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Kilmartin joins the Phoenix

Posted on 09 May 2016 @ 12:18am by Lieutenant Jonathan Kilmartin

Mission: History
Location: USS Phoenix, Starbase 565
Timeline: Prior to Transfer

0447 HRS
CAG briefing Room
Tree-shaking Qualifications

Responding to emergency flight operations was a forgone conclusion, they’d run drills till the muscle memory had them doing things in their sleep. Breaking pilots out of the complacency that often gets people killed was a sub-responsibility of the CAG Flight Training Officer, a top-ace in virtually every aspect of viper flight, the TO was the go-to pilot if you really wanted to test your mantel and see what you had under your own hood. Today, TO Belinger had scheduled a VERY early morning standard flight qualification run for the pilots of the two fighter wings onboard the Phoenix.

After an even earlier morning briefing with the CAG, he waited patiently in the briefing room, behind the podium as the pilots slowly poured in.

The CAG stood at the back of the room, watching, waiting. Beside him, the official observer from the Starship Triton watched also, keen to learn what he could from the training regimen of Belinger and this unit. For Captain Kilmartin, or Sunbeam to his friends, this was a fantastic learning opportunity and he hoped to gain some great ideas to take back to the Triton when he began his new job as their CAG.

Walking into ops, Wally looked towards the two offices situated towards the rear of the room. One looked very much like a Captain as his rank indicated, the other, in the process of writing or doing something in preparation for this meeting. Visiting cadre if anything. Giving them a simple nod, before pleasantries and introductions could be traded, Capt. Belinger looked up from his notes and saw Wally.

His look remained in place as his gaze and eyes shift up from his paperwork. "Lieutenant McKay....what chu'doin here?" Wally turned his attention towards the Captain, fully prepared to be corrected by the TO in particular TO fashion.

"I'm reporting for flight qualifications Captain."

Now standing upright fully, Belinger had a look of scepticism on his face while responding. "Is that right...your flight status been reinstated?"

Wally dropped his flight bag at a seat, slowly bending back up right as he looked towards Belinger. Realizing the Lieutenant was blowing smoke Belinger said. "Playboy...I don't give a damn what's about to come out of yo mouth next if it ain't Yes Sir, take yo ass...back to ops...find a seat and catch up on some technical manual instructions or something."

Wally glanced back at the two officers then back at Belinger before replying. "Sir." Belinger starred at Wally, his gaze not breaking for a second before responding. "Alright Lieutenant, take a seat, I'll read you flight assignment and wingman, but if you are cleared to fly in the next..." Looking at his watch he added "...6 hours." Lookin back at Wally, he finished, "Yo ass will be giving one of deckhands a break this afternoon in cleaning the flight-deck for wasting my time. You tracking Lieutenant?" Slamming himself into his seat, Wally winced at the Captain, knowing good and well he wasn't going to be cleared in half a shift. However the chance to meet his new wingman was perfect punishment in his mind.

Kilmartin watched the exchange at the front of the room and smirked, clearly the TO and this new Lieutenant had issues of some sort. He glanced at the CAG who simply shook his head, a look of "yeah, I know" on his face.

Kelly walked into the main briefing room and paused when she noticed McKay. He had been her wingman briefly until he had been grounded, and she was surprised to see him present in the briefing room. To her knowledge, he hadn’t been approved for flight status again. Shaking her head, she walked over to an empty chair and sat down, drumming her fingernails against the desktop as she waited.

Belinger, noticing that all of his pilots had arrived began speaking while looking down and reading from his orders.

"Alright here we go...physical evaluations are due for a lot of you and as you know...once I write your names up on this board...I....HATE having to change it for no good reason other than your too lazy to take care of medical on your own." Glancing up from paper work he looked at the few pilots he was talking to directly.

"Get it done so we can get it behind us...we tracking?" A unanimous, "Yes TO followed all the pilots as Belinger looked back down and continued. "Flight assignments are also posted on the board but I'll announce an updated flight roster here in a minuet." Troy dropped the paper he had flipped up and looked to the rear of the room as he spoke. "First, I want to introduce Captain Jonathan Kilmartin, Captain Kilmartin, "Sunbeam", will be the new CAG effective immediately."

Nearly everyone in the room turned around to see the new CAG as Troy went back to reading his information, giving them a second to take Kilmartin in.

Kilmartin gave a silent nod in the direction of the new team he had somewhat suddenly inherited and stepped forward from his position at the back of the room. As he came to a standstill at the front of assembled gathering, he took in the sights. Men and women of all shapes and sizes, all creeds and colours, sat there, their eyes trained on this new outsider. "Training Officer Belinger remains in command until such a time as this Air Group is made operational. Anyone who fails the physicals, fails the Phoenix and the Old Man. If you think you aren't in shape, I suggest you hit the decks and get running the second this briefing is over," he spoke firmly, setting out his expectations from the get go, "anyone who thinks they aren't cut out for this, feel free to stay behind at the end and chat with the TO."

Kilmartin then gestured in Belinger's direction, handing the meeting over to him once again.

Belinger continued with the brief for a few minutes, making it clear that he had scheduled some flight drills and who would be going in what order. Kilmartin stood by and listened, watching the expressions on people’s faces. The idea of proving themselves clearly didn't sit well with some, and it would be those people the new CAG would weed out of his inherited unit. For others though, they seemed quite pleased to have the chance to impress someone new and of course there were some with such an expression he had no idea what to think.

"Dismissed," Belinger spoke firmly.


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