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Feminist Movement [Backpost]

Posted on 17 Nov 2016 @ 11:22pm by Lieutenant Camila Di Pasquale & Lieutenant JG Catherine Cooper & Lieutenant Parisa Rykov DCS

Mission: History
Location: USS Black Hawk | Deck 3 | Holodeck 1

The consortium threat was still a serious matter, and the most recent incident aboard the USS Black Hawk was fresh on Doctor Rykov's mind. She was able to sleep more soundly now, but nightmares still woke her in the dead of night every now and again. Her level of trust for Di Pasquale had began to grShe significant since the two began to speak and vent their feelings of frustration and their shared dislike for the former Security Chief who had betrayed the starship, the Captain, the Federation, and Starfleet.

Rykov had been spending most of her days in Engineering as was typical of a Chief Engineer while on duty, though at times she worked from the small station on the Black Hawk's bridge. In her off time, she worked as well. However, these were less projects for the starship so much as they were things for herself such as model starships or other pieces of engineering artwork. Her latest project, however, was different. She had been working endlessly at modifying an old standard holodeck program, making tweaks and adjustments to suit what she felt were more modern needs.

When it was finally completed, Rykov wanted to put it to the test. Though perhaps not so much put the programming to the test so much as put herself and others to the test in its first run. Doing it alone would have been futile let alone pointless. She had asked Lieutenants Di Pasquale and Cooper to join her on deck three outside holodeck one after all three women finished their last shift of the day. Rykov was the first to arrive, and stood outside the holodeck waiting for the other two women to arrive.

She took a peak down the corridor and saw the turbo lift had stopped and its doors were opening. Rykov was looking forward to seeing the two women. Though she did not know Lieutenant Cooper personally yet, she knew the Assistant Chief of Security by reputation, and a quick look at her personnel file. If there were any two officers aboard that Rykov wanted with her in this simulation, it was Di Pasquale and Cooper.

Cooper wore a black workout pants and a t-shirt that said 'Workout Like You're the Last Hope For Middle Earth and pair of tennis shoes. There was a bag slung over one shoulder and her brown hair was tied back out of her eyes. Her dark green eyes were interested and focused on whatever the Chief was saying. She'd been pleased to get the call from the CEO. It meant there had been a thawing between herself and the security department. So not only was she happy to train anyone to be more effective but it was a good sign that perhaps a little trust was being built.

Camila came down the hall wearing a black body suit which had shoulder, chest, elbow, knee and shin pads on it that looked suited for combat. She carried a small black briefcase with her and had a seven inch Jagdkommando fixed blade knife twisted with grooved, triple-edged blade, and forged from duranium. The handle itself held several goodies which were hidden from sight and the entire thing looked like a thick, short baton enclosed in a rugged black case attached to her right hip.

She looked at the other two women and took note of their clothing. "Why do I feel like I'm carrying way too much gear for the party?" she asked with a laugh.

"Because Chief you are but that's ok, one never knows." CJ quipped before turning her attention to the CEO.

Rykov looked at the woman and examined her choice of attire. "Interesting choice of clothing" said the Chief Engineer who was for the most part still in her uniform, albeit a bit loosened and not entirely done up. In an attempt to break the ice a bit and make small talk, Rykov engaged Cooper a bit. "Have you been getting used to life aboard the Black Hawk, Lieutenant?" asked the Chief Engineer.

Cooper grinned, "Hey the message indicated a physical excursion and this is from the Cooper's Workout Line, now coming to a boutique near you..." she smiled then continued, "Sorry couldn't help it. It works for me, I've got some gear in my bag here whats the plan, Ma'am.." Barely succeeds is not giggling over the the near rhyme, keeping her face friendly and polite.

Rykov addressed the two women simultaneously as it was the most effective way of briefing the two of them and conveying the necessary information. "I should have specified more in the message" she said simply. "I found an old security training program on file created by a Lieutenant Noxa, a former Security Chief aboard the Black Hawk. I decided to take creative freedom and tweak her program a bit" explained the Chief Engineer.

She looked at the two women. "The situation is basic enough. Hostile forces have taken over the starship. The majority of the crew have been rounded up and are being held captive in the cargo bays and other areas of the ship. Main Engineering and the Bridge have been seized" Rykov said nonchalantly. "Be may recognize the bodies of the Black Hawk crew. I chose to make this as realistic as I could" Rykov explained. "The hostile forces that I have chosen for this program are Jem'hadar and as soon as we stepped through those doors, we'll be aboard a simulation of the starship...starting point is the armory."

Camila knelt down and opened the briefcase to reveal three modified Type II phasers, three pair of night vision goggles, a half dozen stun grenades, four flash beacons which could be attached to any surface, five ten meter lengths of thin, tough wire with grip-lock ends to secure to any surface, and three secure combadges used in training as well as three small wrist PADDs. She began to pass the equipment out to Catherine and Doctor Rykov, keeping two stun grenades for herself, two flash beacons and two lengths of the wire. "Then it looks like I really came prepared. The phasers illuminate targets only, so there's no real danger, and the combadges only operate on the frequency the three of us will use."

Catherine accepted the equipment and pulled a belt of the black bag she’d been carrying. This spoke volumes about the CEO’s inner thought processes. She didn’t need to ask but sensed this had something to do with making sure the CEO would not be taken unawares again as well as showing her the skill of two of the ships primary protectors. While well prepared Cat didn’t like killing people, for her life was sacred but if it was needed to save other lives she could do what needed to be done and hope their next incarnation worked out better. The only equipment she added was a small, climbing rig she attached to her belt and two wrist sheaths with long daggers on her forearms. She’d left the back mounted short sword at home, not preferring overkill unlike her Chief who looked like she could take on half the fleet alone right now.

“Suggestion: Main engineering is lost what about the Upper Engineering support area, that’s on this deck…” She said a mental map of the ship unfolding in her mind. “Or Deck 12 Primary Systems Support Compartments, can do damage there….oh oh I can make my way to Deck 10 and run amok with the transporter while you two make your way to the primary compute core on Deck 8…” She stopped realizing she had to take a deep breath and focus. After a moment she looked at the other two, “I do think a distraction from our primary goal is a good idea and I make an excellent distraction. What point do you want to make our main goal.” Her body looked ready to leapt into action but she held herself still focusing her intensity on the mission to hand.

Rykov was intrigued by Cooper's enthusiasm, but the Chief Engineer was tempted to curve that enthusiasm with a good whack to the head, but she took a deep breath and calmed herself. The woman was simply stating several ideas and thinking was something Rykov could appreciate. "If they have Main Engineering, they no doubt have the upper support area or at least have their eyes on it. It's nothing more than taking the Engineering lift up to the next level or using the ladder to climb up" she offered. "I'm in agreement with your proposal for a distraction" she added.

The Chief Engineer looked at Camila. "If we want to get technical, two of us hold the rank of Lieutenant" said Rykov. "And my knowledge of technical matters will be a potential asset" she added. "However, this is a matter of ship safety and security. I would defer leadership over to you, Lieutenant Di Pasquale in compliance with the established chain of command" said Rykov.

"However, this is your program and I'll let you take the lead, Doctor Rykov," Camila said.

Rykov nodded. "Who leads who does not matter right now. What we need to figure out is a plan of attack and our means to retaking this starship" said the Chief Engineer. "Tactically speaking, what can you offer for options, Lieutenant?" she asked, looking at Camila.

"Lieutenant Cooper actually had some very good ideas," Camila said. "We should send her to cause a distraction while we take the Bridge. From there, we can lock out the invaders wherever they are. Engineering as a secondary goal if we can't get to the bridge."

Cooper held herself still as she looked at the other two. Her mind already working on several distraction plans at once to keep her from interrupting them.

The Chief Engineer concurred. "Distraction it is" she said nodding at Cooper. "You cause some distractions for us and we'll be on our way to the Bridge" said Rykov. She then looked at Camila once again "Turbo lift attempt or do you feel like popping out an access panel?"

"Access panel and Jeffries Tubes," Camila said. "I got trapped in a turbolift before."

Rykov looked at the woman sympathetically. "I know how you feel. I was aboard a starship once during a power failure and got stuck in a turbolift myself with a patient with severe plasma burns" said the Chief Engineer. "Taking a route through an access panel is probably our best course anyways. They will undoubtedly be covering the turbolifts, but access panels are not the easiest to locate if you are unfamiliar with a Federation starship" noted Rykov.

Catherine nodded thoughtfully at the CEO's words, good points coming from a techie...heck good points for anyone. CJ wasn't the kind of person to assume she knew everything and so took advice like that seriously.
Though she may decide to something else it was never because she didn't take someone else's experience seriously.

"Cooper, you'll have to think of something to divert their attention...something to perhaps draw them to pull soldiers away from the Bridge and Engineering to deal with you" said Rykov. "If these were Ferengi, I'd say go streaking down the corridors, but Jem'hadar aren't the type to have much of a sexual prowess" quipped the Chief Engineer. "Perhaps if you make them think that we are attempting to spring our shipmates from one of their containment areas?"

Cat tried not to laugh at the image of her streaking naked through a corridor fully armed, "Yes Ma'am, I can make for that but the nearest cargo bay where they are being held is deck 6 if it looks like I can't make it in time I'll make for the primary computer core on deck 8 or the transporters on deck ten. Heck you let me near anything in the storage areas on decks 12 or 13 and I'll distract them alright. I can modify depending on your status..." She said thinking fast, knowing back up plans were likely to become primary since thing never seemed to go according to plan. She understood the need to at least start off with a plan though.

"The enemy might be able to detect our locations using the internal sensors, so it would be good to knock those out first," Camila said. "We'll make our way to the bridge via the Jeffries Tubes, but if they have forcefields surrounding the Bridge which I would do if I were taking over a ship, we'll have to go to Engineering to knock those out."

Rykov looked at Camila "You have Engineering right here" she said with a small little smirk. "Hand me a tricorder and give me several minutes, and I'll take down those forcefields right where they stand" she added confidently.

"Tricorder. Hmm," Camila mused as she looked in her briefcase. "I seem to have forgotten to bring one. Do we have time to get a couple?"

Rykov glared at her. "If only we could pause a real take over situation to get what we need. No, we have to move forward regardless. If we find a tricorder in this simulation it will respond as though it were real...and if we can't get our hands on one, then I will just have to think on my feet and get creative."

CJ looked at the CEO impressed. Cooper had been thinking like a security officer not a techie. So eager to get started was she. "I can give you those several minutes, just let me go first" She said immediately adapting. And pulled out a tricorder from her bag and handed it to the CEO, "never leave home without it..." She smiled then spoke, "unless this was needed to be even harder? Only have the one though."

The Chief Engineer took the tricorder and placed it in her engineering kit. "Thank you. One tricorder is enough to get the job done" replied Rykov as she nodded to both women. "Computer, begin program" said Rykov as the holodeck simulation of the Black Hawk was soon filled with the appropriate sights and sounds. Phaser fire could be heard off in the distance, but close enough to startle the Chief Engineer at first.

The looks of being startled quickly faded and she composed herself. "I allowed the computer some liberties of randomly placing people and objects. It has been programmed to counter most of our moves and track our expect hurdles to overcome and obstacles to deal with" explained Rykov. "Go ahead, Lieutenant Cooper. Camila and I will make our way to the Bridge" said Rykov.

“Yes Ma’am”. She had entered and took a moment to adjust, hearing the phaser fire she glanced at Camilla, “These combadges will work with the pixel crew right?” Meaning the holographic crew.

"It's highly unlikely that they will have combadges, Catherine," Camila said as she went over her gear. "The combadges are primarily for us."

CJ nodded, granting the point, “Allies there still…” Was all she said before jogging off. She rushed down the hall, swiftly but keeping her senses open which is why she saw the two Jem’Hadar before they quite took her in. They were still raising their weapons when she cleared their heads in a smooth martial arts move that was grace in the air, they spun around only to realize she was gone. She was already down the hall and around the corner, gleefully setting up a trip wire then got into position.

Meanwhile, Doctor Rykov and the Security Chief had their eyes set on the Bridge, their primary objective. However, the plan was to access the Bridge via access panels rather than the turbolift. Rykov knew that this meant some physically demanding work was cut out for them. "I hope you are a good climber" commented the Chief Engineer. "There's an access panel at the end of this corridor that leads into the intrical network of service shafts, maintenance chutes, junctions, and crawlways" said Rykov. "Once inside, we have a good crawl until we reach the necessary junction point. Then, it's a long way up" added the Chief Engineer.

"Very," Camila said. "If you were paying attention in my Search and Rescue presentation, mountaineering is one of the skills you learn. I got some practice in when I was on New Risa." She checked her equipment again and set her phaser on setting seven. "The Jem'hadar are very hard to take down if you've ever done research on them. Stun settings just don't work."

Proceeding down the corridor with the Security Chief, Rykov was already planning for the potential obstacles in their way that they may encounter. "I've climbed and crawled my way through this starship's innards routinely. I likely know it better than even the Captain" she said somewhat boastfully, but there was likely a hint of truth behind her words. Though the two women only got so far before meeting resistance. Halfway down the corridor, three Jem'Hadar rounded the corner ahead and opened fire.

With Cooper not yet called for help, thinking it was just one random crewmember so they came barreling around the corner. However, they are not stupid and so dodged the tripwire to gain on CJ who was on the ground, looking somewhat panicked…until she rolled and by doing so pull the pin on one of the flashbangs she’d been laying on. Then she shot them in the face. She wasn’t fond of killing but computer people were no problem and if needs be she could in real life too. If it was needed to preserve life she could end it and hope the bad guys had better like next go ‘round. She debating leaving them there but couldn’t see an easy room to drag them too so she simply grabbed their weapons, sheathing her own and continued to Engineering. It wouldn't work more than once but for now luck was with her.

The blasts from the Jem'Hadar plasma rifles illuminated the already lit corridor with orbs of blue, bursting like a plasmic form of fireworks. Their weapons may have been somewhat crude by Federation standards, but they did one hell of an effective job at their primary goal. Killing people. "Your friends don't seem thrilled to see us" said Rykov loudly, over the sound of weapons fire.

"No friends of mine!" Camila said as she leaped out of the way and did a forward roll into a doorway. "How nice of them to shoot first and ask questions later." She took a moment before the blasts died down and fired a barrage of wild shots before she darted out of the doorway to join Rykov.

Meanwhile in engineering CJ was continuing with being a pain the ass. She was busy being loud and attention getting in engineering. Or more exactly currently the upper engineering area and for once had a piece of luck. The immediate area was empty. She quickly glanced around, there seemed to be four Jem’Hadar at various consoles, there were others scattered at entry points, including at the bottom of the ladder of the area Cooper knelt in. She took the remaining flashbangs she’d been given and rigged them all to go off at once, hoping none would notice her as she worked.


Three on two and the Jem'Hadar having the advantage and fire power, Rykov took cover around the corner of the corridor's intersection that she and Camila had been stopped in when the Jem'Hadar launched their attack. Rykov supported Camila the best she could with a type II Federation hand phaser. A few good shots and the two women could take the Jem'Hadar down, clearing their way to the service access panel. However, the Jem'Hadar also had the benefit of being able to take some cover themselves as well.

In the exchange of fire, Rykov's brain was analyzing and keeping track of basic mathematics. "There's three of them, Camila, but only two are firing at us" noted Rykov. This placed her a bit on edge as she ran through the deck layout in her head. It was a rough mental sketch, but it was helpful. "Keep those two occupied...we're about to have company from their ugly friend" informed Rykov, deducing the missing Jem'Hadar had been sent by the other two to flank Lieutenant Di Pasquale and Doctor Rykov.

"Got it," Camila said as she pulled one of the stun grenades and a flash beacon from the belt they were attached to. She set the stun grenade for two seconds, but activated the flash beacon and tossed it down the corridor first where it was met with plasma fire from the Jem'hadar. "Go ahead, waste your energy," she muttered before she activated the stun grenade and tossed it harder down the hall. A surprised bellow and sounds of confusion echoed down the hall and she crouched down and fired another barrage of shots from her phaser, taking one down but the other ducked out of the way.

Cooper checked her phaser and pulled the pins on the flash/bangs then counted silently until the right moment and tossed them. She quickly covered her ears and eyes. It went off like an EMP right in the air in the middle of the room between the floor and upper part of the lower level. Then not waiting for the phaser fire that was now ripping randomly above her head she slide down the ladder firing on wide beam as she went, hitting a few on the way down but mostly as a way to keep their heads down. She flinched as she landed and rolled behind a console as sparks burned consoles around and the smell of ozone was strong in the air.

Rykov pressed her back close to the cold metallic alloys and synthetic glass that composed the small side corridor she and Camila had taken temporary tactical refuge in. The Chief Engineer knew there was a Jem'Hadar soldier heading their way, coming down the corridor just around the corner. She had left Camila to deal with the other two, but this flanking soldier was Rykov's to deal with.

As she advanced on the corner, the tip of a Jem'Hadar plasma riffle poked ahead and started to reveal itself inch by inch. Damn it! she thought to herself. She was too late to jump around the corner and open fire on him before he got there. Now, she was only second away from seeing his ugly face. She had a few options yet very little time to think. Do I fire now and cause him to pull back a bit or do I wait and take my chances that I can get a shot off before he kills me? Do we end up both killing each other? a hundred thoughts raced through her head in the seconds to come.

over half the weapon was now showing and the Jem'Hadar was about ready to round the corner. The time for thinking was over. Rykov holstered her small hand phaser and made a feral act of lunging forward and took a firm grasp of the head of the plasma riffle. It was a close range right now as the two struggled. If she did not act quickly, he would have fired a plasma blast dead center in her chest at close range and had this not been a simulation, Rykov knew such a wound would have been instantly fatal.

"dha'rudh!" she shouted in the Romulan language as she raised her leg and kneed the Jem'Hadar in the lower gut and pull the riffle forward, causing the Jem'Hadar to loosen his grip and double over from sharp pain. Rykov tore the weapon from the soldier and sent him to the deck floor. She saw his cold callous eyes looking at her as he was about to get up and continue the fight.

She was not about to grant him such a luxury. Rykov took hold of the plasma riffle, wielding it not as intended, but rather as though it were a club. She brought it down with powerful force perhaps due partially to her Romulan heritage. The edge of the weapon met with the Jem'Hadar's skull and the sound of bones shattering was heard in the immediate area. The result was truly incapacitated adversary and the corridors and Rykov decorated with darkly crimson spatter.

The Chief Engineer was breathing heavily as she held the plasma riffle and looked back over at the Security Chief. "Here" said Rykov as she struggled to catch her breath. "You're a better shot that I am" added the Chief Engineer, offering the Jem'Hadar plasma rifle to the woman.

Camila took the plasma rifle and checked it over, then nodded as she holstered the Type II phaser pistol. "I think there's still one more around the other corner. Nice kill, though." She took a step back to where she had been and listened intently, but heard nothing. The last time, she had gone low to return fire, so this time she raised the plasma rifle as high as she could and fired blindly from around the corner.

Chief Engineer Rykov have a nod. "One isn't so bad. Still a problem though" she said as she watched Camila fire blindly around the corner and listened as a single shot was returned in response to Camila's actions. Rykov waited a few more seconds. "Sounds like just the one" she said, but she consulted her tricorder for confirmation. "Confirmation. I'm detecting one Jem'Hadar life sign at the end of the corridor, but we will have company in a few minutes if we don't take care of our friend. I have an idea how to draw him out from his hiding spot, but you are going to have to shoot him" added Parisa.

"Let's do this," Camila said as she checked the charge on the plasma rifle. "I could go out in a roll and fire, but I have no idea where the Jem'hadar is actually at or if it's ready to kill me if I do. I've made them paranoid enough with my previous tricks."

Rykov scoffed. "Paranoid or pissed? Maybe a bot of both?" replied the Chief Engineer as she held the tricorder in her hand. "I can't tell you an exact location either, but I have something up my sleeve to draw him out. Just be ready to shoot him" she said as she started playing around with her tricorder and then the Type-II hand phaser.

"I know I don't normally have to tell you this but don't freak out" she said to Camilla. "Oh and cover your ears for a second" instructed Rykov as she arched herself around the corner and tossed her phaser down at the end of the corridor near the Jem'Hadar's relative location. She then quickly put her plan into place and triggered the Tricorder. The distinct high pitched humming of an over loading phaser about to explode echoed through the deck.

Rykov tapped Camila on the shoulder, mouthing 'now' as she waited for Camila to take out the Jem'Hadar whom she anticipated was already exposing his location as he attempted to get as far away from the phaser as he could.

Sweet baby Klingon! Camila mentally cursed. She's trying to get us killed. She moved into the hallway and fired a three round burst at the fleeing Jem'hadar and cut him down as he went for the corner. "Do you typically make it a habit to destroy all your weapons in a fight?"

The Chief Engineer casually walked down the corridor, crouching down and retrieving the phaser. She fiddled with her tricorder and holstered the phaser, ending the horrid sound. "I'm the Chief Engineer of the USS Black Hawk, a very proud and distinguished starship in the 9th Task Force, and I hold an advanced degree in Computer Science from the Daystrom Institute, Lieutenant Di Pasquale" said Rykov sternly.

"I take the property of Starfleet and the Federation quite seriously. I do not simply make a habit out of destroying my weapons or any technology" added the Chief Engineer. She looked at Camila and actually smiled. "It was the tricorder. The phaser was never over loading. I just put out a high pitched sound from the tricorder to mimic that of an overloading phaser. Slide of hand."

"My apologies," Camila said. "I was certain that the phaser was going to overload. I need to remember that trick. Let's get moving." With that, she headed to the access panel, removed it and entered.

Rykov proceeded after Camila. "Apology accepted. Maybe I should look into placing some sort of patent on that... I can see it now, The Rykov Tactical Maneuver" joked the Chief Engineer. "Keep crawling ahead, you'll pass two intersections before we reach the junction we need."

"You should," Camila agreed. "It's a sound maneuver." She crawled and kept an ear and eye out at each intersection until she came to the junction. "Which way now?"

Somewhat exiting out into the small room with several small consoles, the two had arrived at one of the ship's primary junctions. "Next? The less fun part. We have take this" said Rykov gesturing upwards toward a ladder. "We have to climb up quite a ways to deck one" she said hesitantly "And it's a tight fit..very uh confining" she added nervously, her palms sweating and her heart slightly racing.

Camila looked at Rykov when she heard the nervousness in her voice. "Are you claustrophobic, Doctor?" she asked her. "If you are, just look up and keep yourself focused on your end goal, not where you are. Keep going no matter what. Okay?"

Rykov scoffed. "Claustrophobic is an under statement" she said shaking her head. "Try a claustrophobic that deals with occasional space sickness with a strong dislike for transporters and long shuttle rides for obvious reasons. Probably some vertigo as well" she added as she prepared herself for the climb. "Thanks for the pep talk, Lieutenant. I've climbed and crawled through this ship before... It doesn't get any easier."

"Then let's get moving," Camila said as she started up the ladder at a brisk place. "The quicker we get there, the quicker we'll be out of these tubes."

"And the quicker I'll be one iota closer to happiness or at least what passes as happiness for me" replied Rykov shaking her head. "What do you think of Cooper?" asked the Chief Engineer as the two women began to climb.

"She's a good officer, if a bit of a quick talker and thinker," Camila said as a short time quicker, she came to a junction which had was equipped with a terminal, a small hardware replicator and enough space for both of them. She bent over the terminal and tapped a few Security override commands in and checked the areas they wanted to access. "I was right," she said. "The turbolifts are closed off and there's forcefields in place, but the Jeffries tube exit in the Ready Room isn't. We can make our exit there and take the bridge by surprise."

"Agreed" she said with a quick nod. "We'll exit out into the Ready Room and storm the Bridge. With any luck the element of surprise will be in our favor" added Rykov. "After you" she said with a small smile. "I insist."

"You insist," Camila snorted as she finished checking the area they were going to before she left the junction and started climbing upwards for the bridge again.

"I do" she said somewhat sourly. "Just don't get any ideas that I'm overly fond of the view."

In engineering:

Oh Cooper had hit a hornets nest now. The only reason she was still alive was because the flash bangs had partly blinded the Jem'Hadar but more reinforcements were coming now and they were pissed. She was pinned down behind a console, taking a few well aimed potshots as she could. Actually hitting one, she yelled, "I am merciful and will accept your surrender!" That got her heavier return fire, Her eyes scanning for plan B saw a console near her that may just be helpful....

=Bridge/Ready Room=

Fortunately when the two arrived, the Ready Room was empty at least for the time being. "Alright so we've gotten to this point" said Rykov after taking a heavy breath. "I can get us this far, but now it is in your hands" she said looking at the Security Chief. "Security is your area of shall we handle our friends on the Bridge?"

"I'm not certain if Anesthizine gas would work on them, but we could give that a shot," Camila said.

Rykov smiled "When all those years of nursing actually comes in handy" she said. "Chemistry and Biology...get me to an environmental system and I'll get you the right concoction to knock them out cold" she added.

Camila went to a terminal and brought it up, then switched to environmental. "It's on you, Doctor," she said.

"Thank you" replied Rykov, feeling quite at home and very much comforted by the title of Doctor going along with her name. Sure, she may have left the medical field and received her doctoral degree in Computer Sciences, but she still had her medical wits about her. After tapping into the environmental controls she put together a good concoction of Anesthizine and a few others things to create a damn fine knock out gas. "Give me a few minutes" she added as she waited.

Then, she hit a few commands in the console. "They should be knocked out cold. I'm restoring life signs for us to go in, but we'll only have a few minutes before they start waking up from their little nap" she explained. "Disarm them quickly" she said. "We might be able to round them up and transport them into a holding cell."

With that, Camila headed out onto the bridge and began to collect weapons and locked out the bridge controls before she tapped her modified combadge. =^=Di Pasquale to Cooper. Is your area cleared?=^=


It took Cooper a moment to reply because while they were putting the finishing touches on the bridge she had gotten busy. She laid down heavy fire and set second to last phaser to overload before tossing it well away from anything important but near a group of Jem'Hadar. That gave her enough time to run to the console, using it to drop the emergency doors and shut off the lights. She'd just dodged random fire, using memory of locations as she put on her night vision goggles. She was once again behind another console with the remaining Jem'Hadar scattered about. =^=Di Pasquale to Cooper. Is your area cleared?=^= she heard then dodged and fired taking down the Jem'hadar who was nearest, he heard and had taken a shot. =^=Cooper here. Mostly, been trying to draw...=^=, move, fire, move, fire. =^=...attention and keep them busy...=^=. She never stopped moving as engineering was criss crossed with phaser fire, looking at bit like a cadet rave. She seemed to attack from all angles as she moved swiftly about.=^^=

=^=Affirmative,=^= Camila responded. =^=All clear.=^= She looked at Rykov. "Time to end it?"

When she got a nod, Camila stated "Computer, end program." It had been rough, but she knew the more prepared her and others were, the better they would be if they were boarded. When the arch appeared, she gathered all the Security gear and headed back to the armory and her office.


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