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Minding the Store (backpost)

Posted on 09 Feb 2014 @ 3:05am by Lieutenant JG Harold Sherman
Edited on on 22 Mar 2014 @ 12:50pm

Mission: Echoes
Location: USS Black Hawk, Operations Office
Timeline: December 31, 2387

Ensign Harold “Hal” Sherman was in meeting with the senior people in his department. He was looking over information that Warrant Officer Jenerou had just informed him. He then looked over to Ensign Richard Muro, Warrant Officer Bethany Jones, and Master Chief Darrin Harper the information. With smile on face he began, “You mean to tell me there is create aboard the Blackhawk that no one in the Quartermaster Section knew anything about? Including no documentation who ordered it under anyone orders, and none of it being received! Yet, it is under guard by Security and they are being tight lipped about it?”

Sherman closed his eyes and shook his head then ask his one question, “How come it taken four days to bring this to my attention?” Sherman knew the answer would satisfy him, but he would have to live with it.

Ensign Richard Muro cleared his throat and spoke up, “Sir, it taken us this long to verify that maybe it was something that had been misplaced. The last few days while in Deep Space 9 were hectic, and we checked to make sure all vouchers for incoming and outgoing materials were I verified.”

Sherman then dismissed all other Operations personnel and waited until the five were left in the office alone. Then he turned to both Warrant Officers and the Master Chief, “If any of us have a lapse of common sense, please take us to the side and slap some sense into us.” Sherman then let out sigh,”Mr. Muro once you leave office and get back to your office, you will write a memo to the Captain and First Officer asking them to sign off variance for said package. Include the fact that it now being guard by members of the Security/Tactical Department at this time, and we have no idea who requested or what is in it.”

Then Sherman turned to Warrant Officer Jenerou before speaking, “I take it you double verified that we have no knowledge of who ordered it and what in it?” Knowing the answer before he had finished he went on to continued, “You will write up memo citing the regulation of why all request for material goes through the Quartermaster Office, and citing the regulation of why they need to know when it gets here. Once you are done have Mr. Muro sign it and add my chop to it. Then send it to all Department Heads, the First Officer, and the Captain.” He left out that he expected Warrant Officer Jones, and Chief Harper to help out his Boatswain in making out the memo. Knowing that they were mere hours away from their destination, he had to get ready for the upcoming away mission.


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