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Time for CMO to make some donuts (Backpost)

Posted on 14 Feb 2014 @ 9:20pm by Lieutenant JG Harold Sherman & Lieutenant Landon Milo
Edited on on 22 Mar 2014 @ 12:48pm

Mission: Echoes
Location: USS Black Hawk, Sickbay
Timeline: December 30, 2387

Ensign Harold 'Hal' Sherman had a very busy couple days since his arrival at Deep Space 9 and then boarding the USS Blackhawk, but time had come for the dark side of a posting exchange. He slipped into Sickbay as the Lieutenant Milo and one of his staff were talking. The Hal stayed back and waited.

Doctor Milo had simply been signing off on a medical technician's PaDD when the Ensign walked into Sickbay. Landon looked the man and gave a small smile. "One moment Ensign" announced Landon as he finished up with the technician.

He then walked over to Ensign Sherman and greeted the man. "My sincerest apologies for the wait, Ensign. I am still getting used to such a small medical staff. What brings you by Sickbay today?"asked the Chief Medical Officer.

Hal smiled, "Well I am here to report for the Medical Exam since I just recently got aboard, Sir." Hal parent both had medical issue that could be inherited, so he was glad to have an exam. It had been few years since he had a full one done.

"Popular request" replied with a smile. The doctor looked at the ensign "Have a seat on the edge of this bio bed and we'll have a quick look." added Landon as he prepared a medical tricorder.

Hal took a seat on the edge of the bio bed. He had read that in the past on Earth some of the diseases and other ailments and how they were treated. Hal smile, "As long as you don't have any leeches!" He could understand that people actually thought of blood letting as cure so long ago.

"Oh hell no" said Landon nonchalantly. "I am saving those for the Security Chief" added Landon with a small smirk. "Though I am a fan of some rather unorthodox medical practices...I think that we may as well just stick to modern traditional practices for today. I only like to experiment on my more difficult patients" the young Chief Medical Officer commented as he started to make some mental notes from his tricorder readouts.

"Hmm" Landon said as he brought the tricorder to the area of concern. "Ensign, how have you been feeling lately?"

Hal started to think about, "Only slight headache from every now and then. Nothing that is big deal." Hal sighed it was one of those quirky things that he had suffered from most of his life. "Really no big deal.", as he shrugged.

Landon nodded slightly. "I see" he said sounding very much like an old Earth psychoanalysist. "You are showing some acute signs of an approaching headache. If you do not have any difficulty dealing with them and have no sleep issues, then I see no reason to pester you with the matter. However, if they do become worse or more frequent, I want you to let me know."

Hal closed his eyes and tried hard to see if could feel any the signs and sighed,"If you say so. Usually I don't realize I have them until hours after they have started. I just don't go out dancing those nights."

"Dancing?" replied the doctor a bit surprised. "That is a rather interesting way to spend your down time, Ensign" added Landon. "What sort of dancing" inquired the young doctor.

Hal just smile, "No, I don't dance, it just an old expression."

"I see" replied Landon feeling rather embarrassed. "I need to brush up on my slang" added the Doctor with a pleasant smile. "I'm not seeing anything particularly abnormal on these readings. To be honest, you may be a candidate for one of the more healthiest members of this crew."

Hal looked to his left and then slowly to his right, "Okay, but don't let the word spread to much." As he cracked a smile.

Landon smiled sweetly. "Of course, not. Doctor, patient confidentiality."

With that Hal smile and relax, "That is good to hear."

With that Hal got himself adjusted and proceeded to leave sickbay and get back to work.


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