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A List of My Demands

Posted on 20 Jan 2016 @ 10:39am by Lieutenant Parisa Rykov DCS & Senior Chief Petty Officer Mila Rasputin

Mission: Rude Awakening

Lieutenant Rykov had spent the past few hours looking over the minor repair work done by her underlings, and finding it to be competent, but not up to her standards in some cases. In these cases, she redid the work of these engineers. Shaking her head as she added more and more demands to her ever growing list of requests. She had presented to the Assistant Chief Engineer who directed her to pass the request over to the Chief Engineer.

The man was no presently on duty and Rykov wanted to get the matter taken care of. She was heading the Bridge to see if she could have a word with the Captain about her needs and requests, but the chances of that were slim. As slim as they may have been, it did not stop her. However, while waking through the corridors, she nearly bumped into a woman.

"Watch where..." she began, but quickly corrected herself. Familiar with the woman's duties aboard, she pushed the PaDD towards her. "Take this. It is a list of demands that I have composed for the First Officer and the Captain" she instructed.

Mila looked up as the Lieutenant barged her way onto the bridge as if she owned it and practically shoved a PADD in her face. She left it hanging in the air and arched an eyebrow. "Demands?" She asked in a slight Russian accent. "I was not aware that there was a hostage situation on the ship, Lieutenant."

"There may be if we don't get better engineers on my work force" countered Rykov. "And you can address me by Doctor, Yeoman" added the woman in a firm somewhat hardened tone. "Starfleet is wonderful, but I worked hard for my degree."

The engineering officer looked around the Bridge, over the woman's shoulder. "Where is Commander, Kos? Is the Captain awake? I need these demands met in a timely manner before this ship suffers more damage and slow repairs due to improper tools and second rate engineers."

"Commander Kos is currently in the Brig and the Captain is occupied and not to be disturbed," Mila said calmly. "There are two ways to present items for presentation to them, Lieutenant. The way you are attempting to do so is the way which results in the PADD getting put to the bottom of the very long stack. The other way will result in it reaching them in their proper place."

Second rate paper pushers too, apparently thought Parisa. "Look, Yeoman, I know you are just doing your job, but the contents of this PaDD are more important than some request for new science equipment or a medical sample" explained the engineer. "The green of my blood is already boiling beneath my skin because of all the shoddy repair work that I just observed."

"If it were truly an emergency," Mila said as she remained calm. "The Chief Engineer would have reported it. Now then, which way do you prefer I get this to where you want it to go?"

The Damage Control and Maintenance Specialist crossed her arms and glared at the woman. "I have a few thoughts" she said. One of which involves this PaDD being forcefully shoved somewhere unpleasant thought the woman. "Aren't you gosh darn adorable" added Rykov with a hot sigh.

"It's emergency enough" scoffed Rkov. "If, you, however are leaving me with no alternatives, we can do it whichever way you recommend it the quickest."

"That would be to make a polite request and I will see to it personally that Captain Geisler gets it as soon as possible," Mila said.

Doctor Rykov threw her hands up in defeat "Fine, whatever. Just take the PaDD and put it where it needs to go. Just make sure that someone does actually read it. We have equipment down there that could be replaced...and engineers if we're lucky enough" added the woman. "Unless you care to come down and help me repair the poor repairs my work teams left me?"

"Of course, Lieutenant," Mila said with a smile as she finally took the PADD. "I'll get this to the Captain or Acting Executive Officer immediately. Is there anything else I can do for you?"

Why can't they just call me Doctor?! thought Rykov. "Actually, yes. Inform me why the hell Commander Kos is in the Brig? I have been busy with my own work to hear the ship's scuttlebutt" explained Rykov. Truthfully, she was just seriously anti-social and nobody cared to talk to her if they didn't have to.

"She was revealed to be Consortium," Mila said. "As well as members of the O'Carroll and without more will be going to the brig before this is over."

Dr. Parisa Rykov nearly spat on the floor below as she felt a cold chill go down her spine. "That is Targ dung!" shouted the engineer shaking her head. "C-" she began to use the First Officer's first name, only to stop herself. "I just cannot fathom, Commander Kos would do such a thing. Thank you for letting me know, Yeoman."

Mila eyed the Lieutenant for a moment before she nodded. "It's not my place to question what's been done or by who," she said. "I merely carry out the wishes of the Captain."

"How fortunate for him" commented Rykov. "I have nothing more, Yeoman. You may go about your business" added Rykov.

Which is exactly what I have been doing Mila thought to herself. "Very good, Lieutenant," she said as she put the PADD with several others waiting to be delivered to the Captain.


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