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Posted on 25 Apr 2016 @ 2:37am by Lieutenant Commander Adam Casey & Lieutenant Commander Jayla Kij & Lieutenant JG Catherine Cooper

Mission: Outbreak
Timeline: MD 6 - 0330

As he materialised with Catherine, Maria and Amy, Adam looked around for someone, and saw a nurse. "My girls, they just started throwing up. They both have a fever, but they were fine less than an hour ago." Adam said.

"I've summoned the Doctor, let's get your kids to a biobed." The nurse replied kindly.

"What's happened?" said Jayla as she came out of her office where she'd been going over reports even though she was technically still on leave. As she saw the girls, her heart sank. "Oh, no," she muttered. She'd just checked them a few hours ago, when they had come aboard with their dad and they had been fine. Hopefully it was only something they'd eaten on the planet.

Catherine put Maria on one of the biobeds and tried to step away only to have the child grab her hand. She stayed close and with her free hand rub the girls head and hair, muttering nonsense about how she'll be fine etc. Not important what she said so long as Maria was comforted. When the Doc came over, she let their father handle but kept alert to help.

"Doc, you've gotta help them. They were asleep, and less than an hour later they were throwing up. What's wrong with them?" He asked, as Amy threw up again. Adam took hold of her hand. "It's okay sweetheart." He said softly.

"I just saw them a few hours ago," Jayla said, pulling out her tricorder. "They were fine then. Nothing turned up on- oh!" she said suddenly, as her tricorder beeped frantically at her. "Well, it appears that they've picked up a fast growing virus somewhere, probably on the planet," she told him. "But, the good news is that their immune systems have already produced the necessary antibodies and are hard at work taking care of the infection. I can give them some anti-nausea medicine to stop the vomiting and some NSAIDs to reduce fevers. I'd like to keep them here over night, just in case."

"You hear that?" He asked the girls. "You're going to be just fine." He promised, as both girls looked close to tears, "And I'm going to be right here with you, okay?" He asked, looking at the doctor.

"Told you. The Doctors will fix you right up" CJ promised Maria then realized she had sick on her uniform top and smoothly took it off with one hand even as the other one was still in a death grip by the small child. She briefly managed her hand back so she could remove the top only to have the kid grab on again afterward. She handed it to a passing nurse to gave her back the commbadge but took the top. CJ attached the commbadge to the under uniform shirt she still wore without a hint of awkwardness. "Everything will be fine." She assured Adam, "These things happen to kids from time to time." she glanced at the Doctor briefly for backup.

Maria looked up at CJ, her eyes full of tears as she held onto CJ, whilst Adam took Amy's hand, kneeling between both of them. "Once the Doctor has given you your medicine, you'll need to get some rest. I won't leave, I promise." He said, smiling at them.

"You can absolutely stay," Jayla told Casey. "We'll put a cot here between the two biobeds." She loaded a hypospray with anti nausea medicine and held it up for Maria to see. "Can I give you some medicine to make you feel better?" she asked. She found it usually went more smoothly if she asked the child's permission first, especially with kids as little as Maria.

Maria looked weakly at Adam, who smiled and nodded. "Yes...please." She said, her voice barely a whisper. Adam was ready to melt down as he saw his girls like this. It was then that Amy spoke up. " throat hurts." She said softly.

Jayla pressed the hypospray to Maria's neck and reloaded it with more medicine. "Probably from all the vomiting," Jayla reassured them. "Would you like some medicine for that, too?" she asked Amy.

Amy nodded. "Yes please." Amy said.

"My throat...doesn't hurt." Maria said softly as she kept hold of Catherine.

"Is that normal? One presenting symptoms that the other doesn't?" Adam asked.

Catherine smiled down at Maria, then glanced at the doctor with a grateful look. Sometimes with sick kids you just needed a professional. Her mind had been focused with helping the two but now that they'd settled down and the Doc was looking after that she felt she could breathe again. She'd always been a protective kind of person, with kids it was even more so.

"It's totally normal," said Jayla, pressing the hypospray to Amy's neck this time. "One may be more progressed than the other, or Amy's immune system is slightly stronger. Either way, not everyone will experience every symptom."

Adam nodded. "Thank you." He said, as he wiped hair away from Amy's eyes, and then from Maria's eyes. "Thank you, Catherine." He said softly, as he helped Amy lay down.

Jayla merely nodded. "I'll see about a cot," she said, and hurried off to find one.

Adam looked at the girls as he gently laid Maria down, smiling at her. "Get some sleep sweetheart." He said, kissing her forehead. She nodded, and closed her eyes. Adam looked at both of the girls, before walking a few steps away from the beds. "This...they've never been ill before. I've always been careful. I know, it's nothing serious. But I just..." Adam said to Catherine, shaking his head. "Thank you, for being here." He said.

Catherine smiled, "Not a problem, these things happen and the Doc is pretty good at what she doesn't. It's going to be impossible but try not to worry. She caught Amy looking at her, "Can't sleep?" And heard two voices reply, "No..." then Catherine laughed, "Alright one song then I have to go and you two will sleep and not worry your dad ok?" Their eyes popped open as they promised most sincerely. She remembered her mother always sang to her, especially if she was sick and remembered it helping.

She pulled out a PADD and very low, so as not to disturb other patients, a guitar started playing. And Catherine sang very softly first in Irish, for that was the song start then in English.


Buachaill ón Eirne mé's bhréagfainn féin cailín deas óg
Né iarfainn bó spré léithe tá mé saibhir go leor 'S liom
Corcaigh a mhéid e , dhá thaobh a ghleanna's Tír Eoghain
'S mur n-athraí mé béasaí 's mé n' t-oibhr ar Chontae
Mhaigh Eo

Come by the hills to the land where fancy is free.
And stand where the peaks meet the sky and the loughs meet the sea,
Where the rivers run clear and the bracken is gold in the sun;
And the cares of tomorrow can wait till this day is done.

Come by the hills to the land where life is a song.
And stand where the birds fill the air with their joy all day long,
Where the trees sway in time and even the wind sings in tune;
And, the cares of tomorrow can wait till this day is done.

Come by the hills to the land where legend remains.
The stories of old, fill the heart and may yet come again,
Where the past has been lost and the future is still to be won;
And, the cares of tomorrow can wait till this day is done.

And, the cares of tomorrow can wait till this day is done. "

The last was the softest of all the guitar had stopped already then she smiled at each one, both already half asleep and kissed their foreheads. She put a finger to her lips at Adam then tapped a few keys on her PADD before holding it up to him.

[Rule one: Catherine is Always Right. Rule Two: This isn't your fault, Rule Three: In case of confusion see rule one.]

Her point delivered, she swung by to say good bye to the Doc and went off in search of a new uniform top.


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