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Reporting In To The Phoenix

Posted on 09 May 2016 @ 12:33am by Lieutenant Jonathan Kilmartin

Mission: History
Location: USS Phoenix, Starbase 565
Timeline: Prior to Transfer

Prior to his briefings and his first visit to the Briefing Room with his pilots, the Captain had paid a visit to the ships XO.

Starfleet had been undergoing a modernization program for nearly a year as the facilities at the various Starfleet Fleetyards had gone into overdrive to replace many of the aging vessels that made up the majority of the fleet. Excelsior and Miranda class ships had made up the biggest chunk of the fleet for a long time, the mainstay during the war with the Dominion. Now, the hulks of the oldest in the classes had begun to crack and show weakness. Thankfully, without much of a threat to the Fleet at present, the fleet had begun developing, and building, the much newer vessels like the Prometheus, Intrepid and Sovereign class ships. Decommissioning was always a sad sight. First had come the Atlantia, then the Columbia and lastly, the Pegasus, the last of the Excelsior class vessels to be decommissioned at Starbase 565.

In the coming months, several other Starships were due to be decommissioned and amongst them was the Starship Triton. One of the oldest of the Excelsiors still performing her duties, the Triton was just two months away from being retired and replaced. As such, many of her personnel were making the most of opportunities to travel or to take in new roles in the fleet. Amongst the latter, the Triton’s CAG had been seconded to a new posting for a short period of time to take advantage of some training and advice from a unit that had been re-organised for optimum deployment.

Captain Jonathan Kilmartin, call sign “Sunbeam”, had been on the Triton for a couple of years and had been the ships new CAG for almost seven months following the transfer of the unit’s previous commander. With the Triton’s impending retirement and the transfer to one of the newer Concorde class carriers, the opportunity had arisen for Sunbeam to go and observe and work with a newly created training unit aboard the Starship Phoenix with a view to implementing a similar setup on the new Triton. Such a set up would allow them to build their own Valkyries and train pilots in a much more efficient way.

Sunbeam, a true military man at heart, had decided against travelling to the Phoenix with other visitors aboard transportation shuttles and had instead opted to be ferried via a Mustang Class Runabout. With him came his side kick, his wingman, known only as “Shadow Dancer”.

The Runabout glided its way into the port Flight Pod of the Phoenix and eventually came to a halt on the deck before the ships automation systems kicked in and hauled the vessel into the port hangar deck. The familiar beeping sound filled the busy hangar deck as the craft moved to its final resting place and the large side door began to lift, presenting an assault on his senses as he adjusted to the strange sounds, sights and smells of another new hangar deck. In his years of experience, every ship had a different feel and so did their hangar decks – and it was all down to two people; the ships CAG and the Deck Chief.

Sunbeam picked up his duffle and flung it over his shoulder as he clambered onto the wing of the craft and then jumped to the deck. Before he could even steady himself, he was accosted by an Ensign who rapidly came into view.

“Welcome to the Phoenix Captain,” the youngster spoke as he flung his arm up in a salute and went to attention.

Sunbeam followed up with a quick salute before gesturing for the Ensign to stand easy. “Thanks,” he smiled. “What’s your name, kid?” The Captain questioned, briefly glancing around the hangar deck before his eyes rested on the youngster again.

“Kelly, sir. Ensign Kelly.”

“Well Ensign Kelly, you better get me to the XO,” Sunbeam suggested, sharing a glance with Shadow Dancer before falling in alongside the Ensign who began to lead the way from the hangar deck. “It’s never good to be aboard a ship too long before reporting into the ships XO. You’d do well to remember that.” Sunbeam offered his advice even though it hadn’t been asked for.

Kelly nodded, listening to the sage advice, before asking if there was anything the Captain want to be brought up to speed on.

The conversation went back and forth as they discussed the formation of the Phoenix’s Valkyrie Training Wing and the ships previous missions. Eventually they arrived at the XO’s quarters and Kelly bid farewell as the Captain rang the chime and awaited permission to enter.

The doors slid open to reveal a small child looking up at the man. She stared at the man before opening her mouth and finally speaking. "Hello mister!" she said with a smile. "Are you here to see my mommy?" she asked.

Sunbeam grinned at the youngster who opened the door and gave a polite nod. "Yes I am, is she home?"

"Yeah" Honoka said. She stepped aside to allow the man to enter.

Kilmartin stepped through the hatch, resisting the temptation to ruffle the girl’s hair in the same way he did his nephew's every time he saw him. He came to a halt just inside and called out in hope of drawing the XO's attention. "Captain Kilmartin reporting as ordered, ma'am."


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