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Repairs and Upkeep

Posted on 14 Jan 2016 @ 8:17am by Captain Harvey Geisler & Lieutenant Commander Terry Walsh & Lieutenant Hictus Dicon & Lieutenant Commander Temerant Bast

Mission: Rude Awakening
Location: USS Black Hawk and USS O’Carroll
Timeline: MD 9 || 1200 hours

The group dematerialized in a transporter room that looked very similar to the one they left. Well, more like the Black Hawk’s main transporter room. Walsh nodded to the young man at the console and then turned to his traveling companions. Chuckling, he said, “I expect that main engineering and the bridge are in pretty much the same place. Shall we?”

Imráe glanced at the chuckling pilot and arched a brow. "Honestly, Commander, most of the damage you did was to the warp nacelle. I'd suggest Lieutenant Dicon start there while you and I head to the bridge. I wish Del Rosario had sent some security personnel with us, though." She glances at Dicon, then notes, "Lieutenant, you should see if the crew of the O'Connell will assist you in repairs. Even if it's the same class, the O'Connell will have its own quirks, and the crew will know her better than us. Just take command of Main Engineering and get damage control working again."

Dicon nodded, "Aye Lieutenant Commander, I'll get her flying again. I hope they have at least been able to start the engine triage, otherwise this will take a while" Dicon glanced between her and Walsh, before saying "It would also be practical if when you get to the bridge you could open up the data banks for me so I could see the maintenance log? It would be helpful to know what I should start tinkering with"

Niequist paused, blinked, and looked to Hawk. "Err, sorry, Commander. Del Rosario put you in charge, not me. Old habits die hard, I guess."

Terry hadn’t read-up on anything regarding the Chief Science Officer; no real need for him to. But that little accidental outburst told him that she was accustomed to issuing commands. “No problem. They’re good ideas.”

He then addressed both officers. “Lieutenant Dicon, Commander Niequist here will get you access to the data banks, maintenance logs, and anything else you might need. Commander, I’ll need you to man the Engineering station on the bridge so you can get that info for the Lieutenant and help him coordinate any external repairs with the internal ones. I don’t know if there’ll be much of a crew here, so utilize whoever you need. Just don’t go pulling too many people from vital areas. Anything else?”

Imráe shook her head, then gave a quick parting wave to Dicon before walking with Walsh to the Turbolift. "Bridge," she declared once they were both aboard, sending both senior officers up to their temporary command.


Captain Geisler exited his Ready Room with thoughts of Commander Kos and her actions, or accused actions, still floating in his mind. The bridge was devoid of senior officers, save for Lieutenant Carmichael who always seemed to find himself in the center chair more often than he liked. He nodded to the skittish man, who gladly surrendered the chair to the Captain.

Harvey promptly took the vacant seat. For the first time in months, the chair felt very uncomfortable. He glanced to his right to find the XO chair vacant. Harvey didn't find it odd that Commander del Rosario had yet to assume the bridge duties as the Executive Officer. Even if Kos were framed, the accusations were quite serious and needed the proper investigation.

Even though Harvey had ordered it, he felt uncomfortable with his squadron commander in charge of the O'Carroll. It's only temporary... he reminded himself. Hopefully, this madness would be over soon, and whoever was responsible would be confined to the brig.

"Hail the O'Carroll," Harvey ordered to no one in particular. It was time to get this show back on the road.


Temerant Bast was sitting on the O'Carroll's bridge, poring over the ship's logs of the last few weeks. Records of their attacks on the convoys, and the things that they'D found there. Weapons, notably, packed in containers marked for medical supplies - along with legitimate medical supplies as well, all being transferred to Gavara. He knew that Commodore Terlexa was using Gavara as a staging area to launch an attack on Starbase Unity, and further destabilize Starfleet's presence in the quadrant. He was therefore carefully erasing the evidence from the logs.

He looked up from his console at the sound of the comm system coming alive. He cursed at the interruption, and tapped the communications panel. "O'Carroll. Lieutenant Bast here."

=/\= "Mister Bast?" =/\= Harvey asked over the comm, surprised he didn't hear the voices of the additional staff that del Rosario had sent over. =/\= "Status report." =/\=

"I'm still extracting the information from the ship's logs," he lied. "I've got the location of Commodore O'Connell, Commodore Cameron, but no trace of Adislo. I'm working on locating the rogue ships."

There was a slight pause before Geisler's voice returned over the comm. =/\= "Acknowledged. Notify me once the relief team has arrived. Black Hawk out." =/\=

Temerant shut off the comm channel, and returned to the logs.


When the turbolift came to a halt, the Science officer motioned for Walsh to precede her. "After you ... Captain," she said with a faint, teasing grin.

Terry stopped abruptly and turned to look at Imráe. He returned her teasing grin with his trademark half grin. “Captain, huh. Well let’s just be glad this temporary. Squadron Commander is just fine with me.” He laughed and exited the turbolift.

There were only just a few people on the bridge. He looked around for Lieutenant Bast, whom del Rosario said was already over here.

Temerant shut down his computer screen when the turbolift doors opened. He'd barely managed to complete his examination of the logs, and prayed to the Gods that he'd found every trace of what he had been looking for.

"Commander," he said, greeting Walsh, who was undoubtedly here to relieve him.

“Lieutenant Bast,” replied Walsh. “I’ve been sent over to relieve you. Commander Niequist,” he said, gesturing in her general direction, “is here to coordinate things and support Lieutenant Dicon down in Engineering. Any help you could offer from Ops would be great.” Terry had learned from a former CO that a good leader surrounds himself with people who are strong in the areas he is deficient. Operations, Engineering, and Science weren’t anywhere near his realm of strengths.

"That is the Chief of Operations's job," confirmed Temerant. He looked at Niequist. "Always here to help," he added with a wide grin.

Niequist nodded to Temerant and took up the engineering station on the bridge, then started calling up systemwide diagnostics. In a small subwindow, she began going through the ship's crew roster--starting with the engineering staff. "Chief, I think the best help you can give right now is with resourcing. This ship has more than a skeleton crew, and we're all Starfleet, here." In theory. "At the very least, they should be as interested as we are in getting the O'Carroll back in shape. Can you go through the non-Engineering personnel and see whom we can pull from other departments to pitch in?"

Temerant brought up a display of the ship's crew manifest. He executed a search, focusing on identifying crew members with an Engineering expertise, but excluding anyone currently assigned to the Engineering department. This brought up nine personnel files, which he presented to Niequist.

While the others were conversing, Terry made his way over to the center chair and slowly sat down. It seemed...stuffy. And it didn’t quite fit right. But he was more accustomed to the ‘uncomfortable’ pilot seats in the Valkyries. Settling in, he spoke, “Okay, let’s get this boat serviceable again.”



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