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Serenity Lost and Found

Posted on 16 Feb 2016 @ 9:11pm by Captain Harvey Geisler & Lieutenant Commander Jayla Kij

Mission: Rude Awakening
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Sometime after "Final Confrontation"


Harvey had never been one to stop to smell the roses, but the luscious mountain ranges on Betazed's southern hemisphere had been worth that second look. The sunrise behind the mountains made the sight a rare beauty, and one that Harvey had sworn to never miss, no matter how much he enjoyed the night life. Wearing only a robe securely tied at the waist, he leaned against the balcony's railing to watch his third consecutive sunrise. The sun rose so quickly here, a majestic event concluded within ten minutes.

He'd barely made this one. Seeing it again made him want to never miss another. The sun's brazen orange hue eventually yielded to golden yellow, complimented by the songs of the bluebirds as they fluttered over Harvey's head.

Harvey couldn't help but smile. For the first time in what felt like hours, he broke his stare on the horizon and looked down. His cottage was raised at least a hundred meters from ground level, well above the natural flora and fauna. No one would ever survive a fall from this height, especially when he or she greeted the pointy evergreens below.

But his gaze didn't go there.

It went to the combadge in his hand.

When he signed up, Starfleet was a means to an end. Recent events had changed that. He had a chance now, to leave it all behind. The frustrations caused by his career, being ordered about, giving orders, et cetera et cetera. All he had to do was let go and embrace his future.

Still gripping the combadge, he turned and looked through the open doorway to gaze upon the solution to all of his problems. Long, red hair still remained draped over a pillow while the lone sheet tenderly caressed her body under her exposed left arm. Naturally, she was not facing the open doorway. Harvey had learned all too quickly how little she cared for light waking Alison up to early.

Without a second thought, Harvey crossed the balcony and reentered the cottage. Not shedding the robe, he laid on the bed beside her and gently brushed his fingertips across her arm. A gentle smile formed on his lips as he did, as if it had been decades since he last felt her touch.

His companion stirred, rolling over to see her husband wide awake in bed. "Hey," she greeted softly, bearing a huge smile of her own.

"Hey," Harvey replied, his gentle smile widening. "It's time to wake up, sunshine."

Alison chuckled softly. "Yes it is." She looked down to see Harvey's closed fist with a bit of silver and gold sticking out. She knew exactly what that meant. Sadness creeped into her expression. This hadn't been the first time they'd been here, but in her heart, she knew the absolute truth. "But not for me."

Harvey's smile faded. He wanted so badly to turn and throw the combadge out the doorway and let it plummet to the ground. Even now, he felt its weight grow on him again. It didn't matter. He knew the truth too. "Just a few more minutes," he pleaded as he began to stroke her freckled cheek as he stared once more into her loving green eyes.

"Baby," she said, doing her best to be strong, reaching over to lift the hand holding the badge. Alison helped lift it and place it in the middle of his bare chest. She looked into his eyes to see what his life had become now. Her green eyes saw flashes of faces she'd never seen before, the dangers before him, the pain he'd felt every day and the miracles he'd seen. His story wasn't finished yet. As much as she wanted him to join her, that time wasn't now.

"Find joy, Harvey," Alison pleaded. "Be a good man, and find joy again."

She waited for him to blink. As soon as those eyelids closed, Alison let go.

Harvey's eyes opened. He no longer was on his side, but instead laid flat on his back. Bright lights overhead blinded his vision while sounds of beeping and whirring filled his hearing. The air was stale, freshened only by the circulation systems, not kissed by the sun or massaged by the gentle breeze.


He was... home. On the Black Hawk.

Harvey laid back and closed his eyes, feeling both pain and numbness in his side. Keeping his eyes closed, he began to reach for his side, only to find the cold steel of some medical apparatus.

Jayla heard the beeping and hurried to the Captain's side, pulling out her tricorder. He was conscious. Good. "Captain," she said gently. "Captain, can you hear me? How are you feeling?"

His eyes fluttered open, confused as to the owner of that voice. Harvey had to squint to force his eyes to focus. When they finally did, it took him a moment to recognize the visage of one Doctor Jayla Kij. The Captain groaned as his head fell back and closed his eyes, trying to recall why he was in sickbay to begin with.

The pain. His hands ran over the apparatus, and the memories of what happened came flooding back. Commander del Rosario's determined face. The phaser that had suddenly been withdrawn from its holster. The warm feeling in his side moments before yielding to purgatory.

"Like I got shot," Harvey quipped.

Jayla grinned. "Good," she said. "Because you did. Here," she added, pressing a hypospray of pain killers to his neck. "That should help. And, it is my happy duty to inform you that once I release you from Sick Bay- probably tomorrow morning- you are ordered to take a week off."

Normally, Harvey would be quick to protest. Today, the concept of a week off was... welcome. But... "The ship... Consortium... Terlexa..."

"All taken care of," she assured him. "I broke Kos out of jail and we took over the ship. It was fun! I've never been a mutineer before."

Somehow Harvey managed a half-smile as he laid there. So, Kos was indeed not a Consortium agent. He'd need to see her at some point. At least the ship was safe, and soon he'd have to figure out what to do, and even where to go.

Jayla grinned as well, glad to see that the Captain was feeling well enough to smile. "You seem to be stabilizing," she said. "But, try to get some rest, okay? We need you to get better. The Black Hawk needs her Captain."

"I..." Harvey tried to reply, feeling his body already surrendering to fatigue and sleep. "I... can do that." His eyes remained closed as they were too heavy to lift open. His left hand rose from the apparatus and reached upward towards the doctor. "Will... Will you stay with me until I'm... I fall..."

Jayla slowly closed her tricorder, vague smile on her face. She placed it back in it's pocket and pulled a stool over to the Captain's bedside. She took his reaching hand and sat next to him. "I'm here," she assured him. "Go to sleep now, Harvey."

He let his grip gently tighten around her hand. A moment later his lips parted as his lungs expanded, slowly sucking in every ounce of air they could. He held the breath for a moment before permitting the exhale. As the air quickly left his lungs, so did his consciousness. For the first time in months, it had taken less than two hours to fall to sleep.

For the first time in months, he felt peace.


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