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Routine Checkup

Posted on 15 Jan 2014 @ 9:48pm by Lieutenant Landon Milo & Lieutenant Commander Jason DeVries

Mission: Echoes
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: December 28, 2387 || 1000 hours

Jason stepped off the turbolift on deck four, headed to sickbay for his physical. He'd just finished up his meeting with the Captain, introducing himself and whatnot, and wanted to get this last bit of official business taken care of before he officially took over his position. He found himself standing in front of the sickbay doors a few seconds later and they whooshed open to let him in.

He looked around, not noticing anyone at first and then walked towards where he assumed the office would be. He noticed the man sitting at the desk and knocked lightly on the bulkhead to get his attention. "Excuse me, Dr., I'm sorry to bother you but I needed to see if you had time to give me my boarding physical?" he said, hoping he wasn't being intrusive on the Dr's time.

Doctor Landon Milo, Chief Medical Officer of the USS Black Hawk was tending to sorting a fresh arrival of medical supplies when the ship's First Officer to be showed up. "One moment" Landon said but no really projecting his voice. When he heard the man call out, Landon put the supplies aside and headed out to greet the man.

"Sorry, we just got a supply come in. I was putting some of the medications away. A boarding physical, eh?" asked Landon, knowing that was indeed what the man had said. "Well, then let's take a few quick scans and see how it looks" added Landon.

The doctor grabbed a medical tricorder from storage and began to run the initial scans. "Nice bone structure" commented Landon with a small smile. "Ah, you clearly work out regularly, Commander. However, it looks like you have had your fair share of excitement" added Landon.

He shook his head and sighed. "Well, you had great medical care... but You have broken some bones in your days, haven't you?" probed Landon gently.

Jason smiled at the doctor's inquisitive nature. "Yes, you could say that I do work out regularly, I'm sort of a freak about that. As to the broken bones, well when you get sent on covert missions sometimes it doesn't always end as well as you'd hoped it would." he said, hoping the man wouldn't ask too many questions. There was a lot about his past missions that he wasn't really allowed to discuss. "But in any case, I've always gotten prompt medical care when it was possible and I am not shy about seeking help when I need it either." he added.

Covert missions not going as well as planned, hah. Say no more. Thanks, Krull thought Landon privately. "Working out and keeping your body in shape is good, but please do be careful. There is a such thing as over working yourself and going beyond your limits" commented the doctor.

"At least you get medical care. Some idiots have their egos so inflated that they do not think logically. I am glad to see someone who does" added Landon.a

"No worries, doc." Jason replied with a slight wink. "I know my limits and I keep well within them. Most of my workouts are martial arts in nature anyway, so there is always an emphasis on balance to keep me in check." he added. "Oh and if I didn't like to think logically I doubt I'd have made it as far as I have in my short career." he said, "After all I'm only twenty eight and already an XO." he said, and then trying to change the subject so he didn't sound too conceited he decided to ask a question. "How are you liking it aboard the Black Hawk so far?" he asked.

Landon looked around and sighed. "I honestly do not know yet. I like a lot of things but I miss my friends from my previous posting" replied the young Chief Medical Officer. "However, I know that I also needed to get away from my past. So, part of me is actually looking forward to venturing into the mysterious Gamma Quadrant. I have more or less gotten along fine with the crew. Well, I am not sure what to make of Lieutenant Finchley, the Security Chief. He has proven to be somewhat of a strong personality."

Jason laughed lightly, "Well strong personalities go with the territory I guess. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Finchley actually. Other than the Captain you are the only person I've had the pleasure of meeting." he said with a smile. "Let's just hope the rest of the crew is as nice as you are. This being my first assignment of this nature I'm a bit nervous and wondering how they will respond to someone my age being in charge of them at times." he added.

Landon nodded "Luckily there are no Anticans, Tellarties, or Klingons on the crew as far as I am aware of, so nobody is going to smell the fear of fresh meat in the XO seat" joked Landon. "If you think that I am nice, then you have caught me on a good day. Let's hope that you never get to see me on a bad day" added the doctor.

"Let's hope the same for you." Jason replied with a smile, "Are we done?" he asked, hoping to get to his quarters for a quick shower and change of uniform before he got down to business. It was still alpha shift so he was supposed to be getting some paperwork done before going on duty on the bridge in the afternoon.

For now...for now Landon thought with a smirk. "Oh why does everyone just stop by fro a quick scan and then run out on me? Yes, yes, you are free to go, Sir. I will file this into your medical records and see to it that you are cleared for duty."

"I can't speak for anyone else, because I wouldn't mind sticking around for a while, but since I've been on a long range shuttle for three days without access to a shower I'm pretty sure it's a good idea for me to get to a shower as soon as possible. I was supposed to make it to DS9 yesterday but we ran into some problems on the way there and got stuck. I literally beamed aboard the station two minutes before the briefing started this morning. So please, don't think of it as me wanting to get away from you, more just me wanting to get to the nearest shower." Jason replied, hoping the man believed him.

"But I'd love to start getting to know people a little better, and what better way than lunch? So if you get bored, or everyone keeps running out on you we could get together later for a quick bite if you'd like." he added. It never hurt to be friends with the rest of the senior staff, and this man seemed quite friendly and ready to make friends as well.

"I thought you smelt just fine, but please go ahead and shower, Commander. After a trip like that, I am sure it will feel nice to get into something fresh" replied Landon.

"Lunch sounds wonderful. I am sure that I could join you" added the doctor as he started to pack away the equipment.

"Well in that case let me get that shower taken, get into a fresh uniform and get settled in with the paperwork I have to do this morning and I will let you know when I can get away for a quick bite to eat. See you soon." he said, turning towards the door and making his way out of the room. In the back of his mind he had to squash the thoughts of how cute the doctor was. It wasn't proper for him to think thoughts like that about someone he was the direct superior of.

Doctor Landon T. Milo
Chief Medical Officer


Lieutenant Commander Jason DeVries
First Officer


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