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Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey Stuff

Posted on 20 Mar 2016 @ 10:20am by Ensign Elisha Cherno & Ensign Xavier Hernandez

Mission: Outbreak
Location: Holodeck 2

When Elisha had left to find the program for the holodeck, he made a mental note to thank Cadet Khan for arranging the dinner between him and Elisha. For all of her nervousness, he felt that he had a connection with her and determined that he would find a way to relax her more without using Pequeño as a distraction. He wanted to get to know her without the puppy taking her away from him every moment.

He smiled and headed back to his quarters where he fed the puppy and gave him a treat, then got dressed in a pair of khaki pants, a dark blue shirt with a red bow tie and mussed his hair up as much as it could be considering how short it was. He looked in a mirror and made an adjustment. "Time to get wibbly wobbly," he told his reflection before he left to go meet her at holodeck two.

Elisha got there first and inserted the chip into the holodeck controls. She pulled up random doctor, random location and random enemy. She couldn't wait to see where they ended up and with whom they would be working. Looking up, she spotted him coming along the halls. "Another bowtie," she said, grinned. "Bowties are cool."

"Fezzes are, too, but I still can't find a replicator pattern for one," he said as he approached. "I hope I'm dressed appropriately."

"I'm sure the Doctor won't care much how you're dressed," she said. "Unless we get eleven. He'll think you're a sharp dresser."

"Do you think so?" Xavier asked her.

"Sure," said Elisha with a grin. "He's always complimenting people in bow ties. But I programmed it for a random Doctor, so who knows what we'll get. Ready?" she asked.

"Ready," he said. "Let's see what's in time for us today, Companion Elisha."

Elisha grinned and walked through the doors is the holodeck.

Right into a firefight on an unknown planet. Well, known to her, but it didn't actually exist. "Oh, great, Scarro!" she said, grabbing Xavi's hand and running towards a nearby grouping of rocks. She dove behind them quickly. "Maybe I should specified NOT a war zone."

"Why do I have the feeling," Xavier grunted as he ran beside of her. "that I dressed totally wrong for this scenario?"

"So did I," said Elisha, ducking as a blast hit the rock just above her head. "Oh, well, at least I'm not in heals."

"Me, too!" came a male voice from around the rock. "I hate when I go to war in heals."

Elisha motioned to Xavi to follow and she rounded the rock to find a tall, dark-skinned man dressed in a lavender shirt and dark jacket. "Hello!" he said. "I'm The Doctor!"

"I'm Elisha and this is Xavier," Elisha said, grinning.

"Why are you so happy?" The Doctor asked. "This is a war!"

"A pleasure to meet you," Xavier said as he ducked at the sound of another explosion near by. "A doctor? We might need your services if we don't get out of this area soon."

"No doubt!" said the Doctor, turning his penetrating gaze on the other man. "How did the two of you get here?"

"You're assuming we haven't always been here," Elisha pointed out.

"You're far too well dressed for a war," The Doctor pointed out. But then, another shot shattered the rock next to them. "Run!" he cried, taking off towards some nearby mountains.

Elisha grabbed Xavi's hand again and started following The Doctor. If these holonovels had taught her one thing, it was that the safest place was wherever The Doctor was.

"Wait," Xavier said as he ran beside of Elisha. "Is that The Doctor?"

"Yeah," Elisha answered a bit breathlessly; while she didn't have trouble jogging, running full tilt over this distance was a bit much. "I"ve never played with this one before. He seems... interesting." Their speed soon made talking impossible until the reached the relative safety of the mountains.

"So," panted The Doctor. "How did... you two... get here?"

"Not sure," Elisha panted back. "It was like... we just... walked... through a door and... and...." She gestured pointlessly with one hand. "And were here."

"That doesn't... make... any sense," said The Doctor. "Unless! Unless my TARDIS... broke through... your... your... dimension... on its way here." He took several deep breaths in a row. "Where are you from?" he finally asked, still breathing a bit heavily. "Or more importantly, when?"

Elisha decided to play appropriately surprised. "What do you mean, when?" she asked, just as she knew she was supposed to.

"When means when," answered The Doctor. "What else would it mean?"

"A whowhatis?" Xavier asked, not as out of breath as she is due to his Security training. "And why is there a war going on here? I'm trained to fight if you need a hand."

"No, no," said The Doctor. "There will be no fighting. This war has been going on for a very long time. We are not going to get involved. We're going to get back to the TARDIS and get out of here. Now, as I said before, when are you from? What year? What planet?"

"Twenty-three eighty-eight," Xavier said. "We from a ship called the Black Hawk." He looked at Elisha, wondering if he should have told the truth or not.

Elisha nodded. It didn't really matter what they told The Doctor.

"Black Hawk," repeated The Doctor. "Is that an Earth Ship?"

"Yes," answered Elisha. If this Doctor was asking about Earth Ships, he was pre-Federation. "I'm- I'm from Brazil and Xavi's from... uh.... where are you from, Xavi?"

"I'm from Tijuana, Mexico," Xavier said. "Why is everyone fighting here and what's this Tardar sauce you were talking about?"

Elisha bit her cheeks to keep from laughing. Xavi was doing a great job of pretending he didn't know what was going on.

"TARDIS," said The Doctor. "Time And Relative Dimension In Space. It's my time and space machine. If we can get to it, we can get out of here."

"Time and space?" said Elisha, also pretending for the sake of the game. "How can you travel through time?"

"Very carefully," answered The Doctor very seriously, with the merest hint of a wink.

"Where is this ship, then?" she asked.

"The Kaleds have taken it," answered The Doctor. "They believe it is a Thal weapon and they have decided to dismantle it. Ha! I'd like to see them try!"

"You can travel through space and time, but it got captured by the Kaleds?" Xavier asked. "Didn't have anyone to guard it, did you? Well, show us the way and we can all get out of here."

"Yes, well," said the Doctor. "It is very heavy and normally almost impossible to move. They have an anti-gravity sled. Don't ask me how they got it on. They surprised and captured me. By the time I got free, they had my TARDIS." He took a deep breath. "All right, if you two are going to help, let's get moving. First, we have to get into the Kaleds' base." He rubbed his hands together. "Do either of you have any ideas?" he asked.

"I'd need to see what the layout of the base is, how many Kaleds are guarding it, what the patrol schedule is and how far into the base your ship is," Xavier said. "We're going to need to capture at least three of them to get weapons because they're not going to let us just go in there and take it back from them. How many have you seen, Doctor?"

"Today?" said the Doctor. "Seven. But, there are hundreds. Perhaps thousands."

"That's all?" Xavier said as he adjusted his bow tie. "Then they won't stand a chance."

"Maybe," Elisha spoke up, "you're over thinking this,. Maybe we can pretend to be Kaleds who have recaptured you."

"You would never pass for Kaleds," said The Doctor. "You stick out like a sore thumb. I wish you weren't wearing red pants."

"I could take them off," she suggested cheekily.

The Doctor considered this for a moment. "No," he said finally. "Your skin is pale. It would show up more than the pants will. Let's just try to get close and see what's going on."

For a moment, Xavier was tempted to encourage Elisha to take her pants off, but held his tongue, although the grin on his face couldn't be repressed. "I could scout ahead once you give me the lay of the land where you last saw their patrols."

"All right," said The Doctor, crouching and beginning to draw in the dirt. Here's the plan...."


Two hours later, the three of them finally burst into the TARDIS, Elisha dressed as a Roman Soldier, Xavier in jeans, T-shirt, and leather jacket with his hair slicked back, and The Doctor in nothing but a loin cloth and Native American headdress, all three struggling to carry a mummy. Once they were through the door, Elisha kicked it closed and they all dropped the mummy.

Elisha looked around, pretending to be amazed. "But," she said, turning 'round and 'round. "But, it's BIGGER in here! How is it bigger in here?"

"Everything we just went through and this is what she finds impossible," said The Doctor, going to the second console. He began throwing switches and turning knobs. "Where shall we go?" he asked. "No, wait! I know! Anywhere but here!" With another thrown switch and a WHOOSH-WHOOSH they were off. "Now," he said. "Bigger on the inside. It's compressed space, obviously. Any more questions, or shall we go find something amazing?"

Xavier looked at the Doctor and his jaw fell open when he saw how big it was inside. "Can I stop telling people to sit on it now?" he asked, having no idea what he had been telling the enemy to sit on. "'s like a holodeck, right? It only looks bigger on the inside through illusion?"

"Nope," said The Doctor, throwing more switches. "It really IS bigger on the inside. As I said, compressed space. It's complicated. Would take years to explain properly. Now do you two want to go home or do you want to go to... oh... say.... a world where Diamonds rain from the sky?"

"We probably should get home," said Elisha. "We've been gone for a long time. They'll be looking for us."

"Don't worry about that," said The Doctor. "You can spend a year exploring and I can set you down three seconds after you left."

Xavier looked at Elisha. "What's three seconds? I always wanted to see space and time from a different view."

"All right," Elisha relented. "Let's go!"


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