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Posted on 30 Mar 2016 @ 7:18am by Lieutenant JG Charles Carmichael

Mission: Outbreak
Location: New Risa
Timeline: MD 4 || 1900 hours

Lieutenant JG Carmichael had no idea how he got the first chance at leave. Either way, he felt like he was going to owe the science chief a favor when this was all over.

Charles shook his head, deciding that whatever it was would have been worth it. He blamed himself for not taking the time when the ship was docked at Deep Space 11 to go enjoy the sights and instead spend time in with their Telescope Labs in the mountains. Well, not really. He was a Stellar Cartographer by trade, and he certainly loved watching the stars. If he could, he'd stay in his lab all day.

In fact, that's why he came to the surface in the first place. As he walked down the marketplace, he shifted the backpack he carried. Inside it was a folded mat, tricorder, a PADD and the parts of a telescope. What he didn't have for his night of stargazing was something to eat or drink.

It would be so simple for him to stop somewhere and eat, but the sun was setting, and he was already late enough to get to his destination. It would take him ten minutes at least just to set up the telescope. Charles was forced, or encouraged rather, to sample from the marketplace.

After what seemed like hundreds of merchants peddling clothing to scarves to knick knacks to novelties, he found a Bajoran jumja bar. Were the sun not so close to ducking behind the mountain range, Charles would have continued his hunt. He didn't not like jumja sticks, but he was hoping to find something a little more local.

Stepping up to the counter, Charles felt embarrassed when he realized he didn't know what flavors he was looking at. To him, all he saw was red, orange, yellow and green, not moba or kurna or milaberry. Instead, he pointed at a yellow jumja stick and said, "I'll have that one."

The vendor removed the stick from the stand and passed it over to Charles who fumbled a slip of latinum out from a hidden pocket. Just as soon as the stick was paid for, the vendor turned and coughed rather loudly and raspy.

"You okay?" Charles asked, suddenly unsure about sampling his treat.

The Bajoran nodded, recoiling from another cough. "Throat's just a little sore."

"I hear Aldebaran Whiskey and honey works wonders with that," the Cartographer suggested.

"I don't drink," the Bajoran replied, tilting his head just enough to show how ornate his earring was.

"Suit yourself." Charles nodded at the vendor. "Good evening, sir." He then backed away from the booth and continued on his way. As soon as he figured he was far enough away, Charles dumped the untouched jumja stick. Tonight he'd just have the company of stars to keep him from thinking about his empty stomach.


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