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Posted on 09 Apr 2016 @ 10:32pm by Ensign Kelly Khan
Edited on on 22 Feb 2018 @ 6:07pm

Mission: Outbreak
Location: Cadet Quarters
Timeline: MD 5 2200 Hours

Elisha was a little tanned, ever so slightly pink, and exhausted.

She'd had a lot of fun, but now she had to get back to work. Well, back to the ship anyway. She would actually get back on duty the following day. For tonight, she was going to eat something and then crash. The best vacations were the ones when you came back thoroughly exhausted.

Walking into the Cadet barracks, she found Kelly already there. "Hi," she said, tossing her bag onto her bunk. "Have fun?"

Kelly looked up from a PADD she was perusing and smiled when Elisha came in. "I did. You look like you got a tan and had a lot of fun."

"Yeah, it was fun," said Elisha with a grin. "I got to go base jumping."

"That sounds pretty intense," Kelly said. "Did you meet any cute guys while you were there?"

"No," said Elisha, blushing slightly. "I most just hung out with Xavi."

"Ohhh...a blush!" Kelly exclaimed. "Hanging out with Xavi." She drew his name out with a smile. "How much did you hang out?"

"A lot," said Elisha. "Almost all day yesterday. And part of the day today. He had to come back early because Pequeño got out and nobody else could catch him."

Kelly laughed. "So...what happened between you two?"

"Swimming, mostly," said Elisha. "And rock climbing." Her brain then made several leaps and without explaining them to Kelly, she asked, "what are girlfriends supposed to do?"

"Girl friends or girlfriends?" Kelly asked.

"Girlfriends," said Elisha. "You know, like with guys."

"Xavier asked you to be his girlfriend?!" Kelly asked and jumped to her feet excitedly.

"Well, yeah," said Elisha, sounding like it was no big deal. "But, like, I don't know how."

"Sure you do," Kelly said. "You've already been swimming and base jumping with him, right? You've also spent time with him on the holodeck, and you love his puppy. The two of you are cute, too. Just keep doing what you're doing."

"Just... just hanging out?" Elisha asked. "Really? That's all? Isn't there a little more to it?"

"Well, there's a bit more, like romantic stuff," Kelly said. "You know, kissing, making out, but let him know that if you aren't ready, it means you aren't ready. He'll either respect that or you let me know and I'll make sure his new nickname is Stumpy when I take his legs off at the kneecaps."

That made Elisha giggle. "Oh, trust me, if he pushes me too fast, he'll probably lose his larynx," she said.

"Too easy and you might kill him that way," Kelly said. "You want to make him suffer."

"Anyway, he doesn't seem the type to do that," she said. "He apologized for kissing me."

"He kissed you and apologized?" Kelly blinked. "That' He must be the last gentleman in the entire quadrant. Marry him, Elisha!"

"Oh, sure," said Elisha. "Let's just go get him right now and have a wedding."

"Okay," Kelly said. "Computer, locate Ensign Xavier Hernandez," she ordered it.

"Ensign Hernandez is currently on deck five, crew quarters two twenty-seven."

"Kelly!" laughed Elisha. "I was joking!"

"You were?" Kelly asked. "I was being serious. Guys like that don't come around every century. You should totally find a way to keep him."

"Well, that's totally going to be up to him," Elisha said, starting to unpack her bag. "And I'm not even sure why he likes me, so I'm not sure what I can do about it."

"He wouldn't have asked you to be his girlfriend if he didn't like you, Elisha," Kelly pointed out. "Don't you dare second guess yourself."

"I mean, I know he likes me," said Elisha. "I just don't know why."

"I already told you why," Kelly said. "You're smart, attractive and you have common interests with him. That's a good start and I know it'll only get better."

"If I don't get transferred off first," added Elisha skeptically. "And that's a really big if."

Kelly shook her head. "With how things are going here and now, that isn't likely. Every crew that is vetted and proved not to be Consortium isn't likely to be transferred to another ship. Too many risks."

"True," allowed Elisha. She paused in her unpacking, her turquoise two-piece in one hand. "This might work after all," she said, a glimmer of hope in her eye. "If I can manage to stay right here... Oh, I hope you're right, Kelly," she said, finally putting the bikini away.

"I usually am, except when I'm wrong," Kelly said. "But that usually turns out to be a mistake on the other person, in which case, I'm still right. Still, I'm happy for you, Elisha. You needed this."

"M-maybe," stammered Elisha. "He makes me nervous. I just don't know what to do sometimes."

"Smile and be yourself," Kelly told her. "He's accepted all of your so far, right?"

"Well, yes," admitted Elisha. "But, he accepted me all nervous. What if I get comfortable with him and then he doesn't like me like that?"

"Were you nervous with him all the time, including when in the holodeck and around his puppy?" Kelly asked.

Elisha thought about that for a moment. In fact, she'd been completely comfortable when talking to his dog and while on the holodeck. "I suppose not," she said, grinning. "Maybe you're right. Maybe he really does like me."

"If he didn't, I doubt he would have ask you to be his girlfriend," Kelly pointed out. "Now let's dive into the computer and find some sexy clothes for you to wear."

"I'm not wearing sexy clothes!" insisted Elisha. "He likes me in the clothes I've got."

"It's nice to look and feel sexy at times," Kelly said. "Besides, I'm pretty sure he'd appreciate it, too. I'm not saying you have to dress like a slut, but something that makes you feel nice and guaranteed to make heads turn."

"I've got this," said Elisha, pulling a purple, knee length lace dress out of her locker. "It's about as sexy as I'm gonna get."

Kelly eyed it, then went to the terminal and entered a query. "That's not bad, but what do you think about this outfit ?" she asked her.

Elisha looked at it and her eyebrows shot up towards her hair line. "For you, sure," she said. "For me, not a chance in the known or unknown universe!"

"Come on, it's not that bad," Kelly said as she switched to another outfit. "What about this one?"

"It's too... black," said Elisha. "Oh, this one's nice! Or that one! He likes orange."

"Those are pretty," Kelly said after looking at them. "I guess I should expand the search parameters a bit, but you know what you like and would wear."

"I think I should get the orange one," said Elisha. "I wonder if he'd like me in orange."

"I bet his first thought would be to peel you," Kelly said with a dirty laugh.

Elisha felt her cheeks burning. "M-maybe that's not such a great idea, then," she said.

"Elisha! You have to loosen up sometime," Kelly said. "What are you going to do when it's time to take serious steps with him?"

"Probably freak out," admitted Elisha.

"You're going to be the last Starfleet virgin, aren't you?" Kelly asked.

"Hopefully," said Elisha. "I really don't know how I would deal with... with that."

"Getting laid isn't the end of the world, Elisha," Kelly said. "If a guy knows what he's doing, you'll be in so much pleasure that you'll forget how to speak any known language and invent a few in the process."

"That's not the problem," Elisha said, wrinkling her nose.

"So what is?" Kelly asked.

"The problem is what do I do?" Elisha confessed, feeling her cheeks burning again. "I mean, what if he thinks I'm rubbish? I don't know anything about... about... pleasing a man."

"What do you mean, what do you do?" Kelly asked. "I can give you some tips and tricks that'll help, but I'd highly suggest spending some time in a holodeck with a good sex ed program."

"I've done that already," said Elisha. sitting cross-legged on the floor. "We all did, back in secondary school. It was required. But, it doesn't help to know what to do so much as how to do it. I think it's probably just a matter of practice."

"That's pretty much it," Kelly agreed. "But once you get the hang of it, you can make every time better. It's like a rodeo, you don't run from getting thrown off, you run back and learn how to ride it until it calls you Mistress and begs you to go for another ride."

Elisha giggled almost uncontrollably. "Am I likely... to get thrown off?" she gasped, unable to control the giggles. "Because that... sounds like... a really... wild time!"

"Depends if you do it in zero gee," Kelly said. "That's really hard unless you use straps. But yeah, there's a lot of different things you can do that will get you thrown if you aren't careful. I dated a Klingon briefly and man...I think I saw a doctor more than I saw him."

"Klingons seem... dangerous," said Elisha, finally getting her giggles under control. "Lucky I'm too timid to ever attract one of them."

"They really get turned on when you throw things at them and do a lot of scratching and biting," Kelly said. "I wouldn't try it with a human, though. Back to Xavier. I'm not saying you should jump in bed with him right away, but sooner or later, some guy is going to want it and may not stick around if you keep saying no. That isn't right, and it's not a mandatory part of a relationship, but it is a lot of fun."

"Well, any guy who wouldn't wait for me to be ready isn't worthy my time, anyway," Elisha said, perhaps a bit too coldly. "I don't need someone to push me into things I don't want to do."

"That's your right, too," Kelly said. "But if you're going to abstain forever just because you worry about how you'd do, then you'll never know what you're missing. You'd be unfair to yourself."

"I know," sighed Elisha. "Well, we'll see how it goes. Right now, I don't even want to think about it." But, if she were completely honest with herself, the thought of being with Xavi stirred her.

"For someone who doesn't want to think about it, you've talked an awful lot about it," Kelly said with a laugh.

Elisha grinned sheepishly. "Okay, so thinking about it isn't so bad," she said. "But, when I think about actually doing it..." She shook her head. "I just know I'd chicken out."

"There will come a point where your body won't let you," Kelly said. "Especially if the right guy does the right things and touches you the right way. It will betray you and you'll come to your senses and realize that you've been barking for a few minutes and doing things that would make an Orion slave girl blush."

Again, Elisha could not control her laughing. "Barking!" she howled. "Oh, my!"

"Yes, barking," Kelly said. "You might not believe me now, but there will come a day when it may happen and I know you aren't going to think of me at the time but somewhere in the back of your mind, you'll know and you won't regret a second of it. Anyhow, did you want to hear about what happened with me on New Risa?"

"You mean besides meeting my brother?" replied Elisha with a grin.

"Besides that." She took a breath. "Me and Quinn went camping, and I claimed him in the name of me. We went kayaking and cooked and broke in a part of New Risa that had never been broken in like that before."

Elisha stared at Kelly for a moment, eyes wide and mouth hanging slightly open. "You're kidding!" she said. "Quinn?" She was surprised to find that her voice held the tiniest bit of disgust when she said his name and that she felt a little annoyed at his mention. How odd.

"Yes, Quinn," Kelly giggled. "He's sweet and a bit naive, but I know that he'd never wander off to another woman. He's such a nice guy and I liked him from the first time I met him in the recreation center. He taught me how to kayak and we cooked under the stars. It was really romantic, although I did have to ask him to be my girlfriend before he got the hint."

Elisha really didn't know what to say. Until quite recently, she'd had a major crush on Quinn, but now the thought of him irritated her. She didn't know what to make of it. Was it because Kelly was officially seeing him, now? No, she didn't think so. It was deeper than that. But, she couldn't put her finger on it. "Oh," she said, still trying to work out what was going on in her head. "Well, great. I mean, I'm happy for you."

"Is something wrong?" Kelly asked when she saw the look of annoyance on Elisha's face.

"No," said Elisha quickly. "I mean, I don't know. I really am happy for you, I promise!"

"You don't know?" Kelly asked, then stopped and thought for a moment. "Did you like him, Elisha?"

"At one point," hedged Elisha. "Not anymore, though. I've got a distraction." She grinned sheepishly.

"You did?" Kelly asked, wide-eyed. "Why didn't you grab him before Xavier grabbed you up?"

"Because, I can't do that!" exclaimed Elisha. "I'm not brave enough for that. Besides, Xavi's better."

"I am really glad that you met someone who swept you off your feet, Elisha," Kelly said honestly. "I would have found a way to hook you up with someone sooner or later."

"Yeah, well," said Elisha. "I'm still not sure about this, to tell you the truth. I'm still too nervous around him. I don't know what I'm doing."

"Kiss him, pet him, stroke him and call him George," Kelly said with a giggle. "Or would that be Whore-hay in Spanish?"

Elisha blushed. "I'm not going to stroke him!" she said. "And his name's Xavier, why would I call him George?"

"It came from an old cartoon. Rabbits don't have feathers, either," Kelly said with a sage nod. "I think he might like being stroked though."

"Kelly!" exclaimed Elisha. "I'm not ready for that, yet."

"What?" Kelly asked innocently. "It's not a big step, really."

"Easy for you to say," said Elisha. "I just had my first kiss. It's gonna take me awhile."

"Well, Xavier seems like a really nice guy, so I bet he'd wait until you made Commander if that's what you wanted."

"If I can stand the nerves that long," said Elisha, pulling herself off the floor. "But, for now, I think I'm going to head to Sick Bay. My throat's a little sore."

"Okay," Kelly said. "I think I'm going to take a nap before I have to go on duty. If Xavier comes by, I'll let him know where you are."

Elisha only grinned as she walked out the door to head to Sick Bay. She hoped she hadn't picked up some sort of bug on the planet. Sometimes, those sorts of illnesses just had to work their own way out. And she really didn't want to be sick for a couple of weeks.


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