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SAR Meeting

Posted on 18 Mar 2016 @ 7:14am by Lieutenant Camila Di Pasquale & Lieutenant Commander Terry Walsh & Lieutenant Commander Jayla Kij & Lieutenant Jarveth Adan & Lieutenant Commander Temerant Bast & Lieutenant Parisa Rykov DCS & Lieutenant Avery Stuart Ph.D. & Lieutenant JG Samantha Lopez

Mission: Outbreak
Location: Security Meeting Room

Camila sat in her office looking over the potential SAR candidates that she had already talked to and began to go down the list and selected several likely personnel before she sent a memo to them.

All officers interested in Search and Rescue training report to the meeting room in Security after your duty shift. This is voluntary.

Lieutenant Camila Di Pasquale
Chief of Security

She got up from her desk with a stack of PADDs in hand and headed to the meeting hall, hoping that it wasn't a bust or she wouldn't have the team she wanted and the Captain would have to be informed.

Terry's console beeped. He activated it and brought up the reason for the beep. After reading the memo from the new Security Chief he thought that the prospect might be interesting. Being part of a Search and Rescue team could be a little like his old Starfleet Marine training. Plus, the team would need someone to fly them out to their SAR missions. Someone with combat piloting experience might be a help. Either way, it would be something else to put in his personnel file. Terry checked to the chrono on the screen and saw that his duty shift was almost over anyway. So he got up and made his way to the meeting hall in the Security department.

"Lieutenant Commander Walsh, I assume?" Camila asked as she moved about the meeting room setting a PADD at each seat. "Help yourself to the replicator while we wait for the others to come. Thank you for attending as well. We could use a good pilot and your record speaks for itself."

"You assume correctly, Lieutenant," said Terry. "And thank you." Terry decided to pass on the replicator. The last thing he needed was something that would make him have to excuse himself to the little pilot's room. Instead, he took a seat.

Lieutenant Jarveth Adan was just coming off duty when he received the notification. For one, he was interested. For another, it would look good on his resume. As he left the bridge, he hurried to the Security Chief's office.

Entering, he smiled as he saw Walsh had already arrived.

"Lieutenant Adan," Camila nodded to him with a smile. The Trill was definitely a handsome man and she appreciated the pattern of his spots as far as she could see them. "If you want something to drink, the replicator is open."

"Thank you," said Jarveth, his Trill spots changing color with pleasure. He strolled over to the replicator and ordered a coffee with double cream, a Terran beverage he learned to like at the Academy.

"Is there anywhere special you'd like me to sit?" inquired he.

"Anywhere you want is fine, Lieutenant," Camila said.

Smiling again, Adan chose a seat next to Walsh and sat. He was thinking, oh yes he was thinking, how cute Di Pasquale looked and wondered fleetingly if she might join him for lunch after the meeting.

Camila finished setting the PADDs out on the table by the chairs and waited to see who else would attend. While she waited, she began to review what she would be telling the personnel to show up. Several members of Security also showed up and she gave them appreciative smiles for their initiative in wanting to learn something new as well.

Jayla had gotten the message, too, and since she had nothing else going on- and also because it felt like it would be interesting- she decided to go. At the last minute, she grabbed one of the training medkits she used in medic training and headed to Di Pasquale's office.

She grinned at Walsh and Adan, who had already arrived. "Wow," she said. "I wish it were this easy to get people to sign up for medic training. I brought this, just in case," she added, holding up the training kit.

"You have to be sick to want Medical, Doctor Kij," Camila said as the Trill Doctor came in. "This gives people the opportunity to rescue people who need your services. Thank you for coming."

"True, but sometimes, people who need rescuing also need first aid before they can be moved," replied Jayla. "Hence, this," she added, holding up the training kit again.

"I think you would do well to lead the Evacuation Flight," Camila said. "That's comprised of highly trained surgeons and emergency physicians and various medical specialties, but I'll cover more of that when I see if others show up."

"I have some cross training in emergency medicine," Jarveth spoke up. "Although my skills are minimal, I'm willing to learn more."

Sam had just been about to finish her shift when she received the message. She shut off her PADD, put it into her side trouser pocket, and shut down the scan she'd been running on her fighter. She then headed for the meeting hall. She had decided to go ahead with joining SAR because of her cross training in both Emergency Medicine and combat flying. She also had her past as a marine.

She walked in, seeing the others already there, as well as Walsh, she smiled and nodded at them all in turn. She then turned to Camila. "Apologies if i'm slightly late, Lieutenant." She said.

"You're fine, Lieutenant Lopez," Camila said with a smile as she saw the woman enter. "Help yourself to the replicator before we get started."

Terry had taken note that the ship's Flight Chief had arrived and now his own Deputy. He grinned on the outside and laughed on the inside. Lieutenant Di Pasquale was going to have three possible pilots for her SAR team. But he wasn't the type to go headstrong into it and demand that he get it. Terry was willing to let one of the other two have the opportunity. He could always be an alternate or something.

Camila looked around. "I was hoping that we might have the Chief Engineer show up, but if not, who here currently has any engineering skills that are current?"

Having just completed a shift down in Engineering that had her crawling through some jefferies tubes like a greased up pig, Doctor Parisa Rykov had detoured from the SAR meeting and spent several minutes in the sonic shower getting conduit lubricant and grease off her hands and face. The day she walked into a meeting looking disheveled would be the day hell froze over.

She walked briskly down the corridors of the USS Black Hawk, dressed in a black outfit with a canary yellow hijab that covered her head, but kept her face exposed. The Chief Engineer walked into the room, catching the security officer's words. "Hold your tongues unless you want them surgically removed with an engineer's plasma splicer" said Rykov, flashing her bright eyes at those around the table.

The Doctor shot a glare in Camila's direction. "Forgive my late arrival, Lieutenant. I was covered in grease and lubricant from today's shift...thought I'd freshen up before joining you."

Not long after the doctor's arrival, Avery entered and took a seat. She didn't want to interrupt whatever discussion was already going, but truthfully, she was more curious and flattered to be invited than anything. She appreciated a chief security officer who could think outside the box and was willing to consider that someone with her training could be a valuable asset to an SAR team, even if the connection didn't seem obvious at first. Truthfully, Stuart wasn't sure what she could offer at first glance other than medical assistance and possibly offer instruction on mental health first-aid, as an SAR team would be expected to handle people in the midst of a crisis, which would require more of a soft touch than brute force if they were to avoid causing further damage. Avery decided to listen to what the chief had to say, as now she was quite curious.

Camila wondered what the glare was for and made a note to put a addendum in the Chief Engineers personnel file in light of her threat, real or otherwise. "It is kind of you to join us, Lieutenant Rykov," Camila said. "Free of grease and lubricant. If you care for some refreshment, feel free to help yourself to the replicator before we get started. With luck, we'll have Lieutenant Nyquist join us soon, but does anyone have questions before I start?"

The Engineering Chief’s comment was a little odd to Terry, but he brushed if off. “Nah, I’m good,” he said. “For now at any rate. I’ll see what comes up during your briefing.”

The doors opened again, and Temerant Bast walked in. He'd been the first person di Pasquale had approached for the SAR project - but that had been before the incident on the T'Pring. The project still interested him, and he hoped the invitation was still open.

"Lieutenant," he said. "Would you mind if I joined in?"

Camila looked up when Bast came in. "Certainly, Lieutenant," she said. "You did agree to be part of SAR, did you not?"

"Of course," replied Bast, finding a seat in the small briefing room.

Camila nodded. "Search and rescue - or SAR - is an operation to locate and extract personnel who have been stranded, either by accident or through hostile action. If performed under combat conditions it may be known as Combat Search and Rescue, or CSAR. SAR can be performed to rescue large numbers of people from doomed planets and starships, or to rescue individuals who have been stranded or captured in the line of duty. SAR operations may be performed by either Starfleet crews, by dedicated rescue teams or even by civilians."

"Just prior to the 24th Century, Starfleet determined that dedicated Search and Rescue units would be beneficial to rescue spacefarers in distress and extract stranded personnel from within enemy controlled territory. The inspiration for such units and personnel came from a similar force of the United States military called the United States Air Force Pararescue command," she said as she went into a brief history of SAR.

"Just like 20th and 21st Century Pararescuemen, SAR Operatives were to be proficient not only in emergency medical treatments and diagnosis, but also combat skills to defend their patients from hostile forces."

"Before I go on," Camila said as she looked at each and every person. "I want each and every one of you to know that SAR is a physically and mentally trying period, with some classes not graduating a single being. It is a year and a half long course, but most of you are already highly trained individuals and this class will simply enable you to learn some new skills while brushing up on old ones. Anyone not interested may leave now."

She looked around and waited to see if there were anyone leaving and gave a nod. "Starfleet SAR units draw their organization from similar units from Earth's 20th and 21st centuries. There are three flights in a SAR Squadron. Although larger operations, specifically CSAR operations may require additional forces, including air support units and fire support from larger Starfleet vessels."

"If you will activate your PADDs, you will see there are three main components of a SAR squadron. The first is Extraction Flight which is a company of security personnel that are also highly trained in emergency medical procedures and first responder treatments."

"The second is Evacuation Flight which is all highly trained surgeons and emergency physicians and various medical specialties and the third is the Technical Support Flight; Maintenance personnel, small craft pilots, operations specialists, supply experts, and transporter experts."

"Who here has the most experience in which areas?" Camila asked.

Terry waited a few seconds to see if anyone else was going to speak up first. "Well, I'm a flyer. I've flown for the SF Marines and, obviously, the Fleet. It's been mostly fighters, so I guess the only thing I'd qualify for would be the small craft pilot." Then he looked at Lieutenants Lopez and Adan. "Of course, there are two other pilots here, so you've got some flexibility."

Camila nodded. "Perhaps that was the wrong question. What other skill sets would each of you be interested in learning as a part of SAR?"

"Well, obviously," said Jayla with a grin. "I mean, why would you put me anywhere else but with Medical? Unless you think I should learn something new?"

Lieutenant Rykov looked around the room and sunk into her chair letting out a heavy sigh. This is going to be a long day she thought to herself. "Lieutenant" she said looking at the Security Chief "I can't say that I have zero interest in this SAR concept. If I had no interest, I would have left already. However, I don't do isn't my cup of tea" said Rykov.

"However, I do see where I can be useful to an SAR team. I have strong technical skills and am very precise with a laser cutter...perhaps even surgically so. Additionally, I may be of some assistance when it comes to treating injuries. Prior to becoming an Engineer, I was actually a Nurse for significant time during my Starfleet career" offered Rykov.

"I'm not a pilot either," said Bast. "But the Chief of Operation's role is to coordinate the actions of every department, and see to the optimal use of our resources. I think that SAR is a prime example of that. And I was also an engineer before I was Joined," he reminded Camila.

"I," said Adan speaking up, "think the point of the SAR is to cross train. I could either take on some medical training or engineering. I can also pilot a craft, whatever you want. It gives us flexibility.

"Exactly," Camila said. "SAR promotes cross training and until more people can be trained in the various aspects, we need a core group to learn all that can be learned about Search and Rescue. You, ladies and gentlemen, are that core group. Who else is willing to cross train?"

Terry chuckled as he looked at his hands. “Well, I don’t imagine these gorilla mitts doing too much in the realm of detailed surgical things. Put me down for the Security personnel and combat medic, er, emergency medical procedures in the Extraction Flight.”

"I'm open to learning new skills," Avery offered, "but if your goal is to start building upon our basic aptitudes, I'm best suited to work as a medical specialist and first responder. In hairy situations, most people don't think providing emotional first aid is a priority, but I know from experience, it can be the difference between saving lives in an orderly and efficient fashion and complete chaos."

"I want everyone to keep in mind that while I and my Assistant Chief have both completed SAR training, I expect everyone here to help cross train each other," Camila said. "Each of you is a specialist in your own right. You are department heads, you are leaders, and you are the best that Starfleet has to offer. Until each of you become fully qualified, only myself and Lieutenant Cooper will be the SAR leaders, but each of you will be a leader of a SAR unit once we get established."

Jarveth smiled. "Looks like we have a few people to train as pilots," said he.

“So,” said Terry, “I presume SAR missions, training or otherwise, could also be in hostile territory? I only ask because if pilots are to be trained, they need to be ready for the combat part of flying in, landing, and flying out.”

"Search and Rescue operatives go wherever we are needed, including hostile territory, but usually other groups handle the more dangerous rescue missions," Camila said. "If you'll take a look at your PADD's, you will see exactly what kind of training will be covered. Keep in mind that as we all have our own duties and that many of you have training in some of these fields, others do not, so we will be helping each other cross train as our schedules allow it. However," she raised one hand. "Please make sure to notify myself or Lieutenant Cooper before beginning any holodeck training so one of us can be present."

Rykov mulled over the information on the PaDD and smirked as she read through it bit by bit. "I'll be sure to remember that" said the Chief Engineer. Though I am not much of a 'team player' she thought to herself.

Bast nodded. He was up to the challenge of learning to be a pilot, or a field medic, whatever skill would be required.

Camila looked around. "Okay, look over the information in the PADDs, think on what you want to do and get back to me or Lieutenant Cooper in the next several days. Then we can do an assessment of areas that you would be well suited for and go over areas that you have a desire to train in. Any other questions?"

Terry shook his head. “I’m good, Lieutenant.” He tapped his fingers on the PADD. Got a lot of reading to do over the next couple of days. And thinking, for that matter. His only concern, which he planned on bringing up in the next several days, was whether or not it would interfere with his duties as Squadron Commander.

"Thank you, Lieutenant," Avery replied with a nod. "I'll look over this information and be sure to get back to you. I'm sure I'll have more questions as time goes on, but right now, I just need some time to absorb the information."

"If there's no other questions, you may go and I look forward to seeing everyone soon," Camila said. "Thank you for coming."

Terry nodded and continued sitting in his chair for a moment, going over the material. He had no other questions, he was simply letting some of the others leave first. He wasn’t as close to the door as they were and there was no sense in all of them bottlenecking at the exit.

Jayla had been busy reading some of the information they'd been handed when Di Pasquale had dismissed them, so it was a couple of moments before she realized people were leaving. "Oh," she said softly, shaking herself out of it and standing to leave. It appeared she had a lot of reading to do.

After everyone left, Camila headed back to her office and began to set up a training schedule. It would take a while, but she hoped that she had enough officers on board with the idea where they could have an active SAR unit on the ship. Once that was finished, she turned the Security office over to the duty officer and headed out for the day.


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