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A Lofty Ideal

Posted on 08 Feb 2016 @ 3:46am by Ensign Kelly Khan & Lieutenant Jarveth Adan

Mission: Rude Awakening
Location: Flight
Timeline: MD 7

The young cadet, a petite brunette with her wavy hair pulled back in a braid which trailed down to the middle of her back of her immaculate uniform, entered the Flight offices and looked around. While she had become accustomed to officers of higher rank while at the Academy, this was her first real assignment even though it could be classified as a shake down cruise since she wasn't an Ensign yet, she found herself to be slightly nervous.

Kelly hoped that the Trill Flight Chief had a sense of humor because she always got a little tongue tied when meeting a new officer for the first time. "Excuse me," she stopped an Ensign. "I'm Cadet Fourth Class Kelly Khan and was looking for Lieutenant Adan. Could you help me, please?"

"The Chief should be in his office, Cadet," the Ensign replied, pointing to a closed door.

"Thank you," she said as she went to the door and pressed the chime.

Jarveth, his brows knitted in concentration, glanced up from the data padd clutched in his right hand. His spots colored at his annoyance. With all the Padds scattered across his desk, he had a lot on his plate at the moment. Still, as the head of a department, he had to be open to interruptions such as this.

Clearing his throat, he called, "Enter."

Kelly took a breath to brace herself and entered the office. "Cadet Fourth Class Kelly Khan reporting for duty, Lieutenant," she said formally. Her records indicated that she was assigned as a Flight Controller for the ship and had been in Nova Squad at the Academy and that she was on the Command track. Her soft hazel eyes met his directly, but without being forward or challenging, and she remained as still as a statue once she came to a stop.

Jarveth couldn't help but smile at the Cadet who was as still as a statue at the sight of him. "At ease, Cadet," he said. "I am familiar with your record. What can I do for you?"

What you can do for me? Kelly wondered, a look of momentary confusion crossing her youthful features. She was used to getting orders from senior officers, not having them ask her what they could do for her. "I took the opportunity to familiarize myself with the shuttles and runabouts on the ship, Sir. I must say that there is quite an impressive assortment and I look forward to being able to test out on each of them. I have a secondary degree in Engineering and am familiar with the latest techniques to increase efficiency."

Jarveth mulled things over in his mind for a moment. "I think we have an impressive fleet of shuttlecraft myself," the Trill Chief Flight Control Officer admitted. "Your secondary degree might come in handy at the moment though. I believe they need some help in Main Engineering. You would do fine down there until told otherwise."

"Oh," Kelly said, her voice filled with disappointment before she realized that she was talking to a department chief who could make recommendations that she never attain what goals she might have for herself. "May I speak freely, Sir?" she asked, her voice now formal.

Jarveth shifted his weight in his seat, his spots coloring again. This was typically a sign of his emotions flaring up for those in the know. "Yes," said he. "I take it you're not happy with my suggestion."

"It's not that, Sir," Kelly stated as she saw his spots darken. She had briefly known a Trill at the Academy and had an idea that he wasn't happy with her request to speak freely, but she took a breath and continued. "You would be putting me where you feel that I would do best. I've spent my entire life wanting to fly and when I entered Starfleet Academy, I dedicated myself to becoming the best of the best. I made Nova Squad and maintained my study and dedication to the course I had set for myself. I took Engineering as my secondary degree so I could maintain shuttlecraft, runabouts and anything else that can fly. The one dream that I truly have is to become a test pilot for the newest ships that the United Federation of Planets and Starfleet designs...and I can't do that from Engineering."

"No," agreed Jarveth, "you wouldn't." He frowned a little, his spots dulling slightly as well. "I appreciate your candor. I thought you could help out in Engineering, but I have changed my mind. You'll fly this ship for now, show me what you are capable of first...during the late shift when I and the Assistant Flight Control Officer are off duty. You do well and you'll be testing new craft in no time. How does that sound?"

"Thank you, Sir," Kelly said with a smile that practically lit up the office. Her hazel eyes shone with the same delight and her entire demeanor became relaxed and formal at the same time in an odd way. If it wouldn't have been improper, she would have given the Lieutenant a kiss, but she restrained herself. "I promise to give everything that I always do in any situation, Sir. If you would like, I'll even clean the runabouts and shuttles, Sir."

Jarveth relaxed as well. "I think you'll do good, Cadet Khan. And I will take you up on the offer of cleaning the runabouts and shuttles. I'm easy to get along with if you give me a try."

"Yes, Sir!" Kelly responded enthusiastically. "I'll get right on it, Sir. Is there anything else I can do to aid in things in Flight?"

"I think not," said the Trill. "I think that will be all for now. You are dismissed."


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