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Kitty Weed

Posted on 12 Apr 2016 @ 9:50am by Lieutenant Parisa Rykov DCS

Mission: Outbreak
Location: New Risa

Rykov had taken as firm of a posture as she could on the transporter PaDD, but once the trio dematerialized, all bets were off. I had better make it back in one piece she thought to herself, casting a firm glare at the transporter operator. She was not overly fond of travel in any form be it via transporters or by shuttle. It went without saying that Doctor Parisa Rykov rarely left the safety of Engineering or the starship she was assigned to. She had been assigned to very few away teams during her Starfleet career even before making the switch from medical to engineering. Furthermore, Rykov was not a fan of shore leave or vacations. Personally, if she could skip out on the whole ordeal she would have. However, she was being medically pushed to at least spend some time on New Risa. Thus, here she was rematerializing off the Black Hawk and setting foot on the planet of New Risa.

“Lieutenant” came a quick breathy gasp from one of her shipmates who then gave her a look of concern as she stumbled a bit after materializing on the planet's surface. Rykov's stumble was quickly met by the other woman's gaze and the woman reaching out and grabbing a hold of Rykov's arm. The Chief Engineer glared and quickly pulled her arm away, breaking free from the woman's grip.

Breaking free from the grip, Rykov brushed off the slight feeling of dizziness and disorientation. “Hands off, Chief Pollack” said Rykov firmly. She gave the human woman a icy glare. “If I need your assistance, I'll ask for it” added Rykov dismissively. Talia Pollack was a human serving in the Science Department, a Planetary Science Specialist with the rank of Chief Petty Officer. Rykov did not know much about the woman personally nor professionally, but it was Rykov who had asked the Chief to join her on New Risa. However, Rykov had asked the woman purely for her scientific expertise.

“Sorry Lieutenant” replied Chief Pollack politely. The Chief knew Rykov was a woman with a strict dedication to her duties as the newly appointed Chief Engineer for the USS Black Hawk and also had gathered from the Hawk's scuttlebutt, that Rykov was not a woman anyone messed with. She was known to be very blunt, rather cold, and generally gave off a hot temper. This was a personality Pollack had some past experience with in past shipmates, but Rykov in some ways was all together foreign to the Chief.

“It's Doctor, Chief” responded Rykov shaking her head. “I did not attend several years of higher learning and publishing crucial papers to contribute to academia to be belittled” added the Chief Engineer.

Shaking her head, the golden skinned ensign spoke up in Pollack's defense. “Doctor,” said Ensign Sa'dira “I do not believe the Chief meant any disrespect. We are Starfleet Officers after all, the pips on our uniform do establish our rank as such” the Amazzarite said diplomatically. “Besides, if you want to play the title card, you all could address me by her royal highness or Princess, or even Ambassador given my family lineage and my own past. Fortunately, I've learned to be more humble since joining Starfleet” added the ensign.

Rykov let out a heated sigh. “Duly noted, Princess” she said a bit mockingly. “You can be a royal pain in the ass, Ensign. I hope you know that” commented Doctor Rykov with a huff as she shifted the weight of her engineering kit.

“Only when I need to be, Ma'am” replied Sa'dira. “Why is it you asked us down here for anyways, Doctor Rykov? You come dressed somewhat casually, but you've brought that kit along and asked us to bring these” added the ensign, indicating the tricorder in her hand and the engineering and science equipment that Rykov and Pollack were carrying in respective satchels and kits. In fairness, Rykov had informed Sa'dira to take one as well, but the Amazzarite refused on grounds that she was a diplomatic officer beaming down to a peaceful society whilst off duty.

Doctor Rykov was not entirely sure how to explain everything or what the other two women would think of her for all of this, but she was here on a mission. One of her own under taking. “Sa'dira, I asked you here to help me talk with these people, especially those that have any sort of background in gardening, horticulture, or perhaps even have a culinary expertise” said the Chief Engineer. “And Pollock is here to assist in the scientific side of things. She's also been noted as being one of the best in her department with tricorders” noted Rykov.

Pollock was more intrigued now than she had been. Something scientific was always alluring, but what was more fascinating was the small bit of praise Rykov had given her. She knows about me and picked me for a reason? thought Pollock, flattered. “I'm here to help. What are we looking for, Lieutenant?” she asked Rykov, already in the mindset of a scientist and technician.

Rykov looked at the two women. “I need help in trying to find a plant. Well, at least something similar to plant found on Earth...nepeta cataria” explained the Chief Engineer.

Pollock was not a plant expert, but she was quickly able to pull out a PaDD and do a quick search for the plant in the Federation database. “Catnip?” she said as if she had made an error in her search.

“Exactly” replied Rykov with a crafty smile. “I need Catnip for my friend” she added simply.


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