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Boarding the Tigris

Posted on 29 Jun 2015 @ 10:13pm by Commander C. Kos & Lieutenant Commander Jayla Kij & Lieutenant Commander Terry Walsh & Lieutenant Kyan Reza & Lieutenant JG Perei & Chief Petty Officer Sergei Andropov
Edited on on 04 Aug 2015 @ 11:58pm

Mission: Answers
Location: USS Black Hawk || Flight Deck
Timeline: MD 8 - 1500 hours

Lieutenant Walsh had already walked around the outside of the Tigris to do a quick check. It was an old habit from his days of pre-flighting the fighter he was about to fly. He was currently inside the runabout powering up various systems and running quick diagnostics to ensure they were all in working order.

Ensign Braxus was in the shuttlebay, helping with the ship-checking, though Lieutenant Walsh seemed to already have everything under control. Still, it was good to have an extra set of hands, just in case the ones prior had perhaps missed something. He rarely went on away missions, but when he did, he always felt nervous. Then again, with your career on the line, being nervous seemed like a totally justifiable emotion.

Jayla arrived, fully-stocked medkit in hand. She'd made sure there were double the standard inventory of medicines as well as an extra tricorder and dermal regenerator, as well as a cranial stimulator. As such, the medkit was a bit bigger than normal, but as this particular mission seemed a bit more dangerous than a standard, "going to check things out" type mission, she felt the extra equipment was justified.

Especially since the Black Hawk had so recently been attacked.

"Hi," she said, grinning cheerfully to the tall bald man who was already there. "I don't think we've formally met. I'm Doctor Kij."

Terry had been running a basic diagnostic on the weapons system. He looked up from the console when he heard a voice introducing herself. “No, I don’t think we have, uh....” He briefly paused as he saw the rank, but then realized that the Doctor had introduced herself by her professional title. “...Doctor. Lieutenant Walsh, Chief Support Craft Pilot. So you’re the one that patches us up when we break.”

"I certainly try," said Jayla, grinning. "I'm usually successful. Just don't, you know, chop your arms off or something. I'm not very good at that sort of patching."

Mackenzie walked into the launch bay having already stopped grabbed a tricorder and phaser from an equipment locker. She approached the Tigris and entered through it's open hatch. Stepping into the cockpit, she saw that she was not the first to arrive. "Doctor. Mister Walsh. Ensign," she said in turn, nodding a greeting to each.

Bryce nodded in return to Mackenzie, still outside of the runabout. Things seemed to be in good shape thankfully. Putting away his tricorder, he headed inside of the runabout and took a seat, glancing at all of his team members as he did so. They all seemed fit for duty. But what about him? Did he look the part? Did he put his uniform on inside out? No. Did he forget his tricord-... he just got done using that. He took a few deep breaths to calm himself. Keep calm.

"Commander," said Jayla by way of greeting. She couldn't think of anything more intelligent, though, so she just grinned. Again.

Perei's mind was focused on other things as she hustled onto the shuttle. Once again she did a mental check list of the items in her bag that was slung over one shoulder. tricorder The dark haired science officer touched her waist once more ans she checked that off the list. sample collector slides, vials and boxes She sighed as she slid into a seat and glanced around and made mental notes on who was present. "Hello" she stated as an inclusive to all.

“Commander,” Terry replied. He finished his current task and then turned to face her. “Ready to get underway when everyone is aboard, Ma’am.”

"Let's give Lieutenant Reza another minute or two," Mackenzie replied. "Doctor, Miss Perei, go ahead and secure your equipment in the aft section. And grab the Ensign. He should be done out there."

Perei nodded "Yes, Commander." then she stood and moved towards the aft she stepped over feet and around those that had not seated themselves yet and stepped out and stored her one bag.

Jayla went to store her upgraded medkit. She hoped the storage compartments were big enough for it. Oh, well. If she had to put it in one of the engineering ones, she could. There weren't any engineering kits coming along.

"And you, Mister Walsh, show me that course you've plotted."

Terry brought up the course on the console to his immediate right. “If I remember the map from the briefing, this would be the safest route.” He highlighted their projected course in blue. “I know it’s not as direct as what the X’annon might have taken.” He paused. “But as far as I know, we’re trying to avoid the least for now.”

Bryce raised his hand for a second, indicating that he had already gotten inside of the runabout, then went back to looking around, waiting to become useful.

Lieutenant Reza stood there, having arrived and listening in on the small conversation regarding the course plotted. "Avoiding the Syndicate would be ideal. They do not take kindly to Federation vessels nor their crew, especially if we were to run into anyone within the slave trade" added the security Officer.

Perei quickly stepped back unto the shuttle and placed herself back into her seat before they departed.

Turning to see the Black Hawk's Security Chief and one of his men, Mackenzie also finally saw Ensign Braxus. "Sorry about that Ensign. I'm not sure how I missed you." Motioning to the console behind and to the left of where Walsh sat in the pilot seat, Kos addressed Braxus. "Ensign, if you wouldn't mind manning the Engineering console."

She shifted her gaze back to the Security Chief, nodding her agreement. "Great minds think alike," she said with a smile. "Have a seat Lieutenant," she suggested, patting the back of the chair at the co-pilot station.

"Let's get underway Mister Walsh," Mac ordered.

“On it.” He made a few movements on the console and added, “Flight Deck Ops clears us for launch.” The Tigris lifted off the deck and exited the bay door’s forcefield with ease. “Course laid in and as soon as we’re clear of the Black Hawk we’ll engage Warp 4.” Terry banked the runabout and brought her around. The view of the starship was breathtaking, even in her current state. “Akira was always one of my favorites to be stationed on,” he said aloud. A few seconds later... “Alright, we’re clear. Engaging Warp 4. Next stop, Nestene IX.” The stars streaked by as the computer took over the piloting.

Pleased with Walsh's work so far, she looked around at the cockpit from where she stood near the rear, standing console at the other members of the team. "ETA Mister Walsh?"

“Approximately thirty-eight minutes,” replied Terry. “Just enough time for a nap if anyone wants one.”

"Very good. Lieutenant Reza, you're in charge. I'll be aft if you need me." Seeing no objection, Mac turned and headed through the rear door of the forward compartment. She felt confident leaving Reza in command.


It had been a smooth trip, with nothing of incident occurring. Kos entered the cockpit and saw that things were as she had left them. "Report Lieutenant," she said, addressing Reza.

Sergei had heard Commander Kos walk past the small room were he'd been reading, off the main corridor of the runabout. He put his book down and headed into the cockpit. He stood near the back of the compartment and listened as his boss, Lieutenant Reza, gave Kos a report of the short journey to Nestene. He watched as Lieutenant Walsh began the descent of the Tigris, and he felt the slight jarring as the craft made landfall.


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