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Dinner With Elegances Part 2

Posted on 26 May 2016 @ 5:20am by Senior Chief Petty Officer Mila Rasputin & Ensign Aidan Crehan

Mission: Outbreak
Location: Mila's Quarters
Timeline: MD 10 Evening

“The inhibitors made it more of an even playing field, then,” he said. “But I would imagine that you still had to be careful not to show any emotions on your face. Or, how was it the human on the Iconia dig put it, have a good poker face. I chuckled and told him that it had been years since I had played and would need a refresher course. He refused to refresh my memory, but still wanted me to play.” He laughed a bit. “I knew what he was doing. Two-hundred years have taught me a thing or two about people. I don’t suppose you would refresh m memory on the game sometime?”

A transformation seemed to come over her face and everything from the look in her eyes to the set of her lips and jaw became as unrevealing as if she had turned into a statue suddenly. "It is also an acquired skill," she said without emotion as if she were the computer reciting something from the memory banks. "When one reveals nothing emotionally or physically, then it is much harder to get a read off of a person. It takes time and can be mentally taxing, but with enough practice, one can even fool someone trained to read micro-expressions."

Aidan just sat there, amazed. His girlfriend had become like an android. When she finished, he shook his head. “Amazing, Mila, simply amazing. Perhaps you could just re-teach me the game then. It appears as though the rest will come with practice and time.” He took the last bite of his salmon appetizer, followed by another drink. “This is really good.”

Mila laughed as the expression and tone came back into her voice. "I actually learned it under a Vulcan Commander that I served under," she said. "The woman would not accept anything delivered with emotional content. She said it spoiled her logical deductive abilities and distracted her to no end. She was dryer than Vulcan itself in her deliveries, but she also spelled everything out to the last letter and left nothing uncertain. I had to repeat her many times until she was satisfied."

Aidan sat back and chuckled. “Well who else better to learn something like that from, I guess.” He picked up his utensils and cut a piece of the roasted duck breast. It seemed to melt in his mouth. “Was the leather vest also part of the winning prize or was that something you bought and created on your own?” He took another of the purple Vodka.

She tried a sample of the duck as well and gave a groan of pleasure at the taste and texture of it. After she took a sip of her drink and wiped her mouth delicately, she smiled at the mention of the vest. "No, I had that custom made. I loved the playing cards so much that I had them duplicated and enlarged to put on the back of the vest. I like to wear it on poker night with the enlisted when they let me join them."

Aidan laughed. “When they let you join them? I take it that you have cleaned them out more than once?” He took a bite of the carrots and one of the brussel sprouts. They weren’t too bad, either. But the duck was most certainly better. “Based on your example a moment ago, I’d like to see you in action.”

Mila tried the baby carrots and another bite of the Norwegian salmon. "Da, just a few times," she said. "But mainly they think that I am going to reveal their games to the Captain. He could not care less and knows what they do. Still, it is nice when I am able to sit on on a game and actually play in a friendly manner. I am not always competitive."

Aidan smiled. “I haven’t seen you competitive at all, Printsessa. Even when we were shuttle surfing, you seemed to enjoy it instead of view it as a competition. Though, I imagine it is quite a bit different playing poker with the enlisted crew as opposed to shuttle surfing with your boyfriend.” He grinned at her because he still could not get over the fact that they were a couple. And he hoped that never would get over it. He took another bite of duck.

"I do not have to compete with you," she said. "I already have you." She gave him a wink and ate a bite of duck as well. "And you have me. Let there be no competition between us, Aidan. It would ruin things and I do not wish them to be ruined. Not where you are concerned."

He smiled at her, beautiful, kind her, and then returned her wink. She already had him, that was for certain. “Indeed, we have each other. There need be no competition whatsoever. Neither do I wish ruin what you and I have and what we are building.” He reached for his glass to take a drink, only to find that is was empty. He picked up his glass and said, “It looks as though I need some more purple Vodka. Would you like me to top-off your glass for you?”

"Nyet, but thank you," Mila said. "I like to savor good vodka, but I am savoring the time we spend together even more. I have had plenty of time to think the past few days, when I have been able to think. The thing that crossed my mind the most is how wonderful you are and how lucky I am that I met you. I do not think there will ever be a need for me to ever listen to the sound of silence again."

Aidan went to pour some more into his glass and returned. “I think we are both lucky, Mila, because we met each other. And as long as I am around, there will be no need for silence, for I will always be here for you to talk with.” He sliced another piece of duck breast and noticed it getting smaller. “As a matter of fact, I have been thinking about some things myself. One of which, is part of a conversation we had in Sickbay, the one about the deep feelings we were beginning to have for one another. A medic walked by at that point and I ended up singing for you. But, we never had a chance to talk anymore about that. As I said then, I have begun to feel deeply for you…feelings that I have not felt in a very long time.” He ate that slice of duck, thankful for the reprieve. He wasn’t sure what was going to happen next or how to proceed, but it felt right.

Mila took a bite of her brussel sprouts as she listened to him and tilted her head to the side as she tried to remember everything that had been said and done while she was in sickbay. "I wish I could remember everything, but I do know that I have feelings for you that I have no had for another in a long time. It is almost scary, but I am here for the exploration of new frontiers and I have a feeling that you have many to explore. You have a rich history all of your own and I wish to know every part of it."

He smiled. “I do, at that. And I do not mind sharing it with you. Please, feel free to, as you put it, explore the new frontiers and every part of my rich history. It has been quite some time since I have been able to share it depth with a girlfriend for whom I feel deeply.” He looked at her and winked. “It seems as though this road we are traveling has taken to new heights. We have broken the earthly tethers and are soaring to new frontiers.” He ate a few of the carrots, followed by a brussel sprout.

"Have you ever thought about documenting your travels and experiences?" she asked him as she took another sip of her vodka and felt it start to affect her. She took a bite of her salmon as she watched him and wondered if she had it in her to write such a thing. A mental shrug and she was simply glad to be able to share it with her.

Aidan swallowed the brussel sprout and said, “Hmm, no, I have not. But it is an interesting idea. I’m going to need to give that more thought. Though,” he chuckled, “it would be a very long series.” He glanced at his plate and noticed that most of it was gone, but especially the duck breast. And they still had dessert and another special surprise to go. Not wanting to rush Mila, Aidan simply sat back and continued their conversation. “I suppose I could start with my first archaeological expedition, Delta IV and the evolution of the Deltans.”

Mila finished her salmon and smiled. "Or you could begin with something much simpler and document your own life and perspective of the events that you witnessed. Granted it would be biased, but a biography usually is and I know you are a fair man, Aidan."

Nodding, he said, “That sounds better and more interesting. And less like a textbook, I might add.” He chuckled and looked at Mila. “Documenting my own life and perspective on the events…well, it isn’t like I don’t or won’t have the time.” Aidan took another drink and looked at the glass as he set it down. One and a half…that’s interesting, usually it took about three glasses for him to start feeling it. But he had never had vodka before, well, non-synthehol vodka.

She reached for the bottle of vodka and filled her glass again while she gazed at him. "I would be very glad to help you with it if you wish," she said. "I am used to putting things into order for Captains, so how hard can one life be?" She gave a laugh and set the bottle down. "Especially one as interesting as yours. I have heard something about your people, but you are and are not what I expected."

He stared into her hazel eyes as he listened to her offer. “And I would be very pleased to accept your help, Mila. I am certain that your organization skills would help tremendously. But you must remember, my one life has already equaled a few human lives. It could be more of a challenge than you think.” He took another drink, finishing his second glass. “So what have you heard about my people and how have I surprised you?”

Mila took a sip of her vodka and tried to banish the thought that he would outlive her by lifetimes. "Well, I have heard that you are mysterious listeners, but while you have listened, you have also told me much about yourself. I cannot say that you share with others, but you have held very little back which I have asked you," she said as she took a bite of her duck. Once she chewed and swallowed, she gestured at him with her glass. "You are a very deep man, and I would feel honored if it is just me you share these things with."

Aidan courtly dipped his head towards Mila. “You are correct in that we are mysterious listeners. There is much about us that many people do not yet know.” He sighed and looked into her hazel eyes. “Then do more than feel honored, my Printsessa, be honored. For no one other than my family knows as much about me as you do.” He took the bottle of purple liquid and poured himself a third glass, which could be interesting. “You are the only one that I have shared these things with.”

She set her glass down and got up to move to his side of the table and sat on his lap after he set the bottle down. She put her arms around his neck and gave him a soft kiss before she looked into his blue eyes. "I am more than honored, Aidan. There is no word for what you have shared with me and I hope that no matter how long we live that I always hear something new from you."

Aidan wrapped his arms around Mila’s waist as she sat down. He looked up at her, heart pounding in his chest, “You are too wonderful, Mila.” He took a deep breath, “Then I will strive to always tell you or give you something new.” He hugged her, twice. She truly was wonderful and he was enjoying this time with her. He patted her and said, “Speaking of something new, I do not believe I’ve told you, but I like to draw. And while on New Risa, I became inspired. So, upon our return, I spent part of the nights after leaving you in Sickbay progressively working on something for you. Would you like it?”

"Da, but it would mean that I would have to give up," Mila told him with a slight pout. "And that would mean that I would not get to be as close to you as I wish. Still..." she gave a reluctant sigh as she stood up again. "It is something which you have done and I cannot deny you."

Aidan grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back down to his lap. "Now I never said that I would need to get up to get it. I simply asked you if would like it. So you sit still and be as close to me as you wish.”

She laughed and sat back down in his lap. "Then that is what I shall do."

Aidan turned his head and called out, “Chow, my friend, would you bring me the rolled up paper in the bag that I mentioned before we left my room?” Aidan released a hand from Mila and pointed to the bag on the counter as he emphasized the words he had used with Chow earlier.

Chow hooted and jumped up to the counter to get the bag. He opened it and looked inside before he pulled the paper out and jumped back down to go to Aidan, then handed it up to him with a cheeky grin.

"It seems that Chow had been learning new things while I was in Sickbay," Mila said as she reached down to give the little simian a scritch on his head.

“We have both been learning new things from each other,” said Aidan. “Thank you, Chow,” he said, reaching for the paper. “This picture is for you, Printsessa. I hope you will like it.” He handed Mila the rolled up paper and put his arms back around her waist.

Mila accept it and moved around so she could open it and a smile light up her face like the morning sun. "Oh, Aidan," she gasped. "This is wonderful! I had no idea you were so talented." She set it down carefully before she wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a long, soft kiss. "Thank you so much!"

Aidan smiled widely at her excitement. “Just another of the many new things I look forward to sharing with you.” He moved his hands up to her back and pulled her down to return the kiss, the soft, passionate kiss. As he released her lips, his deep breath caught in his throat. “You...are very welcome, Mila.”

"You are the most incredible man I have ever encountered, Sir Knight," she told him and gave a happy wiggle in his lap. "I am most lucky woman in entire galaxy to have met you and I am never wishing to let you go."

Aidan chuckled and shifted in his chair as she wiggled. “Heh, and you are the most surprising woman I have ever met, you and your little purple dress.” Aidan patted her lower back where he had rested his arms after returning her kiss. “Then do not,” he whispered, “do not let me go. Hold me...and I will hold you. And even after we have parted this evening, hold me in your heart as I will be holding you.”

"I love you, Aidan," Mila said and the moment the words slipped past her lips before she realized what she said, she knew it was true. Still, she looked surprised, but would never take those words back.



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