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Phoenix Squadron goes to battle

Posted on 09 May 2016 @ 1:24am by Lieutenant Jonathan Kilmartin

Mission: History
Location: USS Phoenix, Starbase 565
Timeline: Prior to Transfer

Space warped and the Phoenix completed her drop from warp to the co-ordinates not far from Bolarus. Arriving just outside the planetary gravity well, the hulking Starship instantly started launching her Valkyries and firing her defensive batteries of phasers and torpedoes. A single Borg cube hovered over the planet, launching warheads at the planet while their beam weapons began destroying the civilian and few Starfleet ships in orbit. On the Bridge, Eric stared at the viewscreen and silently wondered how he was going to pull this off. Starships weren't much of a match for Borg cubes and Phoenix was all but alone, the obsolete starships nearby of no real use.

"Contact the CAG, tell him to go to weapons free, engage the raiders only," Eric ordered.

"Sir, establishing perimeter," the Tactical officer reported. Eric nodded. It would take nearly a full minute to completely establish a defensive perimeter. Nebula’s were huge, and the Phoenix's only advantage was the fact that she had heavier guns and more of them than most starships her size.

"Helm, rotate 30% to port and swing us around. Bring forward phasers to bear. Tactical, arm all torpedoes and lock on," Eric ordered.

Safely contained in the cockpit of his Valkyrie, the Phoenix’s CAG was busy playing with the dials and controls as he tried to get an up to date reading on the sensors when the voice of the ships deck chief filled his ears. “Sunbeam, Phoenix. Weapons free. Target Cubes weapons only.”

“Wilco, Phoenix,” the CAG responded as he flicked the weapon control safeties off and changed his fighters bearing to head in the direction of the target. “Sunbeam to all Valkyries. Target the Cube’s weapons only, weapons free.”

Ens. Drake quickly brought his Valkyrie into formation with the others following launch. Launch was always exciting for him, but this was not the time to be excited or have fun. For the first time in his life, his life was truly on the line. He quickly checked over his power levels and the sensors. A shiver ran down his spine and he swallowed hard. He glanced right and left at the other members of Blue Flight, the 8 member team. On command they all hit their afterburner and rocketed toward the orbiting cube.

Kelly almost couldn’t resist doing the usual barrel roll she always performed immediately after clearing the launch tube, but this time she did resist. One look at not only her Valkyrie’s sensors but out the canopy of her fighter was enough to make not only her but the rest of her squadron hesitate about showing off. She wasn’t thrilled about going into a fight with the Borg using an outdated Valkyrie and an air group that hadn’t performed one single combat mission together, but here she was in the cockpit of a Mark II Valkyrie with most of the Phoenix’s Valkyrie wing forming up on either side. The CAG’s call for weapons free was another sobering thought, and she swallowed hard as her thumb flipped the safety switch on her flight stick.

“CAG, Vixen, weapons free acknowledged.” Kelly said into the open squadron channel.

"All Valkyries, prepare to engage."

Drake saw the Cube heading toward them. He was filled with fear, because the odds of being blown away were extremely high. He was no coward, but had no desire to die either. He simply said, "I love you Mom." He then flipped his Valkyrie upside down and pulled away, down away from the group of other Valkyries.

With the Borg and Valkyries on a collision course with one another, the CAG finally gave the order. "All Valkyries, break and engage. Weapons hot." Seconds later, he flung his fighter into the battle, holding his finger on the trigger as his Valkyrie unleashed a hail of bullets in the direction of various raiders. An epic dogfight had begun.

Drake then pulled up and began firing from underneath the oncoming raiders, strafing side to side, like a kite in the wind.

The battle with the Borg had lasted for more than thirty minutes thanks to the timely arrival of the Starships Concorde and Typhon; two more Carrier starships that had launched an array of different fighter craft. The Borg ship ultimately succumbed to its wounds and had exploded in orbit of the planet. The planetary defences of the planet had vaporised large debris fragments whilst the Fighters were recalled to their ships. Of the craft that had first launched from the Phoenix, only thirteen returned. Lieutenant’s Wally McKay and Kelly Valerian, along with Ensign Drake were among those to have perished in the defence of Bolarus.

Starfleet and Marine Fighter Pilots alike had risked their lives in the defence of Federation lives against their mortal enemy once again and for Kilmartin, the price was incredibly high. He hadn’t known these people for long, but he had known them long enough to mourn their loss upon his return to the ship. The Squadron would be stood down from active duty until replacements had been found, unless an emergency arose. In that time, Kilmartin planned to speak with the ships Captain.


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