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Arrival at New Risa

Posted on 17 Mar 2016 @ 4:52am by Captain Harvey Geisler & Lieutenant Commander Terry Walsh & Lieutenant Jarveth Adan & Lieutenant Commander Temerant Bast & Lieutenant Camila Di Pasquale & Lieutenant Parisa Rykov DCS

Mission: Outbreak
Location: USS Black Hawk || Bridge
Timeline: MD 4 || 0800 hours

Captain Geisler exited his ready room and headed for the center seat. If they were on schedule, then it was only a short while before they'd arrive. Still, it didn't stop him from saying, "Report!" as he turned to sit in his seat.

Camila looked up as the Captain came onto the bridge. "All is calm on the Tactical front, Captain," she said.

"I guess that also means no sign of our Consortium friends," he uncharacteristically quipped in a tone that carried a bit of relief and jest. "Helm, ETA?"

Chief Engineer, Dr. Parsia Rykov could not resit the opportunity and quickly dug her nails into it. "I wouldn't be so eager to make that assertion" she stated calmly. "You never know when they are going to rear their ugly heads. Besides, one stood right there for the longest time" added Rykov making a note to nod in Camilla's general direction.

Harvey noticed the direction of her nod, surprised that she'd chosen to nod at del Rosario's former station and not at the Trill Operations Chief. "Yolvanda II is a large planet," he addressed the Chief Engineer. "There's no way the Consortium could make an attempt to control it." As Deep Space 11 was a Starfleet facility, it was easy for the Consortium to usurp Admiral Adislo. With millions of people on Yolvanda II representing dozens and dozens of species, Harvey could not see how the Consortium could control the planet without a significant presence or blockade.

"Regardless, Captain" she said pleasantly "The next one I meet will be on the Doctor's slab in the morgue if I have anything to say about it and their 'Consortium' ways" Rykov added, shaking her head with a bitterness in her tone. "Also, Engineering reports ready, Sir" she continued, shifting back into a more professional manner.

Lieutenant Adan, who was a Helm, waited for Dr. Rykov's shpeel before responding to the Captain's query. "ETA is two minutes, Sir. We will be in orbit of Riza II. I can't wait." This last he added under his breath. All the stress of the recent mission wore them all down.

Bast tried to ignore the Chief Engineer's remarks as best he could, and focused on his console. "Sensors show only civilian vessels currently orbiting New Risa. No Starfleet vessels within range."


Terry looked to the left and saw the Black Hawk out of his window. He had planned the pilot’s rotation so that he could be on escort duty when they approached the planet. He wanted to give himself the opportunity to see Yolvanda II from the quiet of a fighter. No Flight Deck noises. Nothing. Just him, his fighter, an awesome view of a planet that had been named New Risa. He chuckled as he was sure that there were reasons for that.


"Thank you, Lieutenant," Harvey said to Bast, though he made no attempt to look in the man's direction. "And, Mister Adan, I share your enthusiasm." A glance down at his PADD revealed information on a sea-front resort he'd hoped to take Jayla to for an evening getaway. His eyes weren't allowed to linger, after all, he was still on duty.

Two minutes passed very quickly. "Drop us out of warp, Lieutenant," Harvey announced to the helm, deciding to stay seated in his chair this time.

As soon as he saw the warp trails disappear from the screen. "Hail the Transit Authority," Harvey requested, straightening his posture.

Bast punched the required controls on his panel. "Hailing frequencies open," he reported. Within seconds, he had received a response from the transit authority. "On screen," he said, redirecting the call to the ship's main viewscreen.

Harvey was not at all surprised to see an image of a Wadi appear on his viewscreen. He had heard of their aspiration for fun and games, and also the rumors that they had partnered with Risa in the Alpha Quadrant in order to bring the best possible entertainment venue to the Gamma Quadrant.

"Welcome to Yolvanda II, Captain. I am Administrator Falow."

"Thank you, Administrator," Harvey replied, keeping it formal. "I'm Captain Harvey Geisler, USS Black Hawk."

"Yes, Captain, we've been expecting you!" the Administrator replied with a beaming smile. "I'm afraid we haven't even started packaging your shipment."

"Quite all right, Administrator. My crew was hoping we'd stay here for a few days and partake in what Yolvanda has to offer."

"Splendid! Yolvanda is at your's and your crew's service. In fact, you, and that certain special someone in your life, are invited to dine at my table tonight." Before Harvey could interject, the Wadi quickly added, "I'll send your yeoman the details. 1900 hours. I'll see you there."

The screen abruptly went dark for a heartbeat before switching back to the view of the planet before them.

After staring at the screen for a moment, Harvey cleared his throat. "Helm, standard orbit. XO, please inform the crew that we have arrived, and those who are scheduled for R and R can depart as soon as we are within range."


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