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Battle Plans

Posted on 09 Aug 2015 @ 7:07pm by Captain Harvey Geisler & Emily Carter & Lieutenant Hictus Dicon & Lieutenant Avery Stuart Ph.D. & Lieutenant JG Harold Sherman & Lieutenant JG Ken Rogers

Mission: Answers
Location: USS Black Hawk || Main Bridge
Timeline: MD 9 - 1045 hours

Time had passed quickly since D'rimo and Richard first came aboard, and already they'd made quick work assembling a task force with assets friendly to the Golden Stars as Richard and D'rimo cashed in every favor they had collected over the years. And now, Harvey had assembled what remained of his Senior Staff on the bridge to focus on preparing the ship for its most daring mission yet under his command.

Emily Carter had been escorted up from the brig. Despite her actions, Harvey still felt she had something to offer, especially in the grand scheme of what was to come. He knew, however, his command team would not feel the same way, and he expected opposition.

Yet, time was of the essence. If Richard was right, the Away Team was walking, or had already walked into, a trap with no way out.

"Mister Dicon," Harvey said, spotting his Chief Engineer. "How soon can we be underway?"

Dicon cleared his throat. " Soon as, Sir. Just running final calibration tests on the warp coils and EPS conduits to confirm they can take the strain". Dicon's hands flew through a complex series of gestures as he worked the PADD's he had in front of him. "I'd say we should be underway in half an hour or less sir."

"Sooner is better, Lieutenant," Harvey urged, looking back to the rest of the team. "And what about phasers?"

"Still an hour out," the tactical officer replied.

"We're not leaving here without phasers, Mr. Chazz," Harvey pressed on the Bolian officer. "And we're leaving in half an hour." Harvey walked towards the front of the bridge and stood in front of the viewscreen that still displayed the X'annon which was off the starboard bow.

"I know we've suffered a lot over the last few days, the last month really," he told the crew. "But this ends today. Our Away Team is in trouble. We're going to get them and ourselves out of here. But I need you all focused and in unity." He looked right at Emily, the trusted aide who had betrayed him, though Harvey now knew the true reason why.

"We can do this," Harvey added. "We have to do this."

From his Science Station, Lt.jg Rogers spoke. "Captain, we know what we have to do - we'll do it."

Dicon looked angry, a first for his fellow officers when he growled " If the put another dent in my ship I am going be very unkind to them. " He glanced to his PADD before his combadge chirped. He answered =/\="Lieutenant Dicon"=/\= Dicon began muttering for a short time before excusing himself for a moment and striding over the screen at the other end of the room and running over several diagrams.

Lt(jg) Harold Sherman turned his attention to gathering information that he felt that would be needed for the next 72 hours or so. All of his Operation Officers and Crewmembers were working on helping Engineering, Science, and Medical to get the ship, back into working order. He wanted to make sure that nothing was overlooked because they were in hurry.

"We can expect opposition," said Richard. "It's likely the Syndicate will be an even match for the Black Hawk in its current state."

"And we need to make sure that the odds are better by the time we arrive," Harvey warned, looking back at Dicon. "Provided that diplomatic solutions are insufficient, of course."

Straightening his posture, he surveyed the bridge a final time. "Mister Dicon, I need not to tell you what to do. Just keep us in one piece. Mister Rogers and Mister Sherman. Finding the Away Team will be of the utmost important, as well as each individual lifesign in this colony. We are looking for a mixture of humans and Karemma. Anyone one else will be part of the Syndicate. Should push come to shove, we need to be ready for emergency beam outs."

Rogers began pusing buttons on his console. " Sir, I've adjusted the tracers that we're using to search for the crew using Human & Karemma bio scans. We'll find them, get them locked, and beam them up upon your signal."

"I'll coordinate with sickbay to prep for potential injuries," Stuart replied. She figured Geisler would expect her to take on the role, but nevertheless, she felt it important to verbalize it out loud. Glancing over and Emily, she wished that she could take time to assess her psychologically, but at least for now, other matters took priority.

Dicon then turned around. "Sir" And here Dicon looked coolly at Emily before continuing " I have just been informed that the Warp Core and all remaining systems that could be repaired with what we have are restored. The Phaser array now sits at 48.6%, and we now have at least three torpedo launchers. Though I must say Number 3 launcher on the port side might not hold more then two launches." Dicon sighed tiredly. "I'd say Sir, that my team are doing our best but after this I am really going to have to recommend heading back to refit her." Dicon ran his hands over a cracked bulkhead. " That is, if this coming battle does not burn her through". He sat tiredly on a small chair.

"That is exactly what we'll do," Harvey replied to Dicon. "We still have half an hour. Work on getting weapons and engines stabilized and reinforced. Without a fully operational computer, who knows how well we'll hold out. And speaking of," Harvey looked at the helmsman, "Five days of looking listless has been enough, Ensign. Bring those stabilizers online and proceed bearing zero-one-zero mark zero-zero-five at half impulse. It's time we get moving."

The helmsman nodded and obeyed the order. Within moments, Harvey felt as though he could feel the engines rumble beneath his feet. "Let's take a look at the inertial dampeners as well," he told Sherman and Dicon.

"Aye Sir" Dicon left, beckoning Sherman to follow.

"Half an hour," he reminded the bridge crew. Looking towards Richard and Emily, Harvey nodded at the guards who flanked both of the individuals. They acknowledged and escorted the Carters to the Observation Lounge so that they'd be close by, but not near anything that she could damage. Harvey still didn't trust her, and by extension, the other visitor. However, he had to do something while his Away Team was in danger.

Once they were underway, it would take six hours to arrive at Nestene IX. Hopefully more support would join them before then...


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