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A last measure of peace...

Posted on 16 May 2016 @ 2:24am by Lieutenant Commander Adam Casey

Mission: Outbreak
Location: New Risa
Timeline: MD8 Sunrise

As the morning approached, Jessica Edwards opened her eyes, looking out at the green fields ahead of her. She smiled as she saw that the sun was getting ready to bathe the entire area in light, a sight she had always loved, ever since she was a little girl.

She looked at the man next to her who was still asleep. Both of them had decided to sleep under the stars, because they hadn't been able to sleep for days, and finally they both decided they needed some peace. They had come to the planet for a holiday; who wouldn't want to go to New Risa? It was new for them, it was exciting and beautiful.

She was thirty three years old, and her husband, Michael Edwards, was also thirty three. They had been married since they were eighteen, and were expecting their first child, which was why they had decided to take a final holiday before the baby was born. They knew that they wouldn't get another chance, so she had convinced Michael to go away. It had been a fair request, and one he was happy to make happen. It wasn't every day that they had a chance for a holiday, and so they had packed their bags and gone to New Risa.

"Michael? Time to get up." Jessica said, smiling. She gently shook him, but as her hand touched his skin, she felt that his skin was ice cold. "Michael?" She asked, as she placed a hand on his face. She quickly felt for a pulse...and found none.

They had not been able to sleep for days, and had both had a fever. Jessica had been dosing herself up on medication to protect her and the baby. She needed to protect both of them. Michael had been making sure of it. But she had known what was wrong with them...and she had hoped for a miracle. But none had been forthcoming.

Jessica felt the tears stream down her face as she took his hand in hers. "It's okay sweetheart. I'm never leaving you." She said. She could feel it becoming harder to breathe, so she picked up a PADD, and looked at the letter's on it that she and Michael had written. "Mom...I'm sorry I won't be there for Jack's graduation. I love you mom. Please...never forget that." She said, finishing the letter. She then used a portable communication device to send a message to the medical centre, and looked up as the sun began to rise, filling the sky with red, orange and light blue. It was a beautiful sight for Jessica, and she remembered why she loved sunrises, because they were always so...peaceful.

"I love you Michael. You and our baby." She whispered, placing a hand on her stomach. She looked at the sunrise, and smiled.

It was perfect. A perfect sunrise.


Three medical technicians materialised next to the makeshift shelter, and one of them, Laura Terkla, immediately knelt in front of Jessica. She felt for a pulse, and then used her tricorder to scan the woman. She closed her eyes when she saw no traces of life at all. "Not even the baby survived." She whispered to her friend, Markus Rivers, who stood next to her. "I told her she should stay at the centre, just in case. I could have...I could have saved the baby, or them."

"Laura, this isn't your fault." Markus said softly. "Don't do this to yourself. You couldn't have done anything."

"Couldn't I?" She asked, shaking her head. "Beam their bodies back to the centre, for autopsy." She ordered. She saw the PADD next to Jessica, and picked it up. Looking at it, she felt a tear roll down her cheek. "She knew it was coming...she wrote goodbye letters."

"Then let's get them sent, and make sure their families know what happened." Markus said. Laura nodded as Markus and the other med tech worked to beam the bodies away. She looked at the scene, and felt another tear roll down her cheek. She didn't fight it.

She didn't fight any of them.


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