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A Silence Of Two Parts

Posted on 11 Feb 2016 @ 1:08am by Lieutenant Commander Temerant Bast

Mission: Rude Awakening
Timeline: MD9 - 1600 Hours


The Bast symbiont existed in a world of silence.

It was a silence made of two parts. The first part was obvious, as symbionts are naturally blind and deaf, relying on their Hosts for contact with the outside world.

Which was closely related to the second silence. The symbiont couldn't see what the Host saw. And the symbiont couldn't hear what the Host heard. But now, this silence was not as alarming as it had been before. It had been able to break through the barrier a few minutes ago, and had made brief contact with the outside world. It knew this silence was only temporary.

There had been a third silence, which had stemmed from the fact that the symbiont had lost all mental connection to the Host. But that had now been resolved, and it could now touch the young Host's mind again. Bast and Temerant were still getting to know each other, and their time together, still fairly recent, had been interrupted. The young man who now hosted the Bast symbiont was still somewhat naïve, and impressionable. The predators on Deep Space Eleven had exploited that, cut him off from Bast's calming and reassuring presence, and used his own fears and doubts to corrupt his mind and turn him against his own beliefs.

Now the third silence had returned, but this time the symbiont knew the reason, and knew that it was only temporary. It had felt Temerant's pain, both physical due to the recent trauma, and mental, the suffering and the guilt over what he had done - what he had been coerced into doing. Now Temerant was sleeping, under heavy sedation, and his thoughts were still. The silence was now blissful. The time would soon come for bast to try to ease Temerant's conscience, and allow him to make peace with the recent events. But for now, what Temerant needed was rest.

And that was a satisfying silence.


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