is there now. My guess is its a prisoner or a person from the Goon-platoon that does not like their current method of thought. They are almost certainly armed. However I think they are wounded quite badly as they have not moved much since I spotted them."

"And we're gonna go check this thing out?" she asked. "Should I take a tranquilizer with me?"

"I doubt it will be necessary but here." Dicon handed her the most compact medical box Jayla had even seen. Medical tricorder, many different treatment options and tranquilizer's. "Got this out of Sick bay during the survey of damage. Thought it might come in handy. And yes we are, if I can find some members of security that are not missing limbs."

"Some security personnel are missing limbs?" she asked, completely confused. "I didn't have any come for medical attention."

Dicon grinned dangerously " Well you never know. Things may get worse before they get better." He winked devilishly at her.

Jayla blinked. "I don't-" she started, then stopped. "I'm sorry. I'm exhausted and my brain just won't work right now. How about if you just take the lead and I'll try to remember how to heal people."

Dicon patted her shoulder in a moment of tenderness she had not seen in the man "Try to hold it together Kij, I need you together on this. It means a lot knowing you agreed to help." He grinned weakly.

"Uh, yeah, sure," said Jayla. Her brain promptly shut off. She didn't know what else to say next. "Lead on," she finally came up with.

Dicon lead the way through knotted corridors, holding Jayla's arm gently in fear of her falling over. He finally reached the Jeffery's tube. "I would suggest you climb in front of me, least you fall." He said grinning again.

"I'm tired, not weak," she insisted, but went ahead as he had suggested.

"Don't want you harming yourself due to falling." Dicon moved slowly after her, taking the rungs of the tube easily after the Medical Officer.

"If I fall, I'll just knock you down," she pointed out. "I doubt you'll be able to stop me."

"You're talking to a man who once wrestled a Klingon to the floor. I doubt I won't be able to catch you." Dicon grinned at Jayla's back. I think I shall have an interesting to talk to you about Kij when we get this person.

"Hm, okay," she conceded. "If you say so."

They clambered up through darkened sections. They finally found their way to deck 8. "Right we have arrived" Muttered Dicon, helping Jayla from the tubes opening. "These sections don't have much lighting. So keep your scanners open. Don't want a "Cyber man" to jump out on you do you ehh?" Dicon winked playfully.

Jayla blinked. "I can't even explain to you how much I hate Cybermen," she said. "They're dead boring. So where is this thing?"

Dicon pointed. "Behind this door. And a fair bit of debris. Their leg is trapped it seems. How would you like to proceed?"

"Well, I'd prefer if we had some security personnel with us," she replied. "Are you feeling brave?"

"Always the one for kicking down doors. I just wish I had a "tommy gun" as some of the old records call them." Dicon reached for the manual release. "Three, two, one...." Dicon hit the button and leapt to the size as the door opened, a little jerkily. There were blasts of disruptor fire into the corridor and shouting an unfamiliar language. Dicon and Jayla took cover from the badly aimed blasts. "Great Dosi, these people don't miss and their tongue is a bloody nightmare on the mouth." Dicon grew more annoyed as the wall across from them took more damage. "Shall I give it a go to talk to them? I know a little."

"If you think they'll listen," she said. "Go for it."

Dicon leaned forward until he judged he could not be hit by the blasts and called out. "I mean you no harm, we two are here to help you. Could you stop firing at us for the moment?"

The blasts stopped and silence rained for a long, long time. Then, "Who are you to know the ways of the Dosi?"

Dicon grinned and singed to Jayla in Starfleet hand signals " They know basic, at least we can now talk, get ready for aid. Also dropping your weapon will help matters." He lifted his head again "I spent some time amongst your peoples and had reason to learn your ways. If I remember correctly, it was during negotiations for my current pistol."

Jayla rolled her eyes. Negotiations! She doubt there had been any negotiations. She motioned to him to keep going.

There was silence from the compartment before.."Come forward slowly, and only one of you. And no weapons!."

Without consulting Dicon, Jayla immediately came into view, hands up. "All I have is this," she said, indicating the item in her right hand. "It's a medkit. Can I bring it so I can assess your injuries?"

The Dosi was female and was pinned by the debris from the ceiling. It was very obvious the Dosi's leg was broken. The weapon she was holding was wavering back and forth unsteadily. "No tricks. What is that?" Muttered at Jayla indicating the Tricorder and medical kit.

Dicon gently touched his combadge and whispered. " Lieutenant Dicon to Lieutenant Reza. I am up on deck eight with Lieutenant Commander Kij. We have a Dosi here pinned down and from what I can see badly injured. I request that you come up here with some security as soon as you can. The only way currently into this section is through Jeffey's tube 421 but I will try to open a path to the turbo lift. If you could grab any spare Engineering staff you can find and tell them I need a cutting crew with class 3 plasma cutters up here soon as they can. The area around the turbo lift is not blocked but you should encounter debris as you move toward us. Setting Com badge to homing mode."

"It's medical equipment," said Jayla. "This will tell me what needs to be fixed and the medicines in here will help me to fix it. Is that okay?" She added, her voice gentle.

The Dosi glared at Jayla. "No tricks Starfleet. I have been betrayed before. I won't miss." But she relaxed enough to allow Jayla to get closer.

Coincidentally, Lieutenant Reza was in Engineering trying to lend some muscle when the call came in. She tapped her comm badge to reply. "A Dosi? You don't say...haven't had the honor meeting one of them" she said initially. "I'll be there in a few minutes, Lieutenant. Keep our 'friend' occupied until I arrive."

The woman then looked at three engineers who were standing around. "Hey, you heard the man...get the class 3 cutters and get your asses up there!" she commanded. They weren't her personnel, but they did not challenge her on that matter. She tapped her comm badge once more "Security team Baker to deck eight, use jefferies tube tube 421."

Soon the room was filled with the spift of molten metal, as Dicon carved a rough hole in the wall of falling cabling, panels and other detritus. The Dosi was not concerned about this, her leg was feeling much better, and even now the mound of cables, girders and debris were being cut through. She could feel the weight slowly decreasing.

"See? No tricks," said Jayla. "We'll get you out of here and we'll patch you up. And you'll be fine."

The Dosi felt her leg feel better, though she did not want to show it. "Where will you take me Federation? Your brig perhaps?"

"Probably," admitted Jayla apologetically. "But, we won't hurt you. I'll personally make sure of it."

Dicon pushed through the last of the debis. "There. Jayla take her other arm. Even with your ministering her leg is broken." He reached down to grasp her arm but the Dosi shrank back. "Why do you reach for me Starfleet?! Do you wish to challenge me?"

Dicon sighed and looked at Jayla. "Would you take her? I'll go see if I can get my team up here. Somehow I do not think she will be willing to have myself aid her." Dicon exited the room. After a few seconds there was the sound of a plasma cutter at work. A scraping as of metal plates sliding across from one another and a clang. The swearing started, mostly in Klingon but with the odd bit of Bajoran mixed in. There was some more metal noises, another; loader clang and some more swearing, really loudly this time.

Lieutenant Reza arrived to find a few security officers had just arrived prior to her own arrival. She looked around and saw the two officers who were clearly not security personnel.

"Someone call me about a Dosi?" she asked with a brow raised.

"Yeah," said Jayla. "She's pretty banged up. I cant get her alone. Someone help? You don't mind, do you" she asked the Dosi, "if one of them helps me? I'm afraid I'm just not strong enough."

The Dosi sighed, but tiredly. "It seems I have no choice. Lead on Starfleet."

Dicon reappeared, his skin shiny and his uniform singed. " Cleared a pathway to the turbo lift. Broke my plasma cutter doing it; yet another thing for requisitions to moan about." He nodded at Reza. "Thank you for joining us Lieutenant, and so punctual too. Never did think about becoming an Engineer ehh? "

Jayla and a young security offiver helped the Dosi hobble to the turbolift. "Careful, there's a... something in your path," she said, spotting a large piece of shrapnel laying in the corridor.

Lieutenant Reza laughed and shook her head. "Me, engineering? Hah. I have never thought about it...ever. That or science" she replied.


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