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Familiar Faces

Posted on 26 Jul 2015 @ 11:08pm by Captain Harvey Geisler & Lieutenant JG Harold Sherman & Lieutenant JG Ken Rogers

Mission: Answers
Timeline: MD 9 - 0930 hours

===[Freighter X'annon]===

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

D'rimo had never been more aware of the consequences in his life after asking that question. Nor had he ever been so surprised to see the image of the USS Black Hawk on his sensors. He recognized an adrift starship when he saw one. The ship that had once both rescued and detained him had been wounded. Even from the distance of a light year, his sensors could see her scars.

His sensors had also found life aboard the vessel. Power. Means of defense. She wouldn't be an easy target, but it was no question who had done that to her.

The Syndicate.

It wasn't enough to make life miserable in this sector. The Syndicate felt it had to be kept that way, destroying every ounce of dignity to the group that had brought him salvation many years ago when D'rimo fled the clutches of the Dominion.

"Is the Captain as honorable as you say?"

D'rimo hesitated before responding. He hadn't appreciated the treatment rendered to him by several members of the crew, nor the dangerous arrangement of ferrying humans to Razmena. Yet, he sensed a hunger in Commander Geisler unlike the hunger of the Syndicate. Where they meant to destroy, Geisler sought healing. His methods were a bit misguided, perhaps only mendable with knowledge.

"I believe so," D'rimo responded, looking his compatriot in the eye.

"And you're certain she is there?" came the instant follow up question.

Maintaining a locked gaze, D'rimo immediately replied, "I saw her with my own eyes." Tapping the screen they both were standing behind, he added, "She touched this herself. You saw the DNA tests."

He gave no response, only quiet reflection of the consequences should he fail. Life was not worth living without his family. The interference of the Black Hawk in his quest had been unwelcome. Yet, the more he studied the sequence of events and the motives behind him, he'd become convinced that this lone Federation ship, filled with hundreds of his long-lost kin, would be the only way his family could be restored.

"Then we proceed," he declared.

D'rimo nodded and immediately ordered the X'annon into an intercept course.

The moment the ship jumped to warp, his compatriot whispered to D'rimo, "Thank you, my friend."

D'rimo gave no reply. After all Richard Carter had done for him, the only way D'rimo could truly repay the man was to restore his family.

===[Starship USS Black Hawk]===

On the Blackhawk's Bridge, Lt. Ken Rogers stood at his Science Station. He heard the computer stating that a ship was approaching. "Captain to the Bridge." He said via his Com badge.

Down below in his quarters, Harvey tensed, sensing the urgency in Rogers' voice. "On my way," he said after slapping his combadge. "Sound red alert."

Harvey was amazed with how calm he sounded as he left his quarters. Honestly, he was happy just to be in action. One turbolift ride later, Harvey stepped out onto the bridge. "What's going on, Mister Rogers?" he asked as he moved down towards the center chair.

"Captain, there's a ship coming towards us - unknown configuration...can not make out if it is hostile."

Harvey frowned. They'd be lucky to tell apart a Defiant from a Galaxy Class starship with their current lack of software. Looking over to the Andorian at Tactical, the Captain demanded an update.

"The Mississippi is in place," came the swift reply. "Phasers are still inoperable, but we are able to arm and guide torpedoes."

"At least that's something," Harvey muttered, looking back at the viewscreen.

Lt jg Harold Sherman enter the Bridge to take up the Ops Station, "He started to look to see what was working, and what wasn't, to get things up." Sherman had been following up throughout the ship, there was so much that they had to restore. Sherman was a bit amuse, there wasn't a boring moment on the Blackhawk.

Harvey watched the viewscreen as the ship dropped out of warp, very close to the bow of the Black Hawk. Harvey, who'd been apprehensive up to this point, lowered the hand closest to his phaser pistol. The markings on the freighter before them were very familiar.

"We're being hailed, Captain!" shouted the tactical officer.

"On screen!" Harvey demanded, only to be instantly greeted by D'rimo, whose face almost immediately bore a smirk.

"I see Starfleet gave you a promotion to match your title, Captain."

Though he was relieved to see D'rimo who one month prior had been resistant in cooperating with him and the crew of the Black Hawk, Harvey could not fully relax. "To what do I owe the pleasure?"

"I'm here to settle a debt," D'rimo replied. "Face to face of course." Harvey was about to respond when D'rimo continued. "I can tell your transporters are down, likely a side effect from the incursion aboard your ship. We can beam over as soon as you like."

"We?" Harvey asked, trying to keep his hand from inching towards his phaser.

"The Karemma and I," said another voice, its owner stepping into view. "I know humans are a rarity at this end of the Gamma Quadrant, Captain, but we do have a shared interest, I believe. I wish to offer a trade, but only if you're willing to hear us out in person."

Harvey stood silent for a moment, carefully considering his options. If anything, humoring D'rimo and this human would at least help him pass some time, not to mention give the Black Hawk a little more of a fighting chance should other ships arrive. "Very well. Stand by for transport coordinates. We'll be ready to receive you in ten minutes."

"Excellent," said the human. "X'annon out."


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