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Spinning a New Web

Posted on 20 Jan 2016 @ 10:04am by Captain Harvey Geisler

Mission: Rude Awakening
Location: Deck 4 || Sa'dira's Quarters
Timeline: Backpost

Finally aboard the USS Black Hawk in her quarters unpacking her personal belongings after a tiring day of trying to get aboard, only to be held up by station and ship security because her orders were lagging behind thanks to the fact she had traveled a great distance over the past several months to get to the Gamma Quadrant. The Tripoli was on special assignment in the distant dark corners of Beta Quadrant when Ensign Sa'dira finally received word that her transfer had come through. The Tripoli could not take her to the nearest starbase, and the Federation had no transports that they felt secure enough sending to the Tripoli. In the end, Sa'dira was permitted to take one of the Tripoli's shuttles and an auxiliary pilot to take her to the nearest starbase where she then took several slow moving transports.

She was unpacking some personal items from her home world in order to make her quarters more like home. The Ensign had not bothered to do so aboard the Tripoli because she knew she could always visit home from time to time, but this new assignment was different. The Gamma Quadrant was a long ways from home and there was no telling when she would be given the opportunity to visit her home world again. It very well could be months, even years until that was a possibility again.

As she continued unpacking, she felt a collecting moisture around her eyes. I'm not she tried to tell herself, but it what a losing battle as a few loose tears trickled down her face as she shook he head in defeat. Really? You are a Starfleet Officer, a former Ambassador, and a Diplomatic Officer...and you're crying because why? You are home sick? she was mildly disappointed in herself. Sa'dira had lost the track of time and had failed to check in with the First Officer or the ship's Captain. It was only a matter of time before someone tracked her down.

The shift had ended, and Harvey had decided to take a rare course of action by actually leaving the bridge. There was still much to do, but there was not enough coffee aboard the ship to clear his head. He wasn't tired, but he hadn't slept much over the last few days either. If there was any chance he was going to make it through this mission, he'd have to get at least six hours of sleep tonight. Seven if he was lucky.

With a swoosh, the turbolift doors parted, depositing him on Deck Four. In that moment, he'd wished he ordered the lift to take him to Sickbay, not drop him three levels immediately below the bridge. Perhaps the mere exercise of walking would do him some good. He began to navigate the familiar corridors, noting that the last time he'd really worked this set was when the ship had been boarded those months ago.

He paused, realizing he was wandering the crew quarters sections, a long way from sickbay itself. Standing alone in the corridor, he looked around, taking note of the door plates. One of the nearby doors had an unusual shine to its plate, meaning it had been freshly mounted. The Black Hawk had taken on a lot of new crewmembers over the last few weeks, and while he was never one to introduce himself to the crew, he was very much aware that one of the new arrivals was a senior officer that hadn't yet checked in. Harvey immediately approached the door and nodded, not surprised at all that the fresh plate belonged to her. He reached up and tapped the chime, not sure if she was even in her quarters. If not, he'd track her down after his visit to sickbay.

It probably would have looked like the scene from a horror film or a classic science fiction film the Ensign opened her mouth and used her spinnerets, spewing out the silky web like substance and crafting it into furniture and other items such as clothing when the chime rang through her quarters.

Instantly, she stopped and cleared her mouth of the web residue and proceeded towards the door, opening it swiftly only to discover the visitor was Captain Geisler himself. The woman's eyes glowed like burning embers, but this was natural of her species. Her skin golden and yellow with intricate markings. "You are the Captain" she said, slightly taken aback.

"I mean, hello, Captain" she added extended her hand. "I was just doing some last minute decorating" she explained.

"I see," Harvey said, standing now just inside the doorway. It didn't take much for him to notice that several items of furniture and other items in the room were quite unique, something unlike he'd ever seen before. He then accepted her hand and gave it a firm, but gentle shake. "Looks to be more than last minute, Ensign."

She nodded "I was feeling home sick. I thought if I made some things like we do back home, I would feel less home sick. I haven't really been to another Quadrant aside from traveling back and forth from the Alpha and Beta before" she admitted.

"Are you here to ask why I haven't checked in, Sir?" she asked the Captain. "I wasn't sure if I should actual transfer orders haven't made it through yet."

"This afternoon, actually," Harvey said, almost wishing he had the PADD containing them. "Chief Rasputin delivered them personally."

The Ensign was delighted to hear this news. "Oh wonderful, Sir. Truly wonderful. I was afraid they would inform me last minute that I was reassigned to the Delta Quadrant" she said with a small bit of laughter. "Do we have any present orders that I should be made aware about? I want to make sure that I take the stress off you and the Counselor when it comes to these diplomatic affairs."

"Well," Harvey said, sighing and clasping his hands together behind his back. "How much have you heard about the Consortium?"

"Enough to know that if I have to deal with them, I better be alert and fully prepared" she countered "Just as you have been in dealing with them" she added gently. "I have read reports from several Commanding Officers assigned to this Task Force, yourself included."

Harvey frowned. "Just don't turn your back," he cautioned, which was less than excellent advice for a diplomat. "And hopefully, you can help us sort out just who is really who." He knew it was a tall order, one more qualified for an intelligence analyst perhaps, but an important one nonetheless.

She nodded and looked around the room. It was starting to look more like home and this helped boost her spirits quite a bit. The Ensign let the Captain's words of caution and advice sink in. Was she really ready to deal with these people? Probably not. However, a couple years as an Ambassador on her planet had kept her on her feet many of times.

"My people have been a part of the Federation for over a century, Captain. Yet, very few of us ever leave our home world, and we allow very few foreign visitors. I don't like to label my species as xenophobic...just very closed off and private" she stated as she looked at the man. "Watching our backs and sorting out the true intentions of those unknown to us comes natural" she added.

He nodded, recalling his time aboard the Logos. In fact, a member of medical staff was an Aaamazzarite, a nurse who had become quickly known for creating casts in the most awkward and sudden of situations. "A common characteristic I see," he confirmed, remembering that this individual kept to himself quite often when not on duty.

The Amazzarite had studied the Captain's work and his personnel file. "I spent some time mulling over your service record and personnel file before I arrived here. I was a bit surprised to see that you were a medical Doctor not so long ago" she said with some intrigue. "May I ask what caused you to leave medicine and enter command? It is a peculiar switch."

Captain Geisler lightly sighed, partly impressed that she had done her homework while the other part was slightly annoyed that he again had to answer this question. He honestly thought he'd be used to answering it by now. "My... heart just wasn't in it anymore," he replied honestly.

"Don't get me wrong," he added before she had a chance to interject. "There are days when I miss it." There were days that he missed someone and everything else about that lost era of his life. "But, it was time to either keep doing something that I did mindlessly or find something new to do. Command seemed to be the best option, so here I am."

The Ensign nodded, fully understanding the feeling. "Can relate to that, Sir. I was groomed to become the leader of my people by my mother. At first I looked forward to assuming the role one day, but my heart was not in it later on and I knew that there was more for me to do" she said honestly.

Harvey tilted his head at her revelation, seriously wondering how he'd missed that in her personnel file. Perhaps his mind was more distracted today than he thought. "I didn't realize I was carrying royalty."

Sa'dira scoffed and gestured dismissively. "Just a title and it was another life ago, one I left behind. I did not pursue it and instead gave the role to my brother. He was the right choice. I was always a good diplomat, but my brother showed more strength inspiring people and leading them" she explained.

"Besides, my having almost been leader of a world does not affect the here and now. I'm just an Ensign assigned to this starship to fill the position a Lieutenant or someone far more senior than me should be filling. Actually, I believe I am filling some rather big Antican boots if I recall correctly?"

"Commander Beh'ruken actually," Harvey replied, halfway amazed that he'd remembered the Antican's name. It was a shame that Harvey hadn't the opportunity to rely more on Beh'ruken's skills in the Antican's short time aboard. "And I'm sure you'll do just fine."

She smiled, approaching the Captain, wrapping her arms around him and giving him a small hug. "Thank you, Captain" she said, breaking away from the man. Such embraces were not common among strangers in humanoid cultures and most certainly not on Federation starships, but it had always been her way to truly greet someone.

"I am sure that I will be pleased to be aboard and working with you, Sir." she added softly. "I had initially wanted to take the position aboard the USS Beifong. Much smaller ship, but this will be a truly wonderful opportunity."

Harvey had barely a chance to return, albeit awkwardly, the embrace before she let go. If anything, he had a preview of her demeanor and how she might handle situations in which her services would be required. "I look forward to it, Ensign," he said to her.

"Did you need anything else, Captain?" she asked politely. "I'll check in with your First Officer after I get my whole medical examine by your Chief Medical Officer, then I am going to attempt to have a meeting via subspace with Commander Beh'ruken."

"It sounds like you have everything under control, Ensign." He looked around the room once more, remembering at the mention of the Chief Medical Officer his motivation for coming down to Deck Four in the first place. "And don't delay checking in with either Commander Kos or Doctor Kij."

She smiled and pointed at several stacks of actual books that were around the room. "I won't, I am very much into schedules and organization."

He nodded and added, "If there's nothing else, then welcome aboard, Ensign Sa'dira."

"Nothing else, Sir" she said simply.


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