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The Computer Run Around

Posted on 29 Jan 2016 @ 1:09pm by Lieutenant Parisa Rykov DCS

Mission: Rude Awakening
Location: USS Black Hawk - Crew Quarters

In her dimply lit quarters, off in the far corner tucked away behind a desk with a functional computer console was the brightly isolated and illuminated faced of a determined woman. One with a fierce determination that equally matched her sometimes lashing attitude. The sound of claws being dragged across a gruff surface was not an uncommon sound in her quarters at any hour as her cat, Krampus was fully clawed and quite enjoyed his scratching post. However, Krampus was fast asleep, curled up on an afghan throw that Doctor Rykov had made herself several days ago.

The sound of claws running across a gruff surface had not been feline in nature, but rather human or at least mostly human. There was the whole Romulan heritage that she could not deny, and why would she? She may have not always appreciated her Romulan heritage, but she loved her grandmother and being Romulan was a huge part of her grandmother. So was this relentless determination. Dragging her nails across the fabric of her chair, Rykov fought an ongoing battle with the Black Hawk's computer which Rykov had given a colorful name. “Must we play these games?” said Rykov as she attempted to gain access to some files.

“Access denied” the computer replied. “Access denied, Beta – One Security level clearance required for additional information” added the computer.

Rykov glared at the computer and hissed. A groggy Krampus lifted his head and with sleepy eyes looked at her direction. “Not you” she said to him in a softer tone. “Go back to sleep while mommy deals with the little talking demon” instructed the engineer. “Listen here computer, you are going to give me access one way or the other. I have a level six access code with a Beta – One security clearance. You need to update my records, now” she said in a very harsh tone.

“Clearance unverified” the Computer stated simply.

Letting out a hot airy sigh, the woman continued. “Computer, who am I?”

“Processing” the computer responded. After a series of sounds, it added “Rykov, Parisa...” began the computer.

The engineer spoke up quickly “Computer, skip middle name” she said sharply.

“Acknowledged. Rykov, Parissa. Current Assignment, USS Black Hawk. Position Maintenance Officer. Rank, Lieutenant” the computer stated.

Rykov began to clap her hands gently. “Very good, Computer. Now, theorize. What would the security level be for a full Lieutenant aboard the starship?” asked Rykov.

“Security level Beta – One is an acceptable security clearance level for officers of the rank Lieutenant.”

The engineer's agitation was beginning to fade and turn into a sense of entertainment. “Computer, why doesn't Lieutenant Rykov have the Beta – One clearance?”

The computer took a moment. “Lieutenant Rykov's security clearance to Beta – One has yet to be approved” answered the computer.

Rykov's eyes opened wide. “Oh? And who's responsibly was it to finalize Lieutenant Rykov's security clearance aboard the USS Blackhawk?”

“Lieutenant Rykov's security clearance was approved by Lieutenant Commander Roget del Rosario. Further confirmation required. Approval by Commander Kos necessary” stated the computer flatly.

The engineer was now beginning to quite enjoy this little tug of war game with the computer. “Fine, I'll grant you that point, computer. However, computer, identify present location of Commander Kos?”

“Identifying” replied the computer. “Commander Kos is in the Brig.”

“Commander Kos is visiting the Brig?” asked Rykov, already knowing the details.

“Negative. Commander Kos is being held in a holding cell within the ship's Brig. She has been relieved of Command under the authority of Captain Geisler” the computer swiftly informed.

“Now we are getting somewhere” muttered the engineer. “Computer, with Commander Kos in custody, the chain of command has surely been updated. Aboard the USS Black Hawk who is next in line after the first officer?”

“The Second Officer aboard the USS Black Hawk is Lieutenant Commander Roget del Rosario, Chief Tactical Officer and Security Chief.”

“You don't say” replied Rykov. “Computer, if I needed the confirmation of the First Officer for security clearance change and yet the First Officer has been relieved of her duties, then, I would need confirmation from the Second Officer, correct?”

Doctor Rykov could taste the victory. “Affirmative” replied the computer.

Rykov took in a deep breath and exhaled softly. “Computer, has or has not del Rosario already signed off on the raise in security clearance?”

“Affirmative. Lieutenant Commander del Rosario has given their approval for....”

Rykov interrupted. “Then, process the change in security clearance.”

“Security clearance for Lieutenant Rykov has been updated.”


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