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First Contact (Backpost)

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Mission: Echoes
Location: Sick Bay
Timeline: January 2388

Dr. Geddon Alenis hadn't been looking forward to this meeting, at all. But, if it was going to happen, it was going to happen on his terms. You don't let the enemy control the engagement.

Now, what was he doing thinking like that? It was absurd, to think of the lowly nurse as the enemy. She was a crewmate, not some Obisidian Order assassin or thug. As far as he knew, she was just a nurse, who happened to be Cardassian. But that didn't help the fire in his throat when he looked at her, the angry curling of his fingers when she was near. His muscles tensed and his jaw clenched when she spoke to him, and he had a strange urge to punch the wall whenever she walked out of the room at last.

Geddon knew what about her was bothering him, of course. She never met his eyes. He could see her falter and weaken when he entered the room, before she would slip away. She was avoiding him, like she was afraid of him.

That wouldn't work. Not on this mission, not on this ship, and sure as spirits, not in his Sick Bay. So he sat at his desk, and reviewed her file over, and over, eyes narrowing as they often did, lips curling in a slight sneer.

Then, he heard the soft footfalls. He didn't look up, until she spoke. "You wanted to see me, Doctor Geddon?"

Ensign Zeyela Gelvark. She was short, for a Cardassian, with pale grey skin and bright eyes. As Geddon looked over to her, their eyes met, and he took some surprise in seeing her look down to her boots. How…un-Cardassian of her. "Ensign," He said, nodding to the screen, "I was just reading your file. You've got a good record of service."

The Ensign gave a nod, but Geddon saw her throat bob as she swallowed. She was nervous. Though Geddon didn't show it, so was he. "Thank you, Doctor," Ensign Gelvark replied, as Geddon turned his seat to face her.

Knitting his fingers together, Geddon looked her up and down. He could see her looking agitated, fidgeting. Geddon had been told that the Ensign was talkative, compassionate, even warm to some people, so this was curious. "Do you know why I called you here, Ensign?"

"No, Doctor," Ensign Gelvark replied, her eyes finally meeting his, "But I think I might have an idea."

"Let's hear it."

"Well," She said, straightening her back a little, "You're a Bajoran, and I'm a Cardassian."

"Is that going to be a problem for you Ensign?"

The Ensign paused, taken aback at his sudden change in tone. Geddon was surprised himself for snapping at her so suddenly. "No, doctor," She replied, clearly off kilter.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, doctor."

"Why's that?"

"Because I'm not the one with the problem." Now, that sent Geddon for a reel. He blinked, and saw the Ensign's eyes widen as she caught up with what her mouth had blurted out. "I don't think you like Cardassians, doctor."

"Most Bajorans don't."

"Yes, doctor."

"So, should I dislike you, Ensign?"

There was a pause. Geddon could almost hear the gears turning in the Ensign's head, surprised that he'd asked such question. "I would like it if you didn't, Doctor."

"Good," Geddon said, "Because, if you're anything like your record says, then this is going to be the best damn Sick Bay in Starfleet." He watched her relax, and found his lips curling his a grin, though his eyes narrowed. "You're good, Ensign. Great, even. You work hard, and you've dedicated yourself to this Sick Bay. That's more than enough reason for me to like you. But, if this is going to work, I need to know you're going to pull your weight. If you don't," He replied, lips curling downwards now, "If you keep avoiding me, and ducking from me, and acting all skittish when I walk in the room, we are going to have a serious problem, not because you're a Cardassian, but because you will have been failing in your duties as a member of this Sick Bay and a Starfleet officer. No record, no matter how glowing, will save you from my wrath. Do I make myself clear?"

There was a long pause, as he saw the Ensign mull over the words. "Doctor, didn't you give Doctor Milo this same speech?"

Doctor Geddon smirked. "Practiced it on him. Didn't sound too rehearsed, did it?"

"No, doctor," She said, and Geddon saw her visibly relax, before she nodded, smiling in warm confidence, "But message received and understood."

"It better be," Geddon said, growling a little as he turned back to the screen, "Now, walk me through what you found in the blood screening. Prophets willing, we can figure out what can stop the Away Team from being knocked out like Miss Atkinson."


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