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Enlisted arrives #2

Posted on 30 May 2016 @ 10:03pm by

Mission: Outbreak
Location: Starbase Unity
Timeline: MD8


The starship carrying some enlisted replacements, had finally entered at the starbase. So Samantha got up and walked to the shift manager, "By your leave sir?" The officer nodded and with that, Samantha left. She had thought that looking after a load of enlisted crew was the same as looking after a squad of marines.....just more rowdy.

|Docking bay

Samantha arrived in the area. The environment was busy, people walking briskly from one place to another. Then she saw in the corner of her eye, a medical team walk to the bay entrance and wait. Their credentials were being checked by the security office, who pointed some elsewhere and waved the rest to a waiting area. Later, a group of blue vertical transporter lines appeared and seperated to reveal a few crewmen and a rather large case, beside them. As the lines disappeared thinned out and disappeared, they wheeled the trolley up to the security officer and he pointed to the waiting area. Definitely a buzz of life where otherwise it would be quiet with no arriving vessel or shuttlecraft. Samantha waited for her turn to see the security officer. She was just fascinated with the busyness, usually, she'd get a shuttlecraft but this is the first time to stand at the docking bay. She got up her PADD to check the manifest and photos of the crew that should be coming her way. She walked to the window to look at the starship approach the docking bay; it came to a stop and the umbilical cord had extended to the ship. Samantha listened to the sounds of the mechanics in action from the start of the extension, then the tritanium girders part, pushing the cord forwards towards the ship. Samantha watched the grey block head for the docking port door on the ship. It finally met and made a seal; she peered over at the docking bay entrance to look at the red light then turn green. The security officer then pulled up the LCARS data to confirm everything was fine, an engineer then made an appearance to give her okay that everything was fine. The entrance doors opened, the people in the holding area all got up and headed for the entrance. The security officer then raised his hand, "Hold on there. You still can't go in yet."

"Ohhhhhhhh!!!!" Came a reply from the back of the group.

"Knock it on the head, you'll get in. The ship's not going anywhere." The noise quietened down, "Right you can go up, keep left." The various uniformed bodies, walked in. Samantha stood with the security officer to match the faces to her PADD. She knew they won't be all wearing red but anything really. It had taken a long while to get off and on, all the logistical items and then came off the crew so Samantha studied.

"You...............You.............You.............You" Samantha pointed to some of the crew that came off. She was only waiting for 7 enlisted so continued until all 7 were present.

"One line please. We'll forego the usual drill pleseantries.....nice and informal. Senior Chief Petty Officer Hanson, your chief of the boat. Now has everyone had a good trip?" They nodded almost synchronously. "Good, was the space food good?"

"Yes senior chief."

"Lying toe rags." Samantha joked which was returned with smiles, "Right, transporter controls are over there. Head for the enlisted mess and hopefully, it won't be a mess and I'll sort your quarters out whilst you're all winding down."

"Yes senior chief." They all said.

"Dismissed." They walked off.

"=/\= Computer, enlisted quarters. =/\=" The blue lines appeared and she disappeared from the docking bay.

|Enlisted Quarters

The blue transporter lines appeared at the desk and the slender figure of Samantha had appeared. She went around to the back of the desk and navigated the LCARS screen to add the arrivals. She added the locations to her PADD and headed for the enlisted mess.



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