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A Little Conversation

Posted on 05 Aug 2015 @ 12:02am by Commander C. Kos & Lieutenant Commander Jayla Kij

Mission: Answers
Location: Aft Section, USS Tigris
Timeline: MD 9

Having left the cockpit in the capable hands of Lieutenants Walsh, Reza, Perei and Ensign Braxus, Mac headed to the aft compartment of the Danube-class vessel. In her left hand she had a PADD with isolinear chip Harvey had given her after the briefing. She wanted to review the information more. Despite having spent 3 years as Second Officer, and then 5 months as acting XO, on the Iroquois, she was still lacking confidence in her command ability. Although she knew rationally, based on factors like her recent promotion to Commander and Starfleet's decision to make her the XO on Black Hawk, she still felt unqualified, unprepared. Studying mission details helped her alleviate these concerns somewhat.

"One small apple, Granny Smith," she told the replicator, once in the aft compartment.

Jayla, who had brought along some paperwork to go over on the trip, also sat in the aft compartment. She was aware of the XO making an appearance and ordering an apple from the replicator, but didn't really look up. After a few moments, however, she sighed. "Great," she said. "Now I want an apple."

Mac smiled playfully. "Sorry to tempt you." Mac walked over the the table in the center of the compartment and sat down. "What are you working on Doctor?"

"Paperwork," answered Jayla. "Updating patient files. You know, integrating new notes into their files, stuff like that."

"Ah. The thrilling life of a department head," Mac responded, with a smirk. "I miss those days. Even more paperwork as Exec." She looked at her apple, and then rubbed one side of it on her uniform, polishing that spot on the skin. "How do you like the Black Hawk?" she inquired.

"It's good," answered Jayla. "The people are really welcoming and friendly- although, I suspect that might have a little more to do with the contrast between myself and the former CMO than anything else," she added with a grin. "Overall, it's nice."

"And her Captain? I know that Har...," she caught herself, "Captain Geisler rose up through the ranks as a doctor. You guys ever cross paths before?"

"I've heard of him," replied Jayla. "In passing. He did a lot of research that wound up in medical journals. I've never met him before now, though. He's... interesting," she said with a grin, remembering their disastrous attempt at a tennis match.

"He is," Kos said, her voice quieter than usual. I need to change the subject. Or I risk saying too much. "So, Doctor, what made you go into medicine?"

Jayla shrugged. "I think it was my mentor," she said. "Dr. Saraja Jelic. It's a very long story, but I'll say she's the reason I'm still alive today. I guess I felt like I should give back somehow. I don't know. But, I enjoy it, so I suppose it all worked out." She paused for a moment. "How about you? What was your major?" she asked.

Mackenzie chuckled. "I doubled in systems engineering and interstellar relations. With a healthy dose of astrosciences. That I'm now in Command is bizarre to me."

"You ever considered leaving Medical? Maybe move into Command someday?"

"Probably not," said Jayla, shaking her head. "I'm afraid I am not command material; I'm too impatient when I don't understand another department. Just ask the engineers how often I breathe down their necks while waiting for repairs."

Mac chuckled. "Fair enough. But if you ever change your mind, let me know." She looked at the apple in her hand. "Perhaps we could have lunch sometime?"

Jayla grinned. "That would be great!" she said. She was always up for friends.

Mackenzie smiled. "Excellent." She looked down at the PADD on the table, and then at the Trill Doctor's work. "I'll let you get back to your paperwork."


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